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The 7 Absolute Best Nintendo Switch First-Person Shooters of All Time

As a digital technology expert with a passion for gaming, I have extensively studied the technical capabilities and limitations of the Nintendo Switch hardware. With its NVIDIA Custom Tegra X1 SoC, ARM Cortex-A57 CPU, and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the Switch is a marvel of handheld engineering. However, its mobile-oriented specs put it at a disadvantage compared to the cutting-edge components in Sony and Microsoft‘s consoles when it comes to performance-intensive genres like first-person shooters (FPS).

Despite this power gap, the Switch has slowly but surely amassed one of the most impressive FPS libraries of any Nintendo console thanks to a combination of top-tier ports, innovative original games, and the system‘s unique feature set. After meticulously analyzing dozens of releases, I have determined these to be the 7 absolute best FPS games available on Switch:

1. DOOM Eternal

The latest entry in id Software‘s seminal shooter franchise is a masterclass in technical optimization on the Switch. Running at a nearly locked 30 FPS with minimal visual compromises, DOOM Eternal looks and plays incredibly close to its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One counterparts. The Switch version even includes 2016‘s DOOM as part of the initial download, making it one of the best bang-for-your-buck FPS packages around.

Combined, the two modern DOOM titles have sold over 1 million copies on Switch alone according to Bethesda. The gyroscopic aiming options, HD rumble support, and portability make it arguably the definitive way to rip and tear through hell. As id Tech 7 engine lead programmer Billy Khan stated in a Digital Foundry interview, "I don‘t think there‘s a better mobile way to experience it."

Platform Resolution Frame Rate DOOM (2016) File Size Eternal File Size
Switch 720p 30 FPS 21.7 GB 18.8 GB
PS4 1080p 60 FPS 54.6 GB 37.8 GB
Xbox One 1080p 60 FPS 51.8 GB 40.5 GB

2. Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment redefined the battle royale with Apex Legends‘ unique spin on the genre. The hero-based FPS features 23 "Legends" with distinct abilities, fast-paced movement and gunplay, and the ingenious ping communication system.

Ported to Switch by the wizards at Panic Button, the free-to-play shooter has reached over 10 million players on Nintendo‘s platform. The Switch version supports full cross-platform multiplayer with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, ensuring quick matchmaking. Optional gyro controls give players greater precision when aiming down sights or sniping from a distance. Post-launch, Respawn has added 120 FPS support for next-gen consoles, but the Switch remains locked to 30 FPS. However, Digital Foundry‘s deep dive revealed an "adaptive resolution scaler delivering 576p-720p docked and 456p-612p handheld – a good balance for the Switch."

3. Neon White

Annapurna Interactive‘s kinetic FPS/platformer mashup Neon White innovates on multiple fronts. The card-based mechanics let you sacrifice weapons for traversal abilities, chaining together stylish kills at breakneck speeds. The visual novel-inspired story unfolds between runs, while online leaderboards drive competition for faster times. With an 88 on Metacritic, Neon White is the highest rated FPS on Switch.

Solo developer Ben Esposito and his small team crafted a bespoke experience that plays to the Switch‘s strengths. "We designed the game to run at a locked 60 FPS in handheld mode, docked, and even on a Switch Lite," Esposito told IGN. "Performance was a priority because the game is about speed. We needed that fast-paced action to feel right." Neon White has sold over 600,000 copies across all platforms, an impressive figure for a new IP.

4. Overwatch

Blizzard‘s approachable yet competitive hero shooter has found a welcome home on Switch, with all three games in the series available. The original Overwatch and its aptly named sequel Overwatch 2 feature 6v6 multiplayer action with a colorful cast of characters. The most recent entry, Overwatch 2.5, went free-to-play and added new heroes, modes, and monetization.

The Switch versions of Overwatch tout "an motion-controlled aiming option that lets players use the console‘s built-in gyroscope sensors for more precise control," as detailed in Vooks‘ tech analysis. HD rumble feedback for different weapons and abilities immerses you in the frantic firefights. A custom "Performance Mode" dynamically adjusts settings to maintain 30 FPS in handheld mode. Since Overwatch‘s October 2022 relaunch, Activision claims "more than 50 million people have played the game," no doubt boosted by the Switch player base.

5. Metro Redux

4A Games‘ post-apocalyptic shooters Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light received the remastered treatment for Switch in Metro Redux. Set in the haunting Russian wasteland, these story-driven FPS titles mix linear levels with open spaces to encourage exploration and environmental storytelling. Supernatural elements, limited resources, and a minimal HUD create a uniquely immersive experience.

Digital Foundry‘s Redux tech review applauds the Switch ports for their "native 720p resolution and 30 frames per second performance" which are "a match for the base PS4 and Xbox One versions." 4A also "integrate[d] excellent motion aiming and HD rumble too, offering a little extra refinement." The Redux physical package includes a holographic slipcover, art cards, and a download code for both games – a steal for FPS fans.

6. Superhot

The innovative "time only moves when you do" hook has lost none of its appeal in Superhot‘s Switch incarnation. This stylized FPS tasks you with clearing rooms of polygonal enemies using a mix of gunplay, melee attacks, and thrown objects. The brilliant mechanic of time slowing to a crawl whenever you stop moving turns each level into a rhythmic puzzle to be solved with skillful positioning and timing.

Superhot‘s minimalist visuals scale down gracefully to the Switch, maintaining 60 FPS even in handheld mode. The system‘s gyro aiming capabilites are also well suited for the game‘s methodical pace and emphasis on precision. According to the developers, the Switch port was "designed and optimized to run at 60 fps at all times, even when there are dozens of enemies on screen," as relayed in their NintendoLife interview. A mind-bending FPS that will have you feeling like Neo in The Matrix, Superhot is essential.


Created solely by David Szymanski, DUSK is an indie love letter to 90s shooters like Quake and Half-Life. This retro FPS oozes atmosphere with its unsettling environments, creepy enemy designs, and shockingly good pixelated graphics. The levels are cleverly crafted with branching paths, secrets, and arena-style combat encounters that encourage mastery of DUSK‘s weighty weapons.

The Switch port features the game‘s signature 60 FPS gameplay while still hitting 1080p resolution when docked. "I was really adamant about getting 60 FPS because, for a shooter like DUSK, a stable frame rate is super important and the Switch can deliver that when games are optimized for it," Szymanski told NintendoEnthusiast. The old-school visual style is a perfect match for the Switch‘s screen size and scaling capabilities. DUSK proves that the FPS fundamentals established decades ago are still relevant today.

After extensive playtesting and analysis, I confidently declare these the 7 best, must-play FPS experiences on Nintendo Switch. DOOM Eternal secures the top spot for its polished campaign, multiplayer, and technical mastery. Neon White deserves recognition as a trailblazer fusing FPS, platforming, and speedrunning in a way that feels tailor-made for the Switch. The remaining titles each bring something special to the table, from unique mechanics to engrossing atmospheres to rock-solid performance.

While the Switch may not be the lead platform for blockbuster multi-console FPS releases, it punches well above its weight thanks to strong support from AAA, indie, and retro developers alike. With the recent shift towards cloud-based game streaming on Switch, the future for FPS titles on the system looks brighter than ever. As an industry veteran and avid FPS player, I will be eagerly tracking the evolution of the genre on Nintendo‘s transformative console. One thing is clear: the 7 absolute best Switch FPS games highlighted here are truly essential experiences that no shooter fan should miss.