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The 5 Best 60-Inch TVs You Can Buy in 2023

With average TV screen sizes continuing to grow year over year, 60-inch televisions have become one of the most popular choices for living rooms and home theater spaces. According to Statista, 60-inch TVs accounted for 12% of all TV shipments worldwide in 2021, representing steady growth over the last 5 years.

Why exactly is the 60-inch size so popular? For most average-sized living rooms, a 60-inch TV hits the sweet spot of providing an immersive big-screen experience without completely dominating the space. Sitting 7-9 feet away from a 60-inch screen is ideal for video watching and gaming.

In this guide, we‘ll compare the top 60-inch television options across various budgets and use cases. You‘ll learn about the different display technologies available and see top models broken down by categories like best overall, best gaming TV, best smart TV software, and more. Let‘s dive in!

Finding the Perfect Screen Size For Your Room

Before deciding on a 60-inch television, it‘s important to make sure it will fit well in your space. The ideal viewing distance for any screen is 1.2 to 1.5 times the diagonal length.

For a 60-inch TV, that means a viewing distance of 7-9 feet is recommended. Any closer and the screen may feel too overwhelming. Any farther and you won‘t be able to appreciate all the fine details in the picture.

Here‘s a comparison of ideal viewing distances for different TV sizes:

TV Screen Size Recommended Viewing Distance
40-inch 4.8 – 6 feet
50-inch 6 – 7.5 feet
55-inch 6.6 – 8.25 feet
60-inch 7 – 9 feet
65-inch 7.8 – 9.75 feet
70-inch 8.4 – 10.5 feet

Also consider the room layout carefully. Make sure a 60-inch television will fit comfortably on your TV stand or wall space without appearing awkwardly large. Measure the area ahead of time to ensure a 60-inch screen is feasible.

Comparing Display Technologies

When choosing any TV, the display technology behind the screen is crucially important. Here are the main types found in 60-inch televisions and how they differ:

LED TV: The most affordable and widely available display today uses an LCD (liquid crystal display) panel lit by tiny LEDs (light emitting diodes). LED/LCD TVs can deliver very good picture quality, but lack the contrast ratios and black levels of other technologies.

QLED TV: Quantum dot LED TVs add a layer of nano-sized quantum dots that boost color vibrancy and brightness. QLED enhances regular LED TVs but still can‘t match the infinite contrasts of OLED.

OLED TV: The current gold standard in display technology uses organic light-emitting diodes that can turn on and off individually to achieve perfect black levels. However, OLED screens are considerably more expensive than LED or QLED alternatives.

Here‘s how the different display types stack up on technical specs:

Display Tech Typical Contrast Ratio Viewing Angle Peak Brightness
LED/LCD 5,000:1 ~178° 250-350 nits
QLED 5,000:1 – 15,000:1 ~160° 500-1,500 nits
OLED Infinite ~180° 650-850 nits

Now that you understand the core display technologies, let‘s look at some of the best 60-inch TV models you can buy this year.

The 5 Best 60-Inch TVs of 2023

Best Overall: LG C2 OLED

Key Features:

  • Self-lit OLED display
  • Infinite contrast ratios
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG HDR support
  • webOS smart platform
  • AI-powered a7 Gen5 processor

LG‘s C2 OLED TV earns our vote as the best overall 60-inch television you can buy today. OLED technology enables perfect black levels and intensely vivid colors for jaw-dropping picture quality.

LG‘s a7 Gen5 AI processor delivers outstanding upscaling and optimization for any type of content. The native 120Hz refresh rate provides ultra-smooth motion rendering with no blurring or judder in action scenes and gaming.

webOS provides a clean, intuitive smart TV interface for accessing all the most popular streaming apps quickly. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support are built-in. For an amazing overall viewing experience, the LG C2 OLED stands at #1.

Rough Price Range: $1,500 – $1,800

Best Budget: Hisense U6G QLED

Key Features:

  • Quantum dot QLED display
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10 support
  • Full array local dimming
  • Google TV smart platform
  • 120Hz native refresh rate

The Hisense U6G quantum dot QLED TV delivers excellent picture quality at a more affordable price point. The quantum dots produce over a billion color shades for vibrant, realistic imaging. Full array local dimming with 60 zones helps enhance contrast.

Built-in Google TV provides quick access to over 700,000 movies and shows with Google Assistant voice controls. For gaming, the native 120Hz refresh rate enables smooth, lag-free gameplay. The U6G gives you great performance without breaking the bank.

Rough Price Range: $700 – $900

Best for Gaming: Samsung QN90B Neo QLED

Key Features:

  • Quantum mini-LED backlight
  • 144Hz refresh rate with FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Ultra-low input lag under 6ms
  • Four HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Tizen smart platform with apps and GameBar hub

No TV excels for gaming quite like the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV. It starts with a blazing 144Hz variable refresh rate that can hit 4K 120fps for super fluid gameplay. The quantum mini-LED backlight with local dimming results in stellar contrast for vivid graphics.

Samsung‘s GameBar provides a centralized hub for optimizing all system and game settings easily. Four HDMI 2.1 ports allow next-gen console gamers to fully leverage 4K 120Hz gaming. If fast response times and gorgeous visuals are a must for you, the QN90B delivers.

Rough Price Range: $1,600 – $2,000

Best Smart TV Platform: LG C2 with webOS

In addition to unbeatable OLED picture quality, the LG C2 Series also boasts one of the most intuitive and feature-packed smart TV platforms available. webOS makes navigating between apps and inputs a breeze with straightforward menus and customizable rows.

LG Channels provide access to over 300 free streaming channels covering news, sports, movies and more. Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support allow helpful voice control. For a polished, user-friendly smart TV software experience, webOS on the LG C2 OLED leads the field.

Best Picture Quality: Sony A90J BRAVIA OLED

Key Features:

  • Self-lit OLED panel
  • Cognitive XR intelligent processor
  • XR OLED Contrast Pro technology
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system
  • Google TV smart platform

If money is no object and you demand the absolute best visual performance, the Sony A90J BRAVIA OLED TV sits at the pinnacle. Sony‘s Cognitive XR processor unlocks the full potential of the OLED display with intelligent optimization.

XR OLED Contrast Pro boosts brightness and pixel-level dimming to new heights with over 8 million self-lit pixels. Photos and videos appear truly lifelike with vibrant, accurate color and subtle shadow details. And Acoustic Surface Audio+ provides impressive built-in sound too. Expect to pay a premium for this flagship-level Sony, but it delivers image quality nothing else can match.

Rough Price Range: $2,300 – $2,800

Comparing Smart TV Operating Systems

Every modern 60-inch TV comes with built-in smart platforms for streaming movies, shows, sports and more. Here‘s how some of the top options stack up in terms of apps, voice assistants, special features and ease of use:

Platform Top Apps Voice Assistant Notable Features Ease of Use
webOS (LG) Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa LG Channels, Sports Alert Excellent
Tizen (Samsung) Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube Bixby Universal Guide, Tap View Very good
Fire TV (Amazon) Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube Alexa Recommendations, Live TV integration Very good
Google TV Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube Google Assistant Personalized recommendations, watchlist Excellent
Roku TV Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube Roku Assistant Roku Channel, free live TV Very good

LG‘s webOS, Google TV, and Amazon‘s Fire TV platform stand out as the most fully-featured and intuitive smart TV systems available today. All provide quick access to thousands of apps and excellent voice assistant integration. Any of these software ecosystems will satisfy your streaming needs.

Gaming Performance to Look For

For gaming, you‘ll want to prioritize finding a 60-inch TV with these key gaming-centric features and capabilities:

  • Refresh rate: Look for native 120Hz or higher, with variable refresh rate (VRR) support up to 4K 120Hz. This enables ultra-smooth gaming up to 120 fps.
  • Response time: Important for fast action games. Under 10ms input lag is ideal for serious gaming.
  • HDR: HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR allow games to display a wider color range and contrast.
  • HDMI 2.1: For next-gen consoles, HDMI 2.1 enables 4K 120Hz and VRR. At least 2-3 ports is recommended.
  • Auto low latency mode: Automatically switches to low latency gaming mode to minimize input lag.
  • Gaming hub: Some brands offer centralized gaming hubs to easily optimize game settings.

The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV covered earlier excels in all these areas, making it a top choice for gamers wanting the best 4K 120Hz performance.

Important Features Beyond Picture Quality

Beyond display technology and streaming features, here are some other advanced capabilities to look for in a high-performing 60-inch television:

  • High Dynamic Range support: HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision allow greater brightness, color gamut, and contrast accuracy. Top TVs support multiple HDR formats.
  • Full array local dimming: Hundreds of LED backlight zones that can individually dim for superior contrast control. The more dimming zones, the better.
  • ATSC 3.0 tuner: Next-gen antenna tech allows 4K over-the-air broadcasts with HDR. Provides free access to local sports, news and more.
  • HDMI 2.1: As mentioned earlier, HDMI 2.1 ports enable the full potential of next-gen gaming consoles and graphics cards.
  • Ambient light sensor: Automatically adjusts the picture based on room lighting conditions to avoid overly bright or dim images.
  • AI processing: Top processors use machine learning to optimize upscaling, HDR, color, and other enhancements for any type of content.

Prioritize a TV with as many of these extras as your budget allows to ensure excellent performance today and great future-proofing for years to come.

Setup Tips For Your New 60-Inch TV

Once you unbox your shiny new 60-inch television, here are some expert tips for getting it all set up just right:

1. Pick the right spot – Make sure your TV stand or wall mount is centered in the room and set at proper eye level when seated. Keep electrical outlets nearby for easy access.

2. Get the right connections – Use HDMI cables for devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and streaming sticks. Opt for HDMI 2.1 cables if available for full bandwidth.

3. Secure cables neatly – Prevent a rat‘s nest of cords by bundling and securing cables with ties, sleeves or raceways. Hide extra length out of sight.

4. Mount securely – Follow all instructions carefully. For wall mounts, use the right hardware for your wall type and stud spacing. Double check work.

5. Calibrate settings – Adjust picture settings like brightness, contrast, and motion processing for your room lighting. Enable gaming presets if applicable.

6. Program remote – Sync the TV remote to control soundbars, streaming players and other devices. Utilize voice assistant linking if available.

7. Optimize audio – Consider adding a soundbar at minimum for improved sound quality, with surround speakers for full cinematic audio.

8. Watch your eyes – Keep the screen around eye level and sit the recommended distance away to avoid eye strain or neck soreness.

With smart placement, cord management, and display optimization, your new 60-inch TV will provide an amazing entertainment centerpiece for years of enjoyment.

Closing Recommendations

The TV marketplace offers many great 60-inch options for your living room or home theater. After reviewing the top choices in this guide, here are my quick closing recommendations:

  • The LG C2 OLED is the best overall 60-inch television available today, providing unbeatable OLED picture quality along with excellent gaming performance and smart TV capabilities.
  • For an affordable 60-inch option with very good picture, the Hisense U6G QLED fits the bill with quantum dot color and 60 local dimming zones.
  • Gamers wanting the smoothest 4K 120fps gameplay should look to the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED with HDMI 2.1 and 144Hz VRR support.

No matter which display technology or brand you select, be sure to measure your room carefully to ensure 60 inches is the optimal screen size. Happy TV shopping and enjoy whichever new big-screen TV ends up in your home!