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The Complete Guide to Programming Your Phillips Universal Remote

A Phillips universal remote control can make home entertainment setups much more convenient by combining all your remotes into one. This guide provides everything you need to know to easily program your Phillips universal remote to control your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray, streaming devices, and more.

Overview of Phillips Universal Remotes

A Phillips universal remote has special code search technology that cycles through thousands of codes to match your devices. This lets you consolidate every remote in your home theater into just the one Phillips unit.

The benefits of using a Phillips universal remote include:

  • Controlling multiple devices from a single remote
  • Reducing clutter from piles of individual remotes
  • Ability to customize activities that command multiple devices
  • Simplifies your home theater system
  • Intuitive and easy to program with code search

In addition to the code search feature, Phillips remotes also have access to a database of over 5,000 preset codes for various device brands.

Between code search and preset codes, you should be able to control practically any audio/visual device with your Phillips universal remote.

How To Program a Phillips Universal Remote

Programming your Phillips universal remote will only take a few easy steps. Here is the basic process:

  1. Manually turn on the device you want to control
  2. Locate the code search button on the remote
  3. Press and hold the code search button
  4. The remote will now rapidly scroll through codes
  5. Stop pressing code search when your device shuts off
  6. Press code search again to lock in the code

It may take multiple attempts to land on the right device code. Phillips remotes cycle through hundreds of codes very quickly during the search process.

If code search does not work, don‘t worry – the steps below explain how you can manually enter a device code instead.

Remote Codes for Phillips Universal Remotes

If your devices do not pair using the code search method, Phillips remotes also allow manual code entry for most major brands.

Refer to the tables below for remote codes to manually program your Phillips universal remote for control of televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and streaming devices.

TV Remote Codes for Phillips Universal Remotes

Brand Remote Codes
Sony 0414, 0902
Samsung 0112, 0302
LG 0002, 0606
Vizio 0709

Over 100 additional TV brand codes – view full list

DVD Player Codes for Phillips Universal Remotes

Brand Remote Codes
Sony 2305
Panasonic 2965
Philips 2615
Toshiba 2135

80+ additional DVD player brand codes – view full list

Cable Box Codes for Phillips Universal Remotes

Brand Remote Codes
Comcast 1404
Time Warner 1523
DirecTV 1504
DISH Network 2073

20+ additional cable provider codes – view full list

Programming Phillips Remotes for Smart TVs

Modern smart TVs and streaming devices often work automatically with universal remotes once connected via HDMI.

However, if your Phillips remote does not instantly connect with your internet-connected television, refer to the TV remote code table above to find the code unique to that brand.

For example, Roku streaming players use code 2894 or 4395. Apple TV boxes use remote code 1093.

So be sure to check the streaming device list before initiating a manual code search, which can be a very lengthy process.

Troubleshooting When Code Search Doesn‘t Work

If the code search function isn‘t pairing your device with the Phillips remote:

  • Make sure you are properly aiming the remote at the device and within 25 feet in distance. The line of sight must not be obstructed.

  • Check that device batteries have adequate power. Overly drained batteries in either the remote or device can cause issues.

  • Try unplugging the device then plugging back in before initiating code search. Resetting this way can help recognition.

  • Eliminate interference by making sure the specific device you want to program is the only unit turned on in the vicinity. Nearby electronics can confuse the signal.

If you still cannot get code search to work or find device codes that work, you may need to call Phillips support at 1-866-309-0845 or chat with them online at Support agents can assist with additional advanced programming tips.

Replacement Options for Phillips Remotes

While Phillips remotes are built to last, accidents happen. Or perhaps you prefer an upgrade to take advantage of newer Phillips models with extended features.

Here are two top-rated replacement options:

Philips SRP3014/27 4-in-1 Remote

This methods mentioned in this guide apply equally to the convenient Philips SRP3014/27 model that combines TV, DVD, streaming player, and stereo system control into one.

The upgrades on this latest Philips universal remote include backlighting capability for use in dark rooms. There is also a nifty finder function that helps locate misplaced remotes by playing an audible alert.

Philips SRP5108 5-in-1 Touchscreen Remote

For the ultimate futuristic remote, the Philips SRP5108 adds a responsive touchscreen that dynamically controls up to 5 devices.

The touch capabilities also provide a QWERTY keyboard to swiftly enter usernames, passwords or search terms – no more painfully toggling an on-screen keyboard!


Whether you utilize the convenient code search function or manually input a device code, programming your Phillips universal remote is quick and simple.

With this guide, you should now feel completely comfortable customizing your Phillips remote to seamlessly operate your entire home theater system or smart TV setup. No more fumbling through piles of mismatched remotes!

Do you have any additional questions on programming your Phillips universal remote control? Let us know in the comments below.