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Cryptoys Brings He-Man and Masters of the Universe to Web3 with a Must-Have NFT Collection

If you grew up in the 80s, He-Man was undoubtedly one of your first pop culture obsessions. With his kooky cast of allies and enemies, the cartoon series Masters of the Universe transports us to a world of magic, mystery and bulging biceps.

Now, the beloved Mattel franchise is coming to web3 in an exciting collaboration with startup Cryptoys. Their nostalgic NFT collection isn‘t just for diehard He-Man fans – it offers a glimpse into the future of digital play and collectibles.

Let‘s explore why this launch has so much power.

Cryptoys Forges the Next Evolution of Toys

Cryptoys was founded in 2021 by software company OnChain Studios, backed by leading crypto VCs like Andreessen Horowitz. With over $34 million raised so far, they‘ve assembled an all-star team to bring blockchain to toys.

Co-Founder Will Weinraub shares his vision:

"Imagine digital toys that live on the blockchain, able to be collected, traded and played with. That‘s what Cryptoys aims to build – the next generation of digital play."

Unlike profile pic NFT projects, Cryptoys is designing an immersive, gamified world tailored to collectors and toy lovers. Their approach bridges physical nostalgia with digital utility.

Cryptoys has partnered with Mattel to bring He-Man and other iconic toy brands into its metaverse. But this is just the starting point – Weinraub hints at plans for phygital toys, TV shows, movies and more built around their original IP.

With this platform, the nostalgic toys and games you loved as a kid can evolve into web3 treasures bringing joy for decades to come. Cryptoys makes collecting unforgettable characters fun again.

The He-Man Collection Lets You Relive the Glory Days

Masters of the Universe first aired in 1983, defining pop culture for an entire generation. Who wasn‘t obsessed with He-Man and Skeletor‘s trippy adventures?

The franchise has seen renewed interest lately, with a comics relaunch and upcoming Netflix series. Now Cryptoys celebrates He-Man‘s 40th anniversary by bringing these classic characters to web3.

Here‘s what fans can expect from the highly anticipated drop:

  • 12 Hero Characters – Releasing across 3 waves of 4 characters each, including fan favorites like He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, and Orko
  • 7 Skins Per Character – Each hero has skins at various rarities from Common to the ultra-rare Legendary
  • 10,000 Supply Per Character – Individual character mints are limited to 10k each
  • Wave 1 Drops November 9 – He-Man, Battle Cat, Evil-Lyn, and Tri-Klops kick off the collection
  • $39.99 Per Blind Box – Blind box format maintains surprise. Pay with USD or cryptos like ETH and WBTC

Beyond just collecting, Cryptoys is building playable experiences that capture the essence of Masters of the Universe. Players can battle Skeletor‘s cronies or race Battle Cats through lush forests. This metaverse brings Eternia to life like never before.

For 80s kids, this is a dream come true – a chance to reunite with your childhood heroes in glorious web3 fashion. The nostalgia payoff is real.

Cryptoys NFTs Offer More Than Profile Pics

You may be wondering – how are Cryptoys NFTs different from other PFP projects?

The answer is a robust metaverse that transforms static JPEGs into playable toy characters. Take your NFTs into the Cryptoys world and see them come alive.

The ecosystem includes features like:

  • Mini Games – Battle, race, and compete using your NFTs
  • Pocket Dimensions – Customize personal spaces to show off collections and host events
  • Layers – Equip accessory NFTs to boost your toys‘ powers and value
  • Derezzing – Destroy extra collectibles for rewards like $Binary Dust
  • Staking – Earn $Binary Dust by staking your NFTs

This gives Cryptoys utility far beyond fleeting social status. Players are incentivized to acquire toys, customize them, and put them to use in fun ways.

Dual Token Model Aligns Incentives

To power its metaverse, Cryptoys incorporates two tokens with clear purposes:

  • $TOY – Governance token for voting rights and premium perks. Used for staking. Limited supply.

  • $Binary Dust – In-game reward token earned by playing, staking, and derezzing NFTs. Used for upgrades. Unlimited supply.

$TOY gives collectors ownership, while $Binary Dust drives engagement. This dual system connects incentives between players, collectors, and developers.

As more users participate, $Binary Dust becomes burned/sinked for upgrades. Meanwhile $TOY retains value aligned to platform growth. It‘s a smart design choice that provides stability.

Beyond He-Man – An Evolving Metaverse for Digital Play

The He-Man drop paves the way for something bigger – Cryptoys‘ vision of an ever-expanding toy metaverse. This MOTU collection is just the starting point.

With a war chest filled by leading crypto VCs, the project has the runway to keep building. The team hints at plans for:

  • Original IP – New toy lines and characters not tied to existing brands

  • Phygital Offerings – Blending digital NFTs with physical collectibles

  • Expandable Experiences – Growing the world through new games, media, and creation tools

  • Interoperability – Support for importing NFTs from other ecosystems

Cryptoys‘ roadmap builds on a future where our favorite toys and games transcend physical form without losing tangible joy and nostalgia. This tech could even reinvent toy stores for the digital age.

While staying true to its retro roots, Cryptoys‘ vision is firmly forward-facing. They aim to redefine how we play, share, and forge connections through virtual worlds.

Be Part of the Revolution

Now is your chance to join a potentially game-changing project in its early days. Grab your own slice of Masters of the Universe history by securing a Cryptoys x He-Man NFT on November 9th.

Visit to create an account so you‘re ready for the drop. Join the Discord to engage with fellow fans. And follow Cryptoys on Twitter for updates on what magic they cook up next.

For tech innovators and pop culture junkies alike, Cryptoys delivers nostalgia on the blockchain in bold new ways. And that captive power just might be strong enough to transform web3.

By letting our childhood heroes like He-Man lead the charge into the metaverse, Cryptoys makes the future feel fun again. Their quest to meld toys with blockchain is only starting, so let‘s enjoy the ride together!