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How To Change Your Ringtone On Android In 6 Easy Steps

Do you ever get embarrassed when your phone rings in public and it‘s playing that default ringtone everyone seems to have? Personalizing your ringtone is an easy way to add some unique style to your Android device. In this article, I‘ll be showing you how to change your ringtone on Android in just 6 quick and easy steps.

Why Custom Ringtones Matter

Before we get started, let‘s discuss why setting a custom ringtone is important:

  • Lets you express your personality – ringtones are like musical avatars
  • Helps your phone stand out when it rings in public
  • Customization is part of the Android experience
  • Fun way to show off your musical tastes

In fact, research by Nielsen shows that over 75% of smartphone users have customized their ringtone rather than use the default. So you‘re definitely not alone if you want to change it up!

Now that you‘re motivated, let‘s get right into how to change your ringtone on any Android device in just a few easy steps…

Step 1: Open Your Settings App

The Settings app is where you manage all your Android device preferences. Here‘s how to find it:

  • Swipe up from your home screen to view all apps
  • Look for the Settings icon (shaped like a gear)
  • Tap the icon to open the Settings menu

This brings up the full list of customization options. Let‘s move on to the Sounds section next.

Step 2: Tap Sound & Vibration Settings

With the Settings app open, we now need to choose the Sound settings:

  • Scroll down and locate the "Sound & Vibration" option
  • Tap on Sound & Vibration to enter this menu

Here you can change all the various audio settings, including your ringtone.

Step 3: Choose Ringtone

We‘re getting close now! Here‘s how to specify you want to change the ringtone:

  • In Sound & Vibration, look for the "Ringtone" option
  • Tap on Ringtone – this opens the ringtone selection screen

You‘ll now see the pre-installed ringtone options that came with your Android phone. Let‘s browse what‘s available.

Step 4: Preview and Select Your Ringtone

Now the fun part – picking a ringtone! Here‘s how it works:

  • Tap any ringtone to play a preview
  • Scroll through and sample as many as you‘d like
  • Once you‘ve picked one, tap Select to set it

I‘d recommend keeping the volume low if you‘re in public during this step. Here are some of the popular ringtone formats supported:


The maximum file size is usually 1-5MB. If you want more variety, check out the Zedge app which offers thousands of ringtones.

Step 5: Confirm New Ringtone

Almost done! Here‘s how to finalize your selection:

  • Your chosen ringtone will appear highlighted
  • You‘ll get a confirmation message saying it‘s set
  • Test it out – call your phone to hear your new ringtone!

If you don‘t get the confirmation, try rebooting your phone and repeating the steps.

Step 6: Pick a Custom Ringtone

Don‘t like the built-in options? You can set any audio file as your custom ringtone:

  • Follow the steps above to get into Ringtone settings
  • Tap "Add" to choose your own sound file
  • Pick if it‘s stored in Music, Downloads, etc
  • Select the file and confirm to set as ringtone

Now you have a unique custom ringtone from your own music library!

Customize Your Android With Distinctive Ringtones

And there you have it – with just half a dozen steps you can easily change your ringtone on any Android device. I hope this guide gave you some ideas for customizing your phone‘s sounds and making it your own. Ringtones are a fun way to showcase your personality, so take some time to pick the perfect tune for your handset!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help fellow Android users master their devices.