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How to Get the Spectrum TV App on an LG Smart TV: The Complete Guide

Spectrum is one of the largest cable providers in the US, offering live TV, on-demand programming, and more to over 31 million customers nationwide. If you already subscribe to their cable packages, you also have access to the Spectrum TV app.

This app allows you to watch your favorite shows and channels on supported mobile devices, streaming players, and smart TVs. Unfortunately, it is not natively available on LG smart TVs.

But don’t worry—with the right streaming device and a few quick setup steps, you can download and start streaming the Spectrum app on your LG TV. Whether you want to access more on-demand content or stream cable in additional rooms, getting the Spectrum app running is worth the small investment.

Here is a complete walkthrough on setting up the Spectrum TV app on LG smart TVs using a compatible streaming media player:

How to Get the Spectrum App on an LG Smart TV:

Choose A Streaming Device

Since LG does not directly support the Spectrum app, you need a streaming device to install it on. The good news is that several popular media players have Spectrum available:

  • Roku: One of the most widely-used budget-friendly streaming device options. Easy to set up and navigate.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick: Access over 500,000 movies and shows. Alexa voice remote included.
  • Apple TV: Slightly more expensive but integrates well into the Apple ecosystem.
  • Android TV Box: Generic Android-based boxes offer lots of app and customization options.

In addition, here are some other compatible streaming devices and platforms that support downloading the Spectrum TV app:

  • Google Chromecast: Affordable $50 stick that casts content from your mobile device to the TV screen. Easy to set up but requires a phone/tablet to control.
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S: For gamers who already own one of Microsoft‘s latest consoles, the Spectrum app is available to add from the Microsoft Store. This turns your game console into a cable box replacement.
  • Certain Blu-Ray Players: Mid-range and higher-end Blu-ray players from LG, Sony and other brands may have smart capabilities with app stores that carry Spectrum. Check your device specs to confirm.
  • Android Smart TVs: Select LG TVs powered by the Android TV operating system (different than LG‘s webOS) allow installing the Spectrum app directly from the Google Play store, no streaming stick required. Examples include recent models of LG NanoCell, UHD, and OLED Android televisions.

Any of these streaming players or integrated smart TV platforms will give you access to install and watch the Spectrum TV app. Roku and Amazon‘s Fire TV devices are most popular given easy setup and affordable pricing, usually starting under $50.

Connect the Streaming Device

After choosing a streaming player, connect it to your LG TV. Most use an HDMI connection to your TV‘s HDMI port for video/audio output. You also need to plug the streaming device into an electrical outlet using the included USB or wall adapter. This powers your Roku, Fire stick, etc.

Refer to your device‘s included setup instructions for any other required cables. For example, some streaming players and smart TVs feature an Ethernet port that allows connecting to your home network over a wired connection instead of WiFi. This can provide faster, more reliable connectivity needed for smooth 4K streaming.

Connect streaming device

Connect the streaming device or game console to an open HDMI port on your LG TV.

Complete the on-screen prompts to link the streaming player to your LG smart TV. This usually involves selecting the appropriate HDMI input on your TV and may require you to enter a one-time setup PIN number displayed on your TV screen. Follow all troubleshooting tips during connection before moving onto app setup.

LG Smart TVs and webOS

LG smart TVs dating back to 2014 utilize a Linux-based platform called webOS to power the intuitive menu system and apps. It was originally developed by Palm for smartphones before LG acquired the software.

webOS provides great usability for navigating menus and streaming content. LG provides periodic updates to add features and fix bugs. However, LG‘s first party app catalog is lacking compared to third party platforms like Roku or Android TV. Very few cable provider apps are directly available from LG‘s app store.

That‘s why adding a streaming stick can greatly expand your content options by overlaying a more robust operating environment purpose-built for cord cutting and steaming apps on top of the excellent LG hardware. Roku OS and Fire OS are designed specifically around content delivery, providing better support and updates for services like Spectrum.

It‘s quick and easy to toggle between LG‘s webOS Home screen and your streaming device input. And you still retain access to built-in LG apps like YouTube or the web browser even with a Roku or Fire TV stick connected.

Download the Spectrum TV App

Once your streaming device finishes setup, visit its app store to download Spectrum TV.

On Roku devices this is called the Roku Channel Store. On Fire TV it is the Amazon Appstore.

Search for “Spectrum” and select the app published by Spectrum Reach. Click install or “Add Channel” on Roku. The app download only takes a few seconds.

App stores

The Roku Channel Store (left) or Amazon Fire TV Appstore (right) offer the Spectrum TV app.

Sign in with Your Spectrum Account

Launch the newly installed Spectrum TV app from your streaming device‘s home screen.

The first time opening the app, you need to sign in with your existing Spectrum credentials. This includes the email/username and password associated with your Spectrum cable package.

Don‘t have a Spectrum account yet? You must first purchase qualifying cable TV service before accessing the app.

Spectrum login

Enter your Spectrum email and password to login to the app.

Once authenticated, Spectrum authorizes your account and devices to begin streaming. Access live channels, on-demand content, and more!

Spectrum Channel Lineups and Pricing

To access the Spectrum TV app, you first need an active cable package from Spectrum. Television plans and channel counts vary by location, but popular nationwide packages include:

Spectrum Channel Plans

Package Channels Price/mo Details
Spectrum Select 125+ $64.99 Local broadcast, news, sports, and cable favorites
Spectrum Silver 175+ $84.99 Adds more sports, movie channels, and specialty options
Spectrum Gold 200+ $94.99 Includes premium channels like HBO and Showtime

These prices reflect first-year introductory rates. Regular rates apply after 12 months but Spectrum does not charge early termination fees when switching or canceling service.

You can further customize your package with add-ons like a cloud DVR, additional TV boxes, sports packages like NFL RedZone, and more. Bundling with Spectrum Internet or home phone can also lower your monthly costs.

Check Spectrum channel lineups for your area to confirm exact channels included before signing up. All TV plans let you register up to 2 mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or streaming players to the Spectrum TV app at no extra charge.

What Channels Can I Watch?

Once your Spectrum account is linked, the app provides the exact same programming as watching via a cable box, just through the convenience of streaming. Benefits include:

Live TV

Tune in to over 125+ popular cable channels that are part of your Spectrum package. This includes local broadcast networks, sports like ESPN, entertainment, news, family favorites and more in real-time.


Catch up on recently aired episodes and movies at no extra cost. Spectrum offers thousands of hours of on-demand programming from both live channels and online libraries to view whenever you want.

TV Everywhere

Get on-the-go access to even more exclusive content from supported cable networks using your Spectrum login, including next-day streaming of new series or special sports packages not available on linear TV.

No matter if you want to watch Disney, FX, TBS or dozens of other channels, the Spectrum TV app brings the full cable experience to any compatible smart TV or mobile device, mirrored from your cable package.

Connecting DIRECTV Cable vs The Spectrum App on LG Smart TVs

If your primary goal is to watch Spectrum cable on a single LG smart TV located near an existing cable jack, you may wish to connect a direct coaxial feed instead of setting up a streaming device. However, there are some downsides to weigh with direct cable:

Pros of Connecting Cable Directly:

  • Requires less equipment (no streaming device purchase)
  • Supports pausing/rewinding live TV with optional DVR cable box
  • Picture quality unaffected by internet speeds

Cons of Connecting Cable Directly:

  • Limited by coaxial jack placement and cable length
  • Usually capped at lower 1080i resolution
  • Unable to watch Spectrum programming on other TVs
  • No integrated on-demand or TV everywhere content
  • Monthly fees for cable boxes, DVR service, taxes and surcharges

By comparison, accessing Spectrum TV via their streaming app provides more flexibility, enhanced features like on-demand libraries, and mobile viewing capabilities when away from home.

The Spectrum app offers a compelling value compared to old fashioned coaxial. But there are some technical requirements to ensure smooth performance:

Spectrum TV Streaming Requirements

  • Internet Speeds – For the best playback quality, Spectrum recommends internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps. Faster is better, especially if you want to stream HD video on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Concurrent Streams – Spectrum allows streaming on up to 2 mobile devices outside the home at the same time. You can have unlimited concurrent streams while connected to your home‘s internet network. Keep this in mind if you want to replace ALL cable boxes with app-based streaming.
  • Home Network Setup – Evaluate factors like WiFi signal strength/coverage, router firmware updates, and isolating IoT traffic that could affect streaming reliability and video quality room-to-room. Ethernet backhaul, mesh systems, or WiFi extenders can help maximize speeds available to your streaming players.
  • Account Restrictions – Certain live programs or sports packages may be subject to regional blackout restrictions. Call 1-855-707-7328 if the Spectrum TV app blocks streaming due to programming territorial rights.

When functioning as designed, the Spectrum TV app provides reliable access to traditional cable content with the versatility of streaming. But smart analysis of your home network infrastructure is key to realizing the full benefits of app-based TV viewing.

Additional Tips for Getting Spectrum Working on LG Smart TVs

Beyond the television and streaming device itself, here are some other factors that can help ensure smooth Spectrum viewing in your home:

  • Perform speed tests during "peak" usage times to check if your existing internet speeds can support steady 4K streaming on multiple TVs. Sites like provide a quick way to test.
  • Reboot your router and streaming devices regularly to clear any memory leaks or update internet DNS caching that could affect video playback.
  • Adjust your router placement and WiFi bands to minimize interference from adjacent appliances like microwaves or baby monitors that operate on the crowded 2.4 Ghz frequency.
  • Upgrade to a mesh network system if your home‘s construction makes it difficult for a single router to provide adequate signal coverage to all rooms.
  • Inspect coaxial cabling for any loose connectors or damaged cables that could introduce signal noise interfering with your internet‘s reliability.

And don‘t hesitate to call Spectrum customer support if issues persist getting the Spectrum TV app working reliably through your LG smart TV. Support agents can verify specific technical requirements needed for your home and account to sustain multiple concurrent HD video streams across devices.

Investing in robust home internet infrastructure pays dividends allowing you to cut the cord from old-fashioned cable boxes while still enjoying Spectrum TV app access anywhere in your home. Follow the steps in this guide to unlock a world of seamless cable TV streaming directly through the Spectrum app on your LG smart televisions.