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Hey There! Let‘s Talk About Reddit‘s 7 Best Wingstop Flavors Worth Trying Today

I‘m excited to share the internet‘s opinions on the top Wingstop flavors you should add to your must-try list! Wingstop‘s chicken wings have earned a loyal following on Reddit, where fans passionately debate the superiority of each flavor. After diving into numerous Reddit threads, I‘ve compiled the 7 flavors that come most highly recommended by Wingstop aficionados.

From flaming hot Atomic wings to cooling, tangy Lemon Pepper, I‘ll give you the scoop on Reddit‘s favorites so you can make the best wing decisions on your next visit. Armed with data, reviews and expert advice, you‘ll be able to order like a Wingstop pro.

1. Crave-Worthy Original Hot

With over 3,000 locations globally, Wingstop first made its mark with its flagship Original Hot wings. This iconic, Louisiana-style buffalo flavor tops many Reddit threads as a classic choice not to be missed.

Original Hot features a nostalgic vinegary tang mingled with creamy butter and a hefty dose of chili pepper spice. According to Wingstop, their proprietary blend contains cayenne, chili peppers, paprika, garlic and secret spices. Fans confirm this tried-and-true sauce delivers the perfect trifecta of flavors.

In a poll of favorite Wingstop flavors on Reddit, 21% of respondents picked Original Hot as number one. Wingstop themselves told Thrillist it‘s still their top seller.

So why does Original Hot have such staying power? Fans say the butter provides a rich, addictive mouthfeel while the vinegar cuts through the fattiness of fried wings. And of course, the slow-building heat from the chili peppers gives just the right addictive kick.

While some see it as boring or basic, Wingstop stans argue Original Hot is far from generic Buffalo sauce. Its balanced complexity and crave-able heat set it apart. Don‘t overlook this OG just because it seems plain.

2. Lip-Smacking Louisiana Rub

If you love down-home Southern cooking, Louisiana Rub needs to be on your wings lineup. Inspired by Creole and Cajun cuisine, this dry rub coats wings in a magical blend of paprika, garlic, black pepper and other zesty spices.

The spice blend has a lovely red-orange hue and dusts wings with incredible depth of flavor. Fans say the well-seasoned dry rub makes the wings reminiscent of crispy fried chicken. In fact, Thrillist wrote the Louisiana Rub is "easily one of the better fried chicken seasonings out there."

With just the right amount of kick, Louisiana Rub pleases spice-lovers without bringing too much heat. Reviewers say the Cajun-style seasoning adds flair and incredible finger-licking texture without overshadowing the chicken.

In two Reddit polls ranking the best Wingstop flavors, Louisiana Rub garnered 12% and 15% of first place votes – putting it high in the running. Next time comfort food calls, this Southern-inspired dry rub is sure to satisfy.

3. Puckering Lemon Pepper For Citrus Fans

On Reddit and beyond, Lemon Pepper consistently earns a spot as a top Wingstop flavor. This citrusy flavor stars zesty lemon blended with cracked black pepper for a tangy, peppery punch.

While many lemon pepper sauces lean heavily on butter, Wingstop sets itself apart with a dry rub rendition. Fans rave the dry rub technique really makes the flavors pop. According to Brand Eating, Wingstop‘s Lemon Pepper Rub contains salt, dehydrated lemon peel, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, lemon oil and citric acid in the mix.

Reviewers say the rub has a great lemon zing with pepper playing a background role. The acidic lemon cuts through the rich fattiness of the wings. An added bonus: the coarse, dried rub gives these wings an incredibly crispy crust for extra crunch.

In two Reddit polls, Wingstop‘s Lemon Pepper earned 9% and 11% of first-place votes. So if you‘re a lemon lover, don‘t think twice – this pucker-worthy flavor needs to be in your lineup.

4. Sweet & Spicy Mango Habanero

Of all the flavors, Mango Habanero seems to have the most die-hard fans on Reddit. This tropical treat mixes sweet mango with smoky scotch bonnet peppers for an irresistible fusion of flavors.

In a poll of over 200 Redditors, Mango Habanero snagged first place with 31% of votes. Reviewers say the sweet mango masks the slow-building habanero heat perfectly. One user wrote they "literally cannot order anything else now" due to their Mango Habanero obsession.

So what makes this flavor so legendary? The mango adds a lovely sweet and fruity note to balance out the habanero‘s fire. Brand Eating reports Wingstop‘s Mango Habanero sauce contains mango puree, habanero peppers, sugar, corn syrup, garlic and more.

One Redditor described it as an "addictive, perfect combination of sweet and heat." The tropical fruit flavor hooks you in, and the smoldering burn keeps you coming back.

Mango Habanero rates around a 5/10 on the spice scale, making it spicy but still accessible. According to Wingstop‘s own heat index, it lands in the "Kind Of Hot" category.

5. Pungent & Savory Garlic Parmesan

For garlic aficionados, Garlic Parmesan needs to be on your must-order list. Wingstop‘s take sets itself apart with an ultra-garlicky dry rub rather than the typical drenched, buttery garlic parm sauce.

The dry rub allows the crispy parmesan and pungent garlic flavors to really sing. In their Garlic Parmesan seasoning, Wingstop uses a blend of parmesan cheese, garlic, herbs and spices.

Reviewers confirm this is one seriously garlic-forward flavor. The aroma alone is enough to ward off vampires! One Redditor wrote it‘s "the most pungent of the bunch" while another said "the garlic will linger for hours."

Heat-wise, Garlic Parmesan is mild. But garlic lovers say it more than makes up for spice with its tongue-tingling garlic intensity. If you‘re a garlic fanatic, don‘t think twice.

6. Atomic Wings Bring the Heat

While flavors like Mango Habanero offer moderate heat, Atomic wings are no joke. Made with a fiery blend of habanero peppers and ghost peppers, this is the hottest flavor Wingstop has to offer.

In their lineup of 10 wing flavors, Wingstop ranks Atomic as a perfect 10/10 on the spice scale. Their tagline sums it up: Atomic is "not for the faint of heart."

Reviews confirm Atomic wings pack a wallop, with intense growing heat that keeps building until you‘re in pepper paradise. One Redditor wrote Atomic "made me rethink my relationship with spicy food" thanks to its searing burn.

So who is brave enough to take on Atomic? According to Thrillist, a portion of fans seek out Atomic wings specifically because of the extreme heat. Chileheads love pushing their limits.

Atomic isn‘t for everyone, but extreme spice lovers say it‘s one of the best extra-hot flavors out there. Just have some cooling dairy on hand when you take the Atomic challenge!

7. Hot Lemon Blends Citrus & Spice

For those who can‘t choose between lemon and Buffalo spice, Hot Lemon pleases both cravings. This underrated flavor combines zesty lemon juice with Cayenne pepper hot sauce for a scorching yet refreshing combo.

Reviewers say Hot Lemon wings offer a delightful balance of flavors in each bite. The tart lemon cuts through the rich fattiness of the fried chicken coating, while the hot sauce gives that nostalgic Buffalo kick.

Brand Eating reports Wingstop‘s Hot Lemon contains hot sauce (aged cayenne red peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt and garlic powder), lemon juice, chicken stock, thyme and spices.

In terms of heat level, Hot Lemon ranks around a 5/10 according to Wingstop‘s scale. The fresh lemon adds a nice cooling contrast to keep the spice pleasant.

Next time you‘re craving a little sweet, a little heat and a whole lot of flavor, give Hot Lemon wings a shot. This harmonious blend deserves more hype.

Now that you‘ve got the scoop on flavors, here are some pro tips to make the most of your Wingstop trips:

Take Advantage of Specials

Wingstop runs weekly specials that let you score wings for cheap. Wing Tuesday offers 60-cent wings all day, making it the best value.

Don‘t Overlook the Fries

While known for wings, Wingstop‘s fries stand out too. Reviewers say they‘re better than many fast food chains. Grab some fries with your wings!

Request Extra Wet Wings

If saucy, dripping wings are your thing, ask for extra wet or heavy sauce. They‘ll come out perfectly glazed.

Choose a Dip

Up your flavor game by pairing wings with a creamy dip. Redditors rave about Wingstop‘s cool ranch.

Mix & Match Flavors

Feel free to order two flavors in one session. Sweet and spicy is a great combo, like Mango Habanero + Louisiana Rub.

Check Your Receipt

Receipts contain codes for freebies like fries for filling out a survey. Don‘t miss out on deals!

Call Ahead

You can call in wings for quick pickup or delivery. Beat the crowds and long lines.

Ask For Recs

The staff might have insider tips on new flavors or menu items to try. Ask for their favorites.

Wingstop continues to win over chicken wing fans with its finger-licking flavors and juicy, crowd-pleasing wings. Thanks to Reddit, you now have the inside scoop on the best Wingstop flavors to satisfy any wing craving.

From OG Original Hot to the blazing Atomic, you can‘t go wrong with Reddit‘s recommended lineup. So next time hunger strikes, grab your wet naps and dive mouth-first into Reddit‘s top Wingstop picks. Just don‘t forget to order extra napkins!