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How to Block Creepy Crawlers on TikTok for Your Own Peace of Mind

TikTok can feel like the wild wild west of the internet sometimes. Between questionable challenges, political extremists running amok, and the occasional creeper sliding into your comments or DMs, you may feel the need to block another user.

And that‘s okay! TikTok gives us the tools to curate our experience on the platform. Exercising your right to block is one way to create boundaries and protect your peace of mind.

In this comprehensive 2500+ word guide, we‘ll explore when and why blocking can promote digital wellness, walk through the straightforward steps to block on TikTok, and compare it to similar features on other platforms. Time to stop letting the creeps and haters rent space in your head!

Why Blocking is Your Friend on TicToc

Unlike ephemeral apps like Snapchat, the content we post on TikTok sticks around. And while going viral may sound nice in theory, having strangers all up in your comments can get stressful fast.

Blocking gives us control over who interacts with our content. But more importantly, it allows us to avoid content that dims our shine.

Shield Your Eyes from Offensive Content

The TikTok algorithm seems to take note of anything that gets your blood pressure up. Angry react? Here‘s three more videos that will make you rage!

Blocking stops this reactive loop in its tracks. If someone‘s dangerous challenges or political vitriol pops up on your FYP, block away. The algorithm will get the hint eventually.

Shut Down Bullies and Harassers

According to a 2020 study, over 70% of female creators on TikTok report experiencing harassment on the platform. Unfortunately, sexist and explicit comments have become commonplace.

Developing brains are especially at risk. Over 50% of TikTok users fall between ages 16 and 24 – the group most vulnerable to emotional damage from cyberbullying.

Ladies, don‘t let the turkeys get you down! Block anyone who threatens your safety or self-esteem without hesitation. Consider turning off comments altogether or limiting them to people you follow. You deserve to feel comfortable sharing your creativity.

Avoid Exes and Old Frenemies

Ever accidentally stumble on the profile of someone you don‘t exactly want back in your orbit? Blocking them prevents tempting fate by interacting. Because no good can come of thirst trapping for your ex at 2 AM.

For fraying friendships, blocking can provide needed space without the finality of an unfollow. Give intense emotions a chance to settle before reassessing the relationship.

Stalkers and Doxxing Concerns

1 in 5 Americans have experienced digital harassment or stalking at some point. And creepers see TikTok‘s casual format as the perfect opportunity to worm their way into your life through video reactions or persistent DMs.

If anyone makes repeated unwanted contact, threats, or tries to discover private personal information like your address, pull the block plug immediately. Removing their access ensures you don‘t have to constantly look over your shoulder.

Prevent Targeted Harassment Campaigns

Unfortunately, rounding up an internet mob to attack an individual has become common sport. If you find yourself on the receiving end of one of these barrage attacks, blocking every user involved can help diffuse the situation.

Bullies tend to lose interest when they can no longer get a rise out of the victim. Cut off their supply of attention through strategic blocks.

Protect Mental Health

Sometimes we have to make the tough choice to block toxic friends or exes in order to heal. Every snippy comment can reopen emotional wounds and send cortisol levels surging.

Blocking provides a clean break to prevent obsessive fixation. Research shows that removing digital reminders of a broken relationship accelerates getting over heartbreak. Out of sight, out of mind.

What Changes When You Block Someone on TikTok?

Blocking someone prevents them from engaging with your content or profile in any way. But what exactly does that entail?

They Can‘t View Your Videos

All videos posted before and after blocking will disappear from their FYP and your profile. Stitched videos using your content will remain unchanged.

No DMs

Blocked users can‘t contact you through direct messages. However, previous messages exchanged will still show in your inbox. Feel free to delete them!

Comments Vanish

Any comments made by the blocked user will be automatically erased from your videos. It‘s like they never existed!

You Become Invisible

When someone searches your unique username, your account will not populate for blocked users. But they likely can still find you through hashtag searches if your page is public.

Blocking Someone on TikTok in 3 Easy Steps

Without further ado, here is how to banish the haters on TikTok:

1. Navigate to Their Profile

You can only block directly from a user‘s profile page. Find their icon either:

  • On the right side of any video they posted
  • In your messages
  • By searching their unique username
Tiktok profile icon

Tap on their profile icon to access the next steps

2. Open Settings Menu

In the upper right hand corner, tap the ••• icon to open settings.

Three dot settings icon

Access account settings from this menu

3. Select Block

Lastly, choose Block from the dropdown menu. Confirm your choice and poof they‘re gone!

Block option in settings

And just like that, restricted access for inappropriate users!

Check out this video walkthrough:

It only takes seconds to block someone from harshing your mellow! Have the courage to set firm boundaries against digital toxicity.

BONUS: Reverse Course with Unblock

Had a change of heart? Realized you blocked your bestie by accident? Relax! Unblocking someone on TikTok takes just a few taps:

1. Go to Settings

Navigate back to your profile page and select that handy dandy 3 dot settings menu.

2. Choose Privacy

Select the Privacy tab from available settings.

3. View Blocked Accounts

Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap Blocked Accounts to view your list.

4. Unblock Away!

Find the user you want to welcome back and hit Unblock! Clear skies ahead.

Unblock option under privacy

The unblock button gives users a second chance

Check out this video for a quick visual:

[unblock video walkthrough]

Now you can change course without losing face. We all make blocking blunders!

When to Report Instead

See something that turns your stomach? While blocking cuts off contact, reporting brings concerning content to TikTok‘s attention.

Reporting should be reserved for serious offenses like hate speech, harassment, dangerous acts, and illegal activity.

How to report on TikTok

Tap share icon then Report to notify TikTok of policy violations

Reporting is an important tool to flag human review queues about content that makes TikTok an unsafe space. Use it judiciously to call out violations of community guidelines.

And don‘t hesitate to block anyone dishing out digital toxicity! Your well-being always comes first.

Employ Strategic Blocking Tactics

Implementing savvy blocking strategies can help you take control of unwelcome interactions:

Set Profile to Private

Switch your account to private to prevent barred users from accessing your content through hashtags or the FYP. Their ability to circulate videos or screenshots is drastically reduced.

Resist Engagement

Replying to pesky commenters or harassers can encourage them. Block without giving them the satisfaction of knowing they got under your skin.

Lean Towards Blocking

Unfollowing should be reserved for mundane offenses like too much self-promotion. Escalate to blocking for toxic behavior to prevent retaliation.

Avoid Block Sprees

Mass reactionary blocking can get your account flagged for review. Plus staying calm and methodical protects your branding and relationships.

Implementing these wise blocking strategies promotes healthier conflict resolution and safer digital communities.

How Blocking on TikTok Compares to Other Platforms

While all major platforms allow users to block others, some handle the aftermath differently:


Blocked Facebook friends disappear entirely with no footprint. But in groups, admins may still see activity.


On Instagram, blocking also removes comments but doesn‘t stop bullies from stalking stories anonymously.


Twitter allows for muting instead of blocking. You avoid seeing content without severing ties.


YouTube lacks a native blocking feature. Comment control relies on keyword filtering.

While blocking on TikTok gets the job done, improvements to prevent retaliation would be beneficial. Until then, use smart workarounds!

When You Have to Block Friends, Coworkers or Celebs

Blocking a close connection rather than a stranger requires additional finesse. Here’s how to reduce blowback:

Troubled Friendships

First unfollow, unlike posts, then block if toxicity continues. Mute chat notifications to avoid maladaptive scrolling. Communicate boundaries clearly before cutting ties.

Fractured Workplace Relationships

Never block co-workers hastily without addressing issues respectfully first. If tensions continue escalating, limit profile interactions. Transfer teams if you continue feeling threatened or unsafe.

Celebrity Crushes

We’ve all drunk liked a celebrity once or twice! Blocking prevents regrettable comments but may backfire if they review followers. Restrict activity using Finstas so the door stays open to future mutual flirting.

During emotionally-charged conflicts, blocking provides distance to short-circuit drama. But afterwards, reflect on your role in the rift to facilitate personal growth.

Parting Thoughts

Ultimately, blocking gives us the power to curate the vibe we want from TikTok. Stay true to your standards without feeling guilty.

Set boundaries and don‘t hesitate to block early, block often to preserve your peace of mind in the TikTok multiverse! Protect your self-esteem and mental health from those trying to harvest your attention through outrage.

Blocking bullies and creepers allows you to take control of your online safety. And screening out exes and frenemies enables moving on from the past. Implement these tools for establishing a harassment-free digital space!