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How to Use Apple Pay on Watch in a Few Easy Steps (with Photos)

Hey there! Do you own an Apple Watch and want to make the most of its convenient features? Using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch can make paying for everyday purchases seamless and hassle-free. No more fumbling for your wallet when you have an easy payment option right on your wrist!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. From initial setup to making quick transactions, I‘ve got you covered with plenty of tips for this useful feature. Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

First things first – what even is Apple Pay and why is it so useful?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system created by Apple that stores your credit and debit cards digitally. This means you can make purchases using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac without ever having to pull out a physical card from your wallet again!

But how does it actually work? When you add a card to Apple Pay, your actual credit card number isn‘t stored on your device or Apple‘s servers. Instead, a unique encrypted "device account number" is assigned to represent your card. This keeps your information safe.

Tokenization is the process that enables Apple Pay to use these device account numbers rather than actual card numbers. A single-use token number is generated for each transaction instead.

When you go to make a payment, your device communicates wirelessly with the payment terminal using a technology called NFC, or Near Field Communication. This allows your payment information to be securely transmitted via the NFC chip included in newer iPhones and Apple Watches.

Then, by quickly scanning your fingerprint or double clicking the Apple Watch side button, Apple Pay authenticates your identity through Touch ID or your passcode. No signature or PIN required!

According to recent research by Berg Insight, the global market for NFC payments is growing rapidly. There are forecasted to be nearly 1 billion NFC-enabled smartphones worldwide by 2022, up from 630 million in 2017.

That‘s the gist of how Apple Pay works! It allows you to checkout quickly and seamlessly using the debit or credit cards you already have. Now let‘s look at why using it on your Apple Watch is so convenient.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

While you can use Apple Pay with your iPhone or other Apple devices, there are some great advantages to using it on your Apple Watch in particular:

It‘s incredibly convenient

Rather than fumbling to grab your phone out of your pocket or bag, simply double click the side button on your watch and hold your wrist near the payment terminal. It doesn‘t get much easier than that!

Your information stays private

Your actual credit card number and identity are never revealed to merchants. The unique encrypted device number keeps your data secure.

Works almost everywhere

Apple Pay is accepted nearly everywhere you can tap to pay. Just look for the Apple Pay or contactless payment logos at checkout. You can pay in stores, within apps, and on supported websites.

Accessibility benefits

The ability to pay right from your wrist is useful for those with limited mobility issues or difficulty handling cash. It allows more independence.

When compared to pulling out your iPhone, the Apple Watch makes Apple Pay even more seamless. You don‘t have to search for your phone or even press the home button – just double click and tap!

Okay, now that you know the benefits, let‘s get Apple Pay set up.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

The setup process only takes a few minutes. Just follow these steps:

Launch the Apple Watch App on Your iPhone

You‘ll first need to access the Watch app that‘s pre-installed on your paired iPhone. This app lets you customize settings for your Apple Watch. Open it from your home screen.

The Watch app icon on iPhone home screen

The Watch app on your iPhone is used to configure settings

Navigate to the Wallet & Apple Pay Screen

Once the Watch app is open, select the "My Watch" tab at the bottom. Then scroll down and tap on "Wallet & Apple Pay" – this is where you‘ll add cards.

Navigating to the Wallet & Apple Pay screen

Access Wallet & Apple Pay settings from the My Watch tab

Tap "Add" to Begin Adding Your Card

You should see an option that says "Add Card…". Go ahead and tap that, then use your iPhone‘s camera to scan your card or manually enter the details.

Add card option in Apple Pay

Tap Add Card to begin adding your payment cards

Verify Your Card and Agree to Terms

Depending on your bank, you may need to fill in your security code or other information to verify the card. Be sure to read over and agree to the Apple Pay terms and conditions too.

Verifying card for Apple Pay

You may need to enter additional information to verify your card

Check for Confirmation

Once successfully added, your card should now appear under "Payment Cards on Your Watch". Repeat to add more cards if you want.

Confirmation card was added

When your card is successfully added, you‘ll see it listed

Set a Default Card (Optional)

Within Wallet & Apple Pay settings, choose a default card under "Transaction Defaults". This card will automatically appear when you go to pay.

And that‘s it! Your cards are now ready to use with Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

Using Apple Pay to Checkout on Your Apple Watch

When you‘re ready to pay for something using your Apple Watch, just follow these quick steps:

  • At the checkout counter, double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to bring up your default card.

  • Swipe left or right to choose a different card if needed.

  • With the card ready on your watch face, hold your wrist near the payment terminal.

  • Wait for the subtle vibration and checkout complete confirmation!

It really is that easy. In just a few seconds you can pay and be on your way using Apple Pay on your watch.

You can even customize the order of cards displayed on your watch for quick access to your favorites. Simply long press a card in the Wallet app and drag to reorder them.

Tips for Using Apple Pay On-the-Go

As you get the hang of Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, here are some useful tips:

  • Give your watch a quick charge before heading out if battery is low. You need sufficient charge to make payments.

  • Add your most frequently used cards to the top of your Wallet for easy access.

  • Enable Express Transit Cards to quickly pay for subway rides without authentication.

  • Double check watch is on the correct wrist when paying if you wear it loosely. Terminal needs to be close!

  • Pay quickly if terminal is waiting and authenticate your watch after the fact.

  • If a payment doesn‘t process, try again holding watch closer or on the other wrist.

Convenient and Secure Mobile Payments

Being able to leave your physical wallet at home and pay quickly with just your Apple Watch truly is game changing. Setup only takes a few minutes, and you‘ll soon be checking out more seamlessly than ever.

With Apple Pay, you also don‘t have to compromise security for convenience. Your actual card details stay protected through encrypted tokens, allowing for private and secure transactions.

So go ahead – add your cards to the Wallet app on your Apple Watch and see just how easy and useful Apple Pay can be! You‘ll never want to fumble for your wallet again. Just tap and be on your way.

Let me know if you have any other questions about using this awesome payments feature. I‘m happy to help you get started with Apple Pay on your Apple Watch!