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How to Reset an LG Smart TV

As large, high-resolution smart TVs continue displacing traditional cable viewing, maintaining these intricate devices is critical for optimal enjoyment. With their robust processors and operating systems powering everything from 4K streaming to voice controls, LG smart TVs provide incredible convenience. However, like our smartphones and laptops, these systems can gradually become cluttered with unused apps, cached data, and fragmented files that inhibit smooth performance. Resetting your LG smart TV clears out this digital debris to restore factory fresh speed and responsiveness.

This guide will walk through the necessary steps to perform either a full factory reset or a simpler picture setting reset on your LG smart TV. I‘ll also provide some best practice advice on keeping your high-tech television running like new. Let‘s dive in!

The Increasing Necessity of Smart TV Maintenance

The average TV purchased today has evolved drastically from sets of just 5-10 years ago. Modern smart TVs run complex software and CPUs on par with many laptops to deliver not just programming from cable and streaming services, but also apps, games, web access, and smart home hub controls.

LG televisions specifically use either their proprietary webOS platform or Google‘s Android TV operating system. Both of these are robust, multi-tasking environments filled with features.

However, every seasoned IT professional knows that with great capability comes increased potential for performance issues over time. Like our personal computers, smart TVs gradually accumulate digital junk including:

  • Cached temporary files from countless OS processes
  • Game/app data lingering after deletion
  • Fragmented memory from repeated installing/uninstalling
  • Outdated firmware failing to terminate background tasks

This accumulation of digital debris eventually overtakes the finite internal storage on smart TVs. Performance suffers with lag, freezing apps, input delays, and crashes.

But thankfully, just like rebooting a sluggish laptop, resetting the TV software can work wonders.

Resetting more than just personal data

Most guides focused on resetting LG smart TVs only discuss doing so to erase saved login credentials, streaming passwords, paired device info and other personal data prior to selling or giving away your TV.

And that‘s definitely critical to avoid your accounts being compromised! However, I think it‘s equally vital to understand the performance benefits of periodically restoring your LG TV to factory fresh condition.

Over 20% of smart TV owners report issues with lag or freezing after just 1-2 years of use. Running a full or picture-only reset clears the storage clutter responsible for these problems. It gives your advanced television a fresh start for buttery smooth 4K streaming and gaming once again!

Now let‘s examine the step-by-step reset process for various LG TV models and software versions…

Full Factory Reset on LG Smart TVs

Resetting your LG smart TV erases all stored data and customized settings, restoring factory defaults like the day you first unboxed it. You‘ll need to reconfigure preferences afterward but performance will greatly improve.

The settings menu navigation varies slightly between different LG TV models and software versions. Here are the basic routes to access full reset options:

For webOS 3.0 through 4.0

  1. Select the Settings icon (cog wheel shape) on your LG remote or TV screen to open the menu
  2. Choose All Settings >> General >> System
  3. Highlight Reset to Initial Settings and select OK

For webOS 4.5+

  1. Open Settings menu
  2. Navigate to All Settings >> Support
  3. Find Reset to Initial Settings

For LG Android TVs

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Device Preferences >> Restore
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset

For any version, you‘ll next see a prompt ensuring you wish to erase everything and restore factory defaults. Confirm this last step and the reset will commence. The initial setup wizard should then display, letting you reconfigure basic preferences like language, Wi-Fi network, input labels and more.

Resetting Precautions

Before initiating a factory reset on your LG smart TV, I advise taking these preparatory steps:

  • Disconnect all devices paired to the TV like Bluetooth speakers, game controllers or USB drives. They will all have to be repaired afterward.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi password is on hand to reconnect the network during initial setup.
  • Back up any essential local media files or game progress to external storage or cloud drives in case issues arise.
  • When signed back in, check for firmware or app updates before restoring backups or downloading new apps.

And if your TV fails to reset correctly or boot back up fully, don‘t panic yet! First, unplug the power cord from both the outlet and TV for 60 seconds to discharge residual static buildup. Then plug it back in and try powering on normally, or into Safe Mode if necessary for troubleshooting.

Contact LG customer support as a last resort if hardware failures are suspected. But 85% of the time a full power reset cycle or Safe Mode correction resolves software glitches caused by resets.

Resetting LG TV Display Settings Only

If you just want to restore your picture mode display settings without impacting other preferences, apps, or stored account info, LG makes this easy. I recommend assessing visual changes after each adjustment instead of resetting aggressively. But clearing the slate can be useful if image quality degrades after tweaking too many values.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Press Settings button on the remote
  2. Select All Settings >> Picture
  3. Open Picture Mode Settings
  4. Highlight current picture mode preset
  5. Choose Picture Reset and confirm

This last option clears all custom values for that individual mode only, reverting to out-of-box defaults. Repeat for each preset like Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sports if desired.

Custom picture modes will retain values since they are user-defined by default. I suggest resetting an existing mode first to compare visual changes rather than alter Custom right away if color, brightness or contrast needs troubleshooting.

A Note on HDMI Connections

If display reset fails fixing distortion or color issues, make sure to also check your video cable connections. Due to bandwidth limitations on cables and ports, image quality bottlecks can occur with 4K HDR signals on anything except premium HDMI cords connected to LG TV HDMI 1 or 2 ports.

Try swapping cable connections and resetting picture mode again if problems persist only on a single device like Blu-Ray player or game console.

This typically resolves 90% of lingering display troubleshooting without professional calibration or service required. Contact LG support if problems continue afterwards.

Keeping Your LG Smart TV Performing Like New

While periodic resets work wonders for restoring sluggish smart TVs to their original glory, prevention is still the best medicine when it comes to tech maintenance. Here are my top tips for keeping your high-end LG television running smoothly for years of premium viewing.

Check Firmware Updates Weekly

Like Windows and iOS updates on PCs and mobile devices, LG regularly issues software patches for webOS and other smart TV platforms. These fix bugs, patch security flaws, and optimize performance.

I recommend checking weekly for firmware updates from the settings menu. Review available release notes before installing to ensure compatibility.

Enable Auto Updates

Even better, webOS, Android TV and select LG model lines allow enabling auto firmware update checks and installs much like our smartphones. There may be an option under System or Support menus to toggle this on.

Doing so ensures you always receive the latest optimizations without having to manually look for patches. Just be aware of prompts that may indicate a factory reset is required after major firmware jumps before installing.

Factory Reset Every 6-12 Months

No matter how diligent we try to be with tech maintenance, gradual storage clutter accumulation happens inevitably. Set a calendar reminder bi-yearly to perform a full factory reset to give your LG smart TV that fresh feeling again.

Think spring cleaning, but for your television! Cleanup any loose HDMI connections and power cycle external devices like soundbars as well during the process.

Before Factory Resetting…

Sometimes a full reset may be overkill if minor intermittent issues arise like a single app freezing occasionally. Before committing to the multi-step reset process, try quickly power cycling your LG TV first.

Simply unplug the power cord from both the outlet and television for 60 seconds. This completely cuts power instead of merely entering sleep/standby mode. Reconnect and power on as normal afterwards.

If apps are still freezing after a couple power cycles, then move forward with the factory reset using my guides above. But oftentimes this quicker process resolves odd software glitches.

Consider Refurbishing vs Upgrading

While smart TV processors and picture quality rapidly improve year after year, LG TVs typically maintain excellent lifespan thanks to webOS/Android software support and solid component quality.

Rather than automatically upgrading your television every 2-3 years, consider a professional refurbishment service instead around the 5 year ownership mark.

These affordable services will thoroughly clean your TV inside and out, perform extensive hardware diagnostics checks, replace any fans or worn components, optimize settings and calibrate the picture. This restores nearly brand new performance at a fraction of full replacement cost.

Factor in current trade-in value discounts as well if purchasing another LG TV. But avoid falling into the unnecessary upgrade cycle trap simply because flashy newer models release constantly!

FAQs and Additional Smart TV Assistance

Hopefully the advice above gets your LG smart TV functioning smoothly again and optimized for years of stellar 4K streaming enjoyment. But let‘s recap some common troubleshooting questions:

Do you need to factory reset an LG smart TV before selling it or donating?

Absolutely! Always fully erase and reset any internet-connected device to avoid leaving personal data, login credentials or usage history details accessible. LG TVs contain robust systems similar to computers and phones. Take appropriate precautions.

What causes an LG smart TV to slow down and lag over time?

Like any advanced electronic device, LG TVs gradually accumulate clutter in the form of temporary cached files, outdated firmware fragments and corrupted data from apps or processes crashing. Reseting erases this tech "junk drawer" to regain speed.

Does an LG smart TV need occasional restarts?

Sort of. Rather than a full shut down and boot up which takes time, quickly power cycling your LG TV keeps things fresh. Unplug the power cord for 60 seconds to completely discharge static, then reconnect and power on normally.

How often should you reset an LG TV?

I suggest a full factory reset of your LG smart TV approximately every 6-12 months depending on usage levels. Power users streaming 4K video daily or big gamers should reset more often. Additionally, always reset before performing major LG TV firmware updates for a clean install.

What does resetting the picture settings actually do?

Your LG TV contains various color, brightness, contrast and other display presets optimized for different viewing content types. Resetting options for each mode erase any custom tweaks, restoring factory aim points. Useful if changes cause negative impacts.

And there you have it…everything you need to keep your high-tech LG smart TV running like new! But don‘t hesitate contacting their helpful customer support professionals for any other issues. LG offers superb product and IT support – take advantage any time something seems amiss.

Happy streaming!