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How to Delete Your Cash App Account in 7 Simple Steps

Hi there! Have you been using Cash App and found it‘s just not working for you anymore? Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered! Deleting your Cash App account is totally doable if you follow these steps.

Cash App is one of the most popular money transfer and mobile banking apps out there. Since it launched in 2013, it‘s grown exponentially to over 70 million active users!

But what if Cash App just isn‘t a good fit for your financial needs? The good news is you can delete your Cash App account completely in just a few minutes by following these seven simple steps I‘ll walk you through.

Let‘s First Chat About the Pros and Cons of Cash App

Before you delete your account, let‘s briefly go over the pros and cons of using Cash App so you can decide if it‘s really right for you long-term:

Pros of Cash App:

  • Easy peer-to-peer payments – You can easily send money to friends and family with just a couple taps. No fees apply for standard transfers.

  • Instant deposits – Funds from bank transfers or debit cards are instantly available in your Cash App balance. No waiting periods.

  • Cash Card – The free customizable debit card lets you spend your Cash App balance in stores or withdraw it from ATMs.

  • Discounts – Cash App offers discounts and bonuses called "Boosts" on purchases at major retailers.

  • Investing – You can buy and sell bitcoin or stocks directly within the app.

  • No monthly fees – Cash App is free to download and use with no recurring monthly account fees.

Cons of Cash App:

  • Limited payment options – You can only pay people who also have Cash App accounts.

  • No overdraft protection – Cash App won‘t cover payments if your balance is insufficient, potentially leading to declined payments.

  • Limited FDIC insurance – Cash App provides FDIC insurance up to $250,000, but only for funds stored in your Cash App balance, not if you‘re just transferring money.

  • Lack of customer service – Customer service is limited to online ticketing, which can mean long waits for account issues.

  • Scams – Cash App is frequently used in online scams, so you have to be vigilant.

Alright, now that you know the key pros and cons, let‘s get into how to fully delete your Cash App account if you decide it‘s not for you.

Before Deleting Your Cash App Account

Before you delete your Cash App account, there are a few things I recommend doing first:

  • Transfer out your balance – Transfer any remaining funds from your Cash App balance back to your linked bank account or debit card. Once the account is deleted that money will be inaccessible.

  • Cancel pending transfers – If you have any pending inbound or outbound money transfers, be sure to cancel these before closing the account.

  • Download statements – Although Cash App keeps records for 7 years, I suggest downloading any account statements you might want for your personal files.

  • Unlink connected payment methods – Remove any linked bank accounts, debit/credit cards, or payment services so they are not associated with your closed account.

  • Notify frequent contacts – Let friends or family know you will be deleting Cash App in case they need to use a different payment app to send you money going forward.

Step 1: Log into Your Cash App Account

Okay, let‘s dive into the steps! First things first – log into your Cash App account through the mobile app as you normally would. You‘ll need to access it one last time to close it out.

Open up the Cash App on your iPhone or Android device. On the homepage, enter your $cashtag username and password, then tap "Log In".

If you‘ve forgotten your login info, you can tap "Forgot password?" to reset it before logging in.

Step 2: Tap on Your Profile Icon

Once logged in, tap on your profile icon in the top-right corner. This is either your personal photo or a default avatar icon.

Tapping this will open up your full account and profile menu.

Step 3: Scroll Down and Tap "Support"

From your profile menu, scroll down until you see the "Support" option. Tap on "Support".

This will bring you to the Help Center where you can browse support topics or contact Cash App.

Step 4: Select "Something Else"

Under the "Browse Categories" menu, tap on "Something Else".

Selecting this option will let you access Cash App‘s account management settings.

Step 5: Tap "Close Your Cash App Account"

On the Something Else page, you‘ll see a section called "Account Services". Tap on "Close Your Cash App Account".

This is the option that will begin the account closure process.

Step 6: Confirm Account Closure

On the Close Account page, Cash App will explain that closing your account is permanent and all associated payment history will be deleted.

First, you can select "Delete my personal information" if you want to erase your personal data from Cash App‘s systems. Note this can‘t be undone!

When ready, scroll down and tap the "Close Account" button to continue. This will take you to Cash App‘s live chat support.

Step 7: Chat with Support to Verify Account Closure

When you tap "Close Account", a live chat window will open with a Cash App agent.

Explain to the representative that you would like to permanently delete your Cash App account.

The agent will then send you a direct link to confirm and finalize the account closure. Tap this, and tap "Confirm" again on the pop-up that appears to verify you want to delete.

And that‘s it – your Cash App account is now deleted for good! The app should revert back to the splash screen for new users.

To be safe, log out and log back in to double check the account is fully deleted before removing Cash App from your device.

Here are some extra tips to ensure the account deletion process goes smoothly:

  • Close business accounts properly – If deleting a Cash for Business account, make sure to follow the proper steps for those outlined on Cash App‘s website.

  • Watch out for scams – Only use Cash App‘s official chat support when closing your account. Avoid any shady websites claiming to help delete accounts.

  • Remove payment details – In your device settings, delete any saved credit/debit cards or bank account details linked to Cash App so they are not compromised.

  • Check other linked services – If you connected services like Venmo or Bitcoin to Cash App, double check they are now disconnected with the account closed.

  • Disassociate your device – Go into your device settings to remove any saved Cash App login details or biometric access on your phone or tablet.

I hope these steps clearly outline how to permanently delete your Cash App account in just a few minutes! While Cash App is incredibly handy for quick peer-to-peer payments, it‘s understandable if it‘s limitations make it not ideal for managing your money.

Deleting your account is super straightforward if you follow the process I outlined here. Just make sure your balance is emptied, any pending transactions canceled, and your contacts notified before you delete it for good.

If you have any other questions about closing your Cash App account, feel free to reach out! I‘m always happy to help walk through financial app account closures or related money management topics.