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What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

If you‘re a DirecTV subscriber wondering "What channel is Paramount Network on?" so you can watch shows like Yellowstone, Ink Master, Bar Rescue and more, you‘ve come to the right place! As your friendly satellite TV guide, I‘m here to give you the full scoop on finding Paramount Network within your DirecTV channel lineup.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover:

  • A deep dive history of Paramount Network‘s origins and evolution over 40 years
  • Exactly which DirecTV packages include the Paramount channel
  • The channel numbers you need to directly tune to Paramount Network
  • How to access the Paramount Plus streaming library
  • Summaries of the top shows and original series airing on Paramount Network
  • Where to find Paramount on other TV providers beyond just DirecTV

So whether you‘re a new or long-time DirecTV customer, read on to get the details on accessing one of cable‘s most iconic entertainment channels. Grab your remotes and let‘s get watching!

From Humble Beginnings: Paramount Network‘s 40 Year Journey

To appreciate Paramount Network today, it helps to understand its rich history across multiple decades of changes. What began as a country music channel out of Nashville has transformed into a home for Western dramas, reality TV, and comedy. Let‘s take a walk down memory lane:

  • 1983: The Nashville Network (TNN) is launched, specializing in country music, outdoors, and Southern culture programming. Early popular shows included Country Kitchen, Nashville Now, New Country, and sports coverage like NASCAR races.
  • 1995: TNN starts expanding beyond just country/Southern themed shows, adding general entertainment, sports (like WCW wrestling), comedy, and made-for-TV movies to attract wider audiences.
  • 1999: Officially rebrands from The Nashville Network to simply "TNN" as country/rural programming is phased out of the schedule. Continues expanding into male-focused shows like Monster Jam, Ren & Stimpy, and Baywatch reruns.
  • 2003: Viacom undertakes a major rebranding to position TNN for male viewers 18-34 years old. Relaunches as Spike TV with programming like CSI and Star Trek repeats, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, The Ultimate Fighter, and Spike Guys‘ Choice Awards.
  • 2018: After Viacom merges with CBS Corporation, Spike TV is rebranded once again to become Paramount Network. Aims to develop original dramas, comedies, and late night talk shows to complement unscripted series and reruns. The first scripted original, mega-hit Yellowstone, debuts this same year.
  • Today: Paramount Network features a diverse lineup ranging from reality shows like Ink Master and Bar Rescue to prestige dramas like Yellowstone and 68 Whiskey. Comedies, sitcom reruns, and specials round out the schedule. The network is now part of Paramount Global after the recent ViacomCBS rebrand.

Quite the rollercoaster journey from obscure country music channel to starring Kevin Costner in a ratings juggernaut! This rich history of retooling and reinvention is a key reason Paramount Network offers such an appealing, multi-genre programming mix today.

Paramount Network Comes Standard on All DirecTV Packages

Unlike premium channels like HBO or STARZ that cost extra, Paramount Network comes included in even the most basic DirecTV package. You don‘t have to pay any add-on fees to get it. Let‘s examine how Paramount fits into DirecTV‘s plans:

Package Price/Month Total Channels Paramount Network?
Entertainment $64.99 75+ Yes
Choice $84.99 105+ Yes
Ultimate $109.99 140+ Yes
Premier $154.99 150+ Yes
Table showing Paramount Network is included on all DirecTV packages

As you can see, Paramount Network is treated as a standard entertainment channel, not a premium add-on. The Entertainment package with 75+ channels offers the most budget conscious access. But stepping up to Choice, Ultimate or Premier gives you more channels overall plus perks like free pay-per-view movies.

The takeaway is that you can get Paramount Network without paying extra on top of your regular DirecTV subscription. And you don‘t need one of the priciest packages either. Now let‘s unpack exactly where to find it channel-wise.

How to Directly Tune to Paramount Network on DirecTV

Paramount Network sits on channel 241 in DirecTV‘s overall channel lineup. This numbering is the same whether you‘re on the East or West coast.

So to quickly tune in Paramount Network‘s live broadcast, simply enter 241 using your DirecTV remote.

Here are some tips for easy access:

  • If you have a DirecTV Genie DVR, press 241 and then confirm Paramount Network from the info screen.
  • Browse the DirecTV channel guide and jump straight to 241.
  • Program 241 into your custom Favorites list for one-button tuning.

Beyond the main live channel, you can also watch Paramount Network‘s on-demand programming via:

Channel 1241

This dedicated DirecTV On Demand portal has tons of Paramount Network‘s TV shows, movies and specials available to stream whenever you want. Just browse the listings and select a title to start viewing.

Having both live (241) and on demand (1241) options are handy for catching your favorite Paramount Network programs day or night. And again, every DirecTV subscriber has access to these channels.

Now what about getting Paramount‘s huge streaming library? Unfortunately, that‘s a separate service…

Paramount Plus Requires a Standalone Membership

It‘s easy to confuse Paramount Network the TV channel with Paramount Plus the streaming platform. But they are completely separate products:

  • Paramount Network is a single linear cable/satellite TV channel with live and some on-demand programming. Included free with any DirecTV package.
  • Paramount Plus is a standalone on-demand streaming service with thousands of shows & movies on-demand. Requires paying $4.99+/month directly to Paramount Plus.

So having DirecTV alone does not get you access to everything on Paramount Plus. You have to sign up independently and pay a separate fee to unlock its full streaming library.

Some Paramount Network hits like Yellowstone aren‘t even available on Paramount Plus due to complicated streaming rights deals! So the two services are very different.

If you do want to add Paramount Plus on-demand, the good news is it‘s easy to integrate with your DirecTV setup:

  • Download the Paramount Plus app on your smart TV to watch directly.
  • Cast shows from your mobile device using Chromecast/Airplay. Make sure your TV and phone/tablet are on the same WiFi.
  • Use a streaming device like Roku or Fire TV Stick to get the Paramount Plus app on your TV.
  • Play Paramount Plus through an app-enabled Blu-ray player if your model supports streaming apps.

So while Paramount Plus carries a separate fee, you can conveniently watch it on your DirecTV television with some simple connectivity steps.

Now, let‘s explore some key shows that make Paramount Network worth tuning into on DirecTV…

Top Paramount Network Series to Watch on DirecTV

While Paramount Network airs plenty of older sitcoms and procedural reruns, its exclusive original hits really showcase the channel‘s current brand and appeal.

Here‘s a rundown of some favorites you can only catch live or on-demand by tuning into Paramount Network on your DirecTV subscription:


Cable‘s #1 summer drama follows the conflicts surrounding the wealthy Dutton ranching family‘s land borders with land developers and a Native American reservation. Starring Kevin Costner, its mix of prestige and soap opera hooks viewers week after week. Yellowstone is appointment viewing for its stunning Western vistas and family power struggles.

Bar Rescue

Longtime host Jon Taffer transforms failing bars with his signature scream therapy, staff training, and menu/drink makeovers. It‘s like Kitchen Nightmares for the bar industry. Paramount Network airs past seasons showcasing all of Taffer‘s epic meltdowns.

Ink Master

Tattoo artists throw down each week in various artistic competitions with difficult canvases and styles. One unlucky contestant gets eliminated every episode. If you love tattoos and drama between artists, it‘s irresistible viewing.

Lip Sync Battle

Based on the viral Tonight Show segment, big name celebrities face off in over-the-top lip sync competitions. Channing Tatum, Tom Holland, and Margot Robbie are just some stars who‘ve participated in the hilarious mic battles. It‘s must-see for pop culture and music fans.

RuPaul‘s Drag Race

While new seasons air on MTV, Paramount offers past seasons of the groundbreaking, Emmy-winning competition to find America‘s next top drag queen. Essential viewing for fans to revisit legendary lip syncs, runway walks, and cat fights.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

DirecTV customers can re-watch Star Trek: TNG episodes to relive this popular 1990s installment in the Trek universe. Follow the adventures of the Enterprise-D crew led by Captain Picard. Streaming services may come and go, but Paramount Network offers reliable TNG reruns.

Wife Swap and Celebrity Wife Swap

The drama when regular or celebrity families swap spouses or partners for a week makes for riveting reality TV. Trading households and lifestyles often creates funny culture clashes and tense confrontations between the mismatched temporaries.

The Game

This comedy following a fictional San Diego football team ran from 2006-2015, but is getting an eagerly anticipated reboot in late 2022. Paramount+ brings back original cast members like Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall to continue the laughs. Football fans rejoice.

So whether you‘re into tattoo competitions, drag queen battles, or screaming bar makeovers, Paramount Network‘s lineup has a nice mix of reality shows, sitcoms, dramas and more to dive into on DirecTV.

Finding Paramount Network on Other Cable & Satellite Providers

While channel 241 is Paramount Network‘s spot on DirecTV nationwide, other TV providers may differ. If you‘re switching from another service, here‘s where to tune in across top carriers:

Provider Channel Number
Dish Network Channel 241
Spectrum Channel 776 (SD), 1276 (HD)
Xfinity Channel 730 (SD), 1730 (HD)
Verizon Fios Channel 639 (SD), 1639 (HD)
AT&T U-verse Channel 216 (SD), 1216 (HD)
Cox Channel 111
Optimum Channel 104
Table showing Paramount Network channel numbers on major TV providers

So even if you switch from say, Xfinity to DirecTV, you can still rely on Paramount Network being available in your channel plan. And Paramount Plus streams through any provider once you signup.

This consistency makes it easy to keep your Paramount viewing habits no matter your cable/satellite company. Just grab the remote and start watching!

Tune into an Evolving Pop Culture Icon

In closing, I hope this guide gave you the complete scoop on accessing Paramount Network as a DirecTV customer. To recap:

  • Paramount Network is included FREE in all DirecTV packages, no add-ons needed.
  • Tune to channel 241 for live viewing and 1241 for on demand selections.
  • Paramount Plus requires a separate streaming membership but integrates well with smart TV setups.
  • Top shows range from Yellowstone and Bar Rescue to Lip Sync Battle and Wife Swap, offering something for all tastes.
  • Across other providers, you can expect Paramount Network on similarly numbered channels in the 200s or 700s SD/HD.

So whether you‘re sampling Paramount Network‘s live feed, on demand library, or streaming catalog, rest assured this staple entertainment channel is readily available for your viewing pleasure via DirecTV and beyond.

As Paramount continues to invest in original hits, its future looks bright. I‘ll be sure to provide updates if the channel ever moves or major programming changes happen. But for now, just sit back and enjoy the diverse entertainment options Paramount Network brings to your DirecTV subscription. Happy viewing!