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The Top 6 Sites for Downloading Free PC Games in 2023

Gaming on the PC offers players an unmatched experience when it comes to performance, customizability and selection of games. However, building a library of games can quickly become an expensive hobby. That‘s why free games that you can download legally are so appealing to PC gamers.

In this guide, we‘ll cover the top sites for getting high-quality games completely free of charge. Whether you‘re looking for the latest and greatest titles, classics from years past, immersive RPGs or casual time-wasters, these sites have it all.

An Introduction to Free Games

Let‘s first go over some of the major benefits of free games:

  • Try Before You Buy: Free games are a great way to demo titles you may want to purchase later on. You can ensures it runs properly on your PC and is something you‘ll actually enjoy before spending money.

  • Discover New Genres: When there‘s no cost barrier, you can explore game genres you may not have otherwise tried. You may find a new favorite!

  • Convenience: Downloaded games don‘t require an internet connection to play. You can game anywhere, anytime.

  • Low Commitment: With free games, you can play for just a few minutes or a few hours. There‘s no pressure to "get your money‘s worth."

Now let‘s get into the top sites for legally downloading free games risk-free. We‘ll cover everything from the selection of games to the download process so you can start building your library today.

1. Steam

As the world‘s largest digital store for PC games, Steam needs no introduction. You‘ll find virtually any genre of game here, including single and multiplayer titles in early access, newly released or classic catalog statuses.

Free Games on Steam

Steam makes finding free games a breeze with dedicated sections and tags for filtering. As of this writing, there are nearly 30,000 free-to-play games on the platform and more are added daily. Genres range from indie projects to AAA titles like Apex Legends.

The free section includes a "Recently Updated" tab so you can instantly see fresh content. You can also follow specific tags like "free to play", "casual", "RPG" and more to have new and relevant games pop up in your feed.

Steam Storefront Showing Free Games Section

Steam‘s store showcases its free games in dedicated sections and with tags

Downloading and Playing Games

To access games, you‘ll need to download the Steam client on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine. This acts as a library and launcher for all your titles. Downloading and installing games is as easy as clicking the play button on the game‘s store page.

Steam has frequent sales, allowing you to upgrade to full versions of games you try for free. Your save data also seamlessly transfers between the free and paid version in many cases.


  • Massive selection of free games
  • New games added constantly
  • Feature-rich platform with community hub


  • Confusing to navigate with so many games
  • Requires client download
  • Poor customer service reputation

2. Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is best known as the only place to get mega-popular game Fortnite. But Epic offers many more free game downloads, thanks to their weekly free game promotion. They also host indie games, mods and more genres to appeal to diverse players.

Free Games on Epic Games Store

Epic promises at least one free game weekly for users to keep permanently. If you miss out on claiming it during the promotion window, you‘ll have to purchase it later on – so be sure to check back often! Past freebies have included AAA hits like GTA V, Borderlands 3 and big indie titles like Celeste.

Epic Games Store Showing Current Free Game

The Epic Games Store features the current free game front and center

You can also browse their extensive F2P (free to play) games section to find free downloads any time. Genres include MMO, shooters, strategy, RPGs and more from top developers.

Downloading and Playing Games

The Epic Games Store app is required to play downloaded titles. You can access and install games directly in-app. One benefit over Steam is that Epic allows you to install games to any storage location, rather than restricting you to certain folders.

Epic also offers direct integration with Twitch for live streaming your gameplay. And there are community hubs where you can discuss games with fellow players.


  • Guaranteed free game every week
  • Free games are recent, popular titles
  • Cleaner launcher than Steam


  • Smaller selection compared to Steam
  • Launcher can be resource intensive
  • No reviews available

3. GOG

If you‘re craving classic PC and retro titles, GOG (formerly Good Old Games) should be your choice. They resuscitate beloved games to work on modern systems. You‘ll find everything from 90s point-and-click adventures to early 2000s strategy franchises.

Free Games on GOG

GOG has an extensive catalog of over 500 free games across genres and decades. You can browse by recently added, popularity, user rating or simply search for your favorite classic franchise.

GOG Showcasing Free Games

GOG showcases new and popular free game downloads

Free offerings include the original first-person RPG Ultima Underworld from 1992, 2002 park management game Theme Hospital and many more blasts from the past. GOG adds new free games weekly.

Downloading and Playing Games

Rather than yet another desktop app, GOG utilizes a lightweight desktop client called GOG Galaxy. This optionally handles aspects like auto-updates, cloud saves, friends list and play time tracking.

However, you can skip GOG Galaxy entirely if you wish. Games can be downloaded directly from the site as offline installers. This simplicity compared to Steam and Epic Games Store is appreciated.


  • Specializes in old games unavailable elsewhere
  • Optional desktop client
  • No DRM or always-online requirements


  • Primarily older, more basic games
  • Website can be slow/buggy
  • Many games lack modern quality of life features without mods

4. Amazon Prime Gaming

You may be familiar with Amazon Prime‘s video and music benefits. But did you know Prime members get access to free games and in-game loot every month? The Prime Gaming hub provides downloads for PC and Mac.

Free Games on Prime Gaming

All Amazon Prime subscribers can access Prime Gaming‘s rotating selection of 50+ free games. You can browse by recently added, user rating, genre tags and more. New games get cycled in every month while others rotate out.

Prime Gaming Showcasing Some Free Game Downloads

A small sample of free games for Prime members

The offerings range from acclaimed indies like point-and-clicker Thimbleweed Park to AAA franchises like gridiron game Madden. You also get free content like characters and currency for popular online games like FIFA and Valorant.

Downloading and Playing Games

After linking your Prime and Amazon accounts, you can browse and download games directly on the Prime Gaming website. Click install, select your platform and preferred download location. Launchers or clients aren‘t required for most titles.

A few games link to third party sites like Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games to download. Prime Gaming integrates with popular gaming chat app Discord so you can easily connect with other players.


  • Included with Prime subscription (no added costs)
  • New games added monthly
  • Also provides free in-game content


  • Selection smaller compared to dedicated gaming sites
  • Some titles only available temporarily


If you‘re a fan of independent, experimental and generally offbeat games, is the place to go. You‘ll find fascinating projects from student developers, solo devs and indie studios. Most games are available on a "pay what you want" model, including free.

Free Games on hosts over half a million indie games in genres like point-and-click, RPG, visual novel, dating sim and more. Over 200,000 of those games are available free or name your own price. You‘re encouraged to pay small amounts to support developers if you enjoy a free game. Showcasing a Variety of Indie Game Downloads showcases unique indie game downloads

There are collections featuring the most popular free game downloads curated by site staff. You‘ll also come across provocative experimental games that could only exist on

Downloading and Playing Games

Navigating itch can feel chaotic due to the sheer variety of games from lesser known creators. Downloading games is as easy as clicking the download link on an individual game‘s page though.

No mandatory launcher or DRM is used. Once downloaded, your games are stored in itch‘s app data folder. You can then launch them separately like any program on your computer.


  • Tons of free games from indie devs
  • Unique experimental games
  • Option to donate to developers


  • Cluttered, sometimes confusing interface
  • Games vary wildly in quality/stability
  • Lack of reviews or ratings

Choosing the Best Site for YOU

With so many options for downloading free games safely and legally, which is right for you? Here are some quick recommendations based on common user needs:

  • I want the biggest selection: Go with Steam and its 30K+ free game catalog
  • I want the latest and greatest: Try Epic Games Store free weekly games
  • I prefer old school classics: Check out GOG‘s retro library
  • I already have Amazon Prime: Take advantage of the free games in Prime Gaming
  • I want to play quirky indie projects: is your spot

No matter your interests as a PC gamer, there‘s a site that will satisfy your appetite for entertainment without emptying your wallet. Before downloading, be sure to practice safe security habits. Scan files with your antivirus software before installation and avoid pirated games from sketchy sites.

With so many legally free options out there, there‘s no good reason to sail the high seas when building your game library!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free game downloads safe?

The sites recommended in this guide are trustworthy places to get free games legally. But it never hurts to scan files before installing just in case. Avoid pirated games altogether.

What kind of games can I find for free?

All genres from indie to AAA are now commonly offered free including shooters, MOBAs, RPGs, roguelikes, visual novels and more. You‘ll find both brand new titles and classics on these sites.

Will I have to pay anything later on?

The games covered here have no strings attached. You download and keep them forever at no cost. Some sites offer paid versions or in-game transactions which are optional.

Can I play games offline that I download?

Yes! One benefit of downloaded PC games is that an internet connection isn‘t required to play singleplayer after the initial install. You can game anywhere.

Are there other perks besides free games?

Sometimes yes! For example, Amazon Prime and Epic Games Store users get free loot, weapons, currency and other goodies for popular multiplayer games.