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Cables and Connectors

An Introduction to Electrical Connectors in Automobiles

The modern automobile is a rolling computer, filled with electronic control modules, advanced sensor systems, infotainment, safety devices, and more. None of these innovations would be possible without the electrical backbone – the wiring and connections that transmit power and data throughout the vehicle. In this guide, we‘ll explore 10 of the most important electrical… Read More »An Introduction to Electrical Connectors in Automobiles

HDMI vs VGA: What‘s the Difference?

History-Computer digs up some obsolete technology to determine the differences between HDMI vs VGA video cables.\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph

HDMI 2.1 vs. HDMI 2.2: Key Differences and Full Comparison

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables have become the standard for transmitting high quality audio and video between devices like TVs, media players, gaming consoles, A/V receivers and more. With the steadily increasing resolutions and bandwidth needs of modern home theater equipment, HDMI specifications continue to evolve to keep pace. The latest HDMI versions –… Read More »HDMI 2.1 vs. HDMI 2.2: Key Differences and Full Comparison

Thunderbolt vs USB C: A Detailed Comparison

Thunderbolt and USB-C are connection protocols that serve two very different purposes. Click here to learn more about Thunderbolt vs USB C.\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph

The 5 Best HDMI Splitters for You

HDMI splitters are a lifesaver when you need to connect to multiple devices. Read our review of the best HDMI splitters you can buy today.\” /> <script type=\"application/ld+json\" class=\"yoast-schema-graph