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Amazon Alexa

8 Different Types of Alexa Devices: From Echo to TVs

Alexa, Amazon‘s voice-controlled virtual assistant, has come a long way since its debut in 2014. What started as a smart speaker feature has evolved into a versatile technology implemented across a wide spectrum of consumer electronics. Alexa now powers everything from speakers and TVs to cars and wearables. But with so many Alexa-enabled devices available… Read More »8 Different Types of Alexa Devices: From Echo to TVs

How to Play YouTube Videos on Alexa Devices

Want to play music or watch videos on YouTube on your Alexa devices? Here is how you can play YouTube on Alexa in a few easy steps!\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph

How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk in 6 Steps

Amazon Sidewalk was developed to extend the range and reliability of smart devices. Learn how to turn off Sidewalk on Alexa in 6 easy steps.\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph

Why Pairing AirPods is Trickier on Macs

Are you ready to start using your AirPods with your Mac, but unsure how to connect them? We'll teach you how to pair your AirPods to a Mac.\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph

How to Set an Alarm on Mac (with Photos)

Need an alarm on your Mac but don't know how to set it up? Check out this guide for all of your options and super easy steps to get an alarm!\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph