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Anker vs Aukey Chargers: Which Brand Should You Choose?

So you‘re looking to buy a new power bank, wall charger, cables or other charging accessories. You‘ve narrowed it down to two top brands – Anker and Aukey. But which one should you choose?

Don‘t worry, I‘ve done an in-depth comparison of the two brands across all product categories. Read on as I break down all the key differences between Anker and Aukey to help you decide which is better for your needs.

Anker vs Aukey Overview

First, let‘s look at what each company offers:


Founded in 2011, Anker is now one of the world leaders in charging accessories and tech, with annual revenues of over $300 million.

Anker‘s core products are:

  • Power banks – High capacity portable chargers like the hugely popular 10,000 mAh PowerCore line.
  • Wall chargers – Home, car and travel chargers equipped with Anker‘s PowerIQ fast charging tech.
  • Cables – Durable charging cables reinforced with kevlar or nylon.
  • Wireless chargers – Qi-certified wireless charging pads and stands.
  • Audio – Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds under the Soundcore brand.

Anker is especially beloved by power users and professionals for its leading performance and reliability.


Founded in 2005, Aukey is also a prolific maker of charging accessories and electronics which generate around $200 million in yearly revenue.

Some of Aukey‘s top offerings are:

  • Power banks – Ranging from slim 5,000mAh to high capacity 20,000mAh models.
  • Wall chargers – Single and multi-port smart chargers with Dynamic Detect.
  • Cables – Affordable charging cables sheathed in nylon or aluminum.
  • Wireless chargers – Qi-enabled wireless charging pads and car mounts.
  • Audio – Value-focused true wireless earbuds and speakers.

Aukey covers a wide range of affordable tech products for the everyday consumer.

Now let‘s do a detailed comparison of the two brands.

Power Bank Showdown: Anker vs Aukey

One of the top reasons people buy these brands is to keep devices powered on the go. Let‘s see how Anker and Aukey power banks stack up.

Battery capacity

Anker power banks range from small 5,000 mAh portable chargers up to giant 20,000+ mAh models capable of charging phones over 6 times.

Aukey‘s power bank capacity spans from 5,000 mAh for ultra-compact chargers up to 20,000 mAh for high capacity.

Charging technology

  • Anker uses advanced PowerIQ technology to optimize each device‘s charging speed up to 18W.
  • Aukey packs in aiPower to dynamically adapt charging power up to 18W.
  • Both integrate USB-C PD for ultra-fast charging of phones, tablets and even laptops.


  • Anker power banks undergo extensive testing and use premium battery cells and internal components.
  • Aukey power banks feature sturdy designs and quality circuitry regulated for safety.

According to IDC, Anker dominated the global power bank market in 2019 with a 26.4% market share. Aukey held a 3.5% share.

Recommendation: Anker

While Aukey makes quality power banks, industry experts and consumers widely consider Anker‘s models the gold standard for their charging speeds, compatibility, longevity and leading capacity.

Anker Powercore Slim 10,000 PD is a top pick for its 10,000 mAh capacity, slim design and 18W USB-C PD charging.

Wall Charger Duel: Anker vs Aukey

A good wall charger is essential for juicing up at home or work. Let‘s explore how Anker and Aukey chargers compare.

Charging ports

  • Anker offers single, double, triple and even 4 port wall chargers to power multiple devices.
  • Aukey provides every configuration from 1 to 4 ports. Many Aukey chargers feature foldable plugs for easy portability.

Charging technology

  • Anker chargers integrate PowerIQ to maximize charging up to 24W per port.
  • Aukey chargers use aiPower to optimize charging up to 18W per port.
  • Both support fast charging standards like Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C PD.


  • Anker chargers contain advanced circuitry and heat dissipation for safety and longevity.
  • Aukey chargers are engineered for safe power delivery and long-lasting performance.

Recommendation: Tie

When it comes to wall chargers, Anker and Aukey are neck and neck. Both provide quality chargers equipped with fast charging tech at reasonable prices.

Anker offers marginally faster PowerIQ charging while Aukey chargers are a bit more affordable. For top charging speeds, check out Anker‘s 60W 4-port PIQ 3.0 charger. For value, Aukey‘s Omnia 65W 2-port PD charger delivers plenty of power at a low cost.

Cables Compared: Anker vs Aukey

Cables are the vital connections that charge your devices. Here is how Anker and Aukey cables match up.


  • Anker cables use ballistic nylon or aramid fiber cores for maximum durability.
  • Aukey cables feature tough braided nylon or aluminum housing.

Fast charging support

  • Anker cables support high-wattage charging up to 100W for USB-C PD compatible devices.
  • Most Aukey cables accommodate at least 60W charging for fast charging.

Connector durability

  • Anker reinforces cable connectors to withstand over 10,000 bends.
  • Aukey connectors are shielded in aluminum for added resilience.

Recommendation: Anker

Anker cables are recognized by experts as the most durable and fastest charging. The braided nylon Powerline II USB-C to USB-C cable delivers up to 60W charging and can outlast years of wear and tear.

If you‘re looking for a cheaper alternative, Aukey‘s aluminum shell CB-CD1 cable still provides reliable performance.

Wireless Charging Showdown

Wireless charging is the ultimate convenience for phones and earbuds. How do Anker and Aukey‘s wireless chargers compare?

Charging speed

  • Anker chargers deliver up to 15W fast wireless charging for compatible Samsung and iPhone models.
  • Most Aukey chargers max out at 10W, with a couple faster 15W models available.


  • Anker chargers feature sleek, minimalist designs in black or white. The PowerWave stand provides optimal adjustable angles.
  • Aukey chargers come in fun colors and artistic patterns. The UFO orb shape stands out from standard charging pads.
  • Both brands make great car charging mounts to easily hold your phone while driving.


  • Anker chargers contain state-of-the-art components selected for quality assurance.
  • Aukey chargers integrate safeguards for overcurrent, overvoltage and temperature control.

Recommendation: Anker

If you own a flagship Samsung, Google Pixel or iPhone that supports faster wireless charging, Anker is the way to go for the very best charging speeds.

The PowerWave Stand is a top pick for its adjustable cradle design providing 15W charging power for phones and earbuds.

For more affordable 10W chargers, Aukey makes reliable pads and car mounts like the UFO mount with an easy on/off magnetic design.

Audio Accessories: Anker vs Aukey

Finally, let‘s look at how Anker and Aukey‘s audio products sound when compared.


  • Anker‘s Soundcore Life Q30 headphones offer excellent noise cancellation, sound quality and 40-hour battery life.
  • Aukey EP-T21 earbuds deliver good audio for the low cost with USB-C quick charging.


  • Anker‘s Soundcore Bluetooth speakers pump out powerful audio and bass thanks to proprietary drivers and radiators.
  • Aukey speakers provide solid sound quality on a budget. Their Lantern speakers generate 360° audio.


  • Anker‘s audio products have an IPX water resistance rating and sturdy designs.
  • Aukey earbuds and speakers are built to withstand normal wear and tear.

Recommendation: Anker

Anker Soundcore audio consistently outperforms Aukey in sound quality, volume and battery life. And products like the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds come loaded with extra features like transparency mode.

However, Aukey earbuds and speakers are quite respectable given their wallet-friendly prices. The EP-T21 earbuds deliver good value for under $50.

Which Brand Is Best for You?

Now that you know how Anker and Aukey stack up overall, let‘s summarize when each brand makes sense for your needs and budget.

When to Choose Anker

Anker is the way to go when you want:

  • Maximum charging speeds and compatibility
  • Advanced performance features
  • Top-tier quality and reliability
  • Long-lasting products worth the investment
  • Leading technology like GaN II in chargers

When to Choose Aukey

Aukey is the better pick when you want:

  • Affordable prices on tech accessories
  • Solid quality and performance for the cost
  • Huge selection of electronics and gadgets
  • Fun colors and design options
  • Good value chargers, cables and audio

My Final Recommendations

After extensive testing and research, here are my top Anker and Aukey product recommendations:

Best Anker Power Bank – PowerCore Slim 10,000 PD – $29.99

Best Aukey Power Bank – PB-Y7 10,000 PD – $21.99

Best Anker Wall Charger – Anker 65W 4-port PIQ 3.0 – $54.99

Best Aukey Wall Charger – Aukey Omnia 65W 2-port PD – $29.99

Best Anker Cable – Powerline III USB-C to USB-C 2.0 – $15.99

Best Aukey Cable – CB-CD7 USB-C to USB-C 2.0 – $9.99

Best Anker Wireless Charger – PowerWave Stand – $41.99

Best Aukey Wireless Charger – EP-T16 10W Stand – $17.99

I hope this detailed breakdown helps you decide whether Anker or Aukey is the right brand of charging accessories for your needs. Both companies make quality products, but Anker tends to provide superior performance and reliability. Yet Aukey offers great value savings across their wide range of tech offerings.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share my knowledge to help you find the perfect charging gear.