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Need an AI Education? Start with These 5 Podcasts

Have you been looking for resources to deepen your artificial intelligence knowledge? With so many complex concepts and continuous innovation in the field, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest advancements.

That‘s where AI podcasts come in. Podcasts are an accessible, engaging way to learn about everything from AI ethics to leading-edge research. Equipped with AI expertise, you can advance your career or simply satisfy your curiosity about how AI is transforming the world.

In this article, I‘ll share my top 5 podcast picks for learning about AI. You‘ll discover shows perfect for AI novices and experts alike. Let‘s explore the podcast options available to power up your AI education.

1. Lex Fridman Podcast – For Conversations with AI Luminaries

Lex Fridman Podcast Cover Art
About the Show: Hosted by AI researcher Lex Fridman, this podcast features long-form interviews with leaders in AI, technology, and a range of scientific fields.

Host Bio: Lex Fridman is an AI researcher at MIT focused on human-centered artificial intelligence. He‘s highly knowledgeable yet relatable, making complex topics understandable.

Episode Length: Typically 1-2 hours

Frequency: 2-3 episodes per week

Target Listener: Ideal for technologists looking for expert-level AI discussions.

Notable Guests: Demis Hassabis (DeepMind), Geoff Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Andrew Ng, etc.

Key Topics: Neural networks, deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, autonomous vehicles, philosophy, creativity, and more.

Why Listen: With close to 300 episodes, Lex has interviewed most influential thinkers in AI and technology. You‘ll gain insight into the minds shaping the future of AI progress.

Find It: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Website

2. TWiML & AI – For Weekly AI Research Updates

This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast Cover Art
About the Show: Host Sam Charrington summarizes the latest AI papers, trends, and techniques to keep you up-to-date on the field.

Host Bio: Sam Charrington is the founder of TWiML & AI and an expert in machine learning/AI.

Episode Length: 30-60 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Target Listener: AI researchers, data scientists, and practitioners who want digestible research updates.

Notable Guests: Researchers presenting their latest work.

Key Topics: New datasets, model architectures, NLP breakthroughs, vision systems, robotic innovations, and more.

Why Listen: Stay on top of state-of-the-art AI without reading papers yourself. Discover new tools to apply in your own projects.

Find It: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Website

3. Practical AI – For Real-World AI Applications

Practical AI Podcast Cover Art
About the Show: Explores applying AI and ML in business contexts. Focuses on actionable insights for enterprise.

Hosts Bio: Daniel Whitenack – Data scientist and AI practitioner. Chris Benson – Strategic consultant in AI/analytics.

Episode Length: 45-60 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Target Listener: Business/engineering leaders driving AI adoption.

Notable Guests: AI leaders across industries like Comcast, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

Key Topics: MLOps, data management, model monitoring, explainability, AI ethics, regulation, and more.

Why Listen: Gain expertise to successfully implement AI by learning from others‘ real-world experiences.

Find It: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Website

4. AI Today Podcast – For AI Use Cases by Industry

AI Today Podcast Cover Art
About the Show: Discusses companies applying AI across industries like retail, healthcare, fintech, etc.

Host Bio: Analysts at Emerj, a firm studying AI‘s business impact.

Episode Length: 20-40 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Target Listener: Business leaders/practitioners evaluating AI for their industry.

Notable Guests: Executives from organizations using AI like IKEA, Pfizer, UPS, etc.

Key Topics: AI case studies in healthcare, marketing, risk management, cybersecurity, and more.

Why Listen: Gain insights on successfully deploying AI in your industry by learning from other organizations.

Find It: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Website

5. IBM Watson – For AI and Business Leaders

IBM Watson Podcast Cover Art
About the Show: Conversations exploring AI‘s business impact with technology leaders.

Host Bio: Hosted by various IBM executives, researchers, and strategists.

Episode Length: 25-35 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Target Listener: Executives and strategists driving AI adoption and business transformation.

Notable Guests: C-suite leaders across industries adopting AI like Mastercard, Anthem Blue Cross, etc.

Key Topics: Scaling AI, building data pipelines, AI ethics and bias, emerging tech like quantum, and more.

Why Listen: Gain executive perspectives on achieving business success with AI transformative technologies.

Find It: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Website

With so many great AI podcasts out there, how do you choose what‘s worth your time? Here are my top criteria to consider:

AI Focus and Topics Covered

Seek podcasts focusing specifically on AI vs. general tech. Look for topics like:

  • AI research/technical discussions
  • Real-world AI applications
  • AI trends/news
  • Implications of AI, ethics, bias
  • Interviews with AI leaders

Match the topics covered to your personal interests and career needs.

Background of Host(s) or Guests

Prioritize podcasts hosted by AI researchers, technologists, or industry practitioners. Look for impressive guest experts relevant to the show‘s focus.

For example, Lex Fridman can have in-depth technical talks given his MIT AI research experience. Business-focused shows often feature insights from AI leaders across industries.

Production Quality

Higher production quality improves the listening experience and indicates greater investment in the show.

Listen for aspects like clear audio, editing polish, content preparation, and engaging conversational flow. Avoid shows with frequent sidetracking and excessive verbal pauses ("umms" and "uhhs").

Episode Length and Frequency

Episode length and release frequency impact how content is delivered.

Shorter (~30 minute) rapid-release shows like TWiML & AI provide bite-sized updates. Longer (~1+ hour) interviews released weekly or monthly allow for depth.

Balance different formats based on your context like commute time versus dedicated learning blocks.

Audience Reviews and Ratings

Checking audience feedback provides useful insight into content quality and fit.

Favor podcasts with 4+ star ratings and reviews confirming the show is informative, well-produced, and achieving its intended purpose.

The number of AI podcasts has rapidly proliferated, reflecting surging interest in AI across industries and academia. Here‘s a look at the AI podcast landscape growth by the stats:

  • 15x increase in the number of AI podcasts since 2016 – from around 20 shows to over 300 today. (Source: ListenNotes)
  • 13 new AI podcasts launched in 2022 alone. (Source: ListenNotes)
  • 81% of enterprise decision makers say AI will be critical for their organization‘s competitiveness. (Source: IBM)
  • 51% increase in AI adoption over the past 4 years. (Source: IBM)
  • 61% of enterprise decision makers say their organization has an AI skills gap. (Source: IBM)

AI is rapidly evolving and being adopted. But skills gaps persist. AI podcasts help fill this education gap for both leaders and technologists.

AI itself is beginning to leave its mark on podcasting. Here are a few ways AI could shape future shows:

  • AI-generated content – AI could produce synthesized voices, dialogues, and even "guest experts" for shows.
  • Personalized episode recommendations – AI could suggest podcast episodes based on your interests and career.
  • Interactive formats – Voice AI could allow listeners to actively engage with podcast hosts and steer the conversation via voice commands.
  • Adjustable playback speed – Listeners could adjust speech tempo in podcasts powered by machine learning, rather than simple speed-up effects.
  • Embedded definitions/explanations – Podcasts may define complex terms and insert quick explainers using AI and natural language processing.
  • Automated transcription and translation – AI could automate transcription and translate podcasts into different languages to increase accessibility.

As AI capabilities grow, how we produce and listen to podcasts will become more personalized, interactive, and intelligent.

I hope these podcast recommendations provide the perfect starter kit to advance your AI expertise. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • AI podcasts offer an accessible way to stay on top of AI innovations and build skills.
  • Shows like Lex Fridman and TWiML & AI satisfy technologists‘ hunger for technical depth.
  • For business insights, Practical AI and AI Today illustrate AI applications across industries.
  • Consider podcast focus, format, length, host expertise, and audience feedback when selecting shows.
  • AI adoption – and podcasts discussing AI – will continue growing exponentially.

Armed with AI knowledge, you can achieve career success and contribute to building AI responsibly. Wherever you are on your AI journey, these podcasts will guide you along the way. Happy listening!