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Sondors Electric Motorcycles: An In-Depth Look at the Metacycle and Beyond

Storm Sondors took the electric bicycle world by storm when his namesake brand burst onto the scene in 2015. Raising over $3 million on Indiegogo for the Sondors eBike, his story resonated with consumers wanting an affordable, quality electric bike. Now over half a decade later, Sondors aims to replicate that success in the electric motorcycle space with their headline-grabbing Metacycle.

I‘ve been following this space closely, and in this 2500+ word deep dive I‘ll be sharing key details on pricing, performance, comparisons to competitors, Sondors‘ full product lineup, market landscape, public response so far, and what the future may hold for this ambitious upstart brand. There‘s a lot to unpack, so let‘s get started!

An Electric Motorcycle Disrupter Arrives: Metacycle by the Numbers

Unveiled in January 2021 to immediate fanfare, the Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle boasted specs unheard of for its $5,000 base price point:

  • 60-80 mile range
  • 80 mph top speed
  • 4 kWh battery capacity
  • 14.5 kW peak motor power
  • 130 ft-lbs peak torque

Not only did these figures meet or exceed more expensive models from established players like Zero and Harley-Davidson, but the sub-$10k pricing was a complete game-changer.

And Sondors‘ ambitions didn‘t stop there…

By August 2022 when the Metacycle finally began deliveries after a COVID-related production delay, the price had increased slightly to $6,500.

However, the specs also improved across the board:

  • 80 mile maximum range
  • 60 mph top speed (80 mph unlocked)
  • 80 ft-lbs nominal torque (130 ft-lbs peak)

Most importantly, over 11,000 pre-orders had poured in even before the general on-sale date. This immediate demand outstripped the entire first year projections of leading US electric motorcycle competitors.

So how did this relative newcomer seemingly come out of nowhere to make such waves?

The Sondors Origin Story: Storming the E-bike Market

Storm Sondors, the company‘s founder and namesake, had been a serial entrepreneur for years across industries like consumer goods and marketing.

However, after a knee injury hampered his normally active lifestyle, he became fascinated with electric bicycles and their potential for convenient personal transportation.

In February 2015 he launched a crowdfunding campaign for an "affordable electric bike" on Indiegogo, setting an initial goal of $75,000. But the concept immediately struck a chord with backers, raising over $3.6 million in the first month!

This made it the 3rd highest grossing campaign ever on the platform at the time. Storm had clearly identified an underserved section of the market, and the public enthusiastically supported his vision to make quality electric bikes accessible to more consumers.

Fast forward to today, and Sondors has sold over a quarter million e-bikes across the US and Canada. The brand has received glowing press from outlets like Yahoo, Fortune, Men‘s Health and more.

Most importantly, Sondors has come to dominate the North American affordable e-bike space while expanding into new categories like electric motorcycles.

Sondors Steps Up to Electric Motorcycles: Key Metacycle Details

When Sondors launched in 2015, most major motorcycle manufacturers were still skeptical about electrification. Over the next half-decade, early movers like Zero Motorcycles made inroads catering mainly to tech enthusiasts willing to pay premium prices.

Meanwhile, legacy players like Harley-Davidson tiptoed into the space with expensive electric concepts clearly not aimed at the mainstream market.

Sondors saw an opportunity by applying their e-bike formula for delivering quality electric mobility at radically more affordable price points compared to competitors.

The Metacycle, their first electric motorcycle, embodies this value-focused approach. Let‘s break down some of the key technical details:

Motor & Torque

At the heart of the Metacycle is an interior permanent magnet AC (PMAC) electric hub motor. It delivers 80 ft-lbs of torque during normal driving for brisk acceleration from a stop.

Switch into Sport mode, and peak torque doubles to 160 ft-lbs along with max power hitting 20 horsepower. This allows a 0-60 mph acceleration time under 4 seconds.

The PMAC design eliminates maintenance requirements and allows regen braking to recharge the battery.

Battery & Range

Energy is stored in a 4000 Wh (4 kWh) lithium ion battery co-developed with renowned manufacturer Panasonic. It uses high-capacity 18650 battery cells combined into Panasonic‘s proprietary GA format.

Rated range is 80 miles under careful Eco mode riding. Even under more aggressive Sport usage, 60 miles should be achievable for most riders based on real-world tests.

This places the Metacycle on par with or ahead of competing electric motorcycles costing thousands more when it comes to range.

Frame & Components

The Metacycle‘s rugged steel frame encases the battery and motor while keeping weight down to around 300 lb. This helps center gravity close to the ground for neutral handling.

Suspension travel is over 5 inches front and rear, with adjustable preload letting riders fine tune stiffness based on cargo or passenger needs.

Braking power comes from 4-piston calipers biting oversized discs enhanced by ABS and switchable regenerative braking.

The wheels wear grippy CST street/trail tires that provide confident handling across conditions. Meanwhile LED lighting and digital displays keep riders connected.


Here‘s where the Metacycle really distances itself from the existing electric motorcycle field.

The current $6,500 base price is less than one-third the MSRP of comparative models from Zero Motorcycles or Harley-Davidson‘s EV program LiveWire:

  • Sondors Metacycle – $6,500
  • Zero FXE – $22,995
  • Harley-Davidson LiveWire One – $21,999

Factor in many states‘ electric vehicle incentives knocking hundreds to thousands more off the price, and the Metacycle delivers literally unbeatable value in its market segment.

It‘s no wonder it racked up over 11,000 pre-orders or that first year production sold out within 12 hours of opening orders. At prices like these, Sondors is set to dominate affordable electric motorcycles just as they‘ve done with e-bikes.

Sondors‘ Electric Bike Lineup: Find Your Perfect Model

Beyond the headline-stealing Metacycle, Sondors continues to expand their e-bike catalog as well. Ranging from urban commuters to full suspension mountain bikes, they now offer models suitable for nearly any rider.

Here is a breakdown of their current electric bicycle lineup:

All-Terrain eBikes

With fat, gnarled tires ready for nearly any conditions, the All-Terrain models live up to their name. The rear hub motor and battery are sealed within the rustproof aluminum frame. Prices range from $2,600 – $3,000.

Foldable eBikes

Perfect for RV travelers, tiny home dwellers, or apartment renters lacking storage space. The folding frames, fat tires and 350W motors make these great portable urban runabouts. Entry level models start under $1,700.

Mountain eBikes

From aggressive off-road shredders like the Rockstar with its plush suspension to the street savvy MXS, Sondors Mountain eBikes bring lithe trail handling starting around $2,700.

Signature Urban eBikes

With sleek frames enclosing the removable batteries, the Cruiser and MadMod eBikes (priced at $3,500) add stylish flair for city riding. The integrated LED lighting and fenders keep you rolling in comfort.

Market Outlook: The Future of Electric Motorcycles

While electric motorcycles remain a fairly small portion of the overall motorcycle industry (less than 2% of total annual sales), adoption is projected to grow rapidly in coming years.

Findings from Emergen Research suggest the global electric motorcycle and scooter market will reach $28 Billion in valuation by 2027 expanding at a CAGR above 7% from 2020.

Driving this growth is increasing consumer awareness and acceptance of electrified vehicles, falling prices thanks to better economies of scale and battery tech improvements, and a wider range of EV model options hitting showrooms from both legacy OEMs and new players.

Government incentives including purchase subsidies and tax rebates are also accelerating adoption in North America, Europe and Asia. These help ease the upfront pricing premium EVs have historically carried compared to gas-powered alternatives.

Within the electric motorcycle subset specifically, Asia Pacific currently leads global demand with China alone accounting for some 97% of the total category volume according to Mordor Intelligence.

However North America and Europe are expected to gradually capture larger EV motorcycle share thanks to eco-conscious urban consumers and strong electric bicycle pre-existing penetration in these regions.

Could a Sondors IPO Be Coming? Bull vs. Bear Takes

As Sondors continues going from strength to strength since its launch in 2015, speculation about the private company going public has accelerated.

In August 2022, Sondors filed for a $31.2 million IPO. This would potentially make it the first e-bike brand available on public markets.

Bull Case

Sondors has:

  • Proven product-market fit with 250k+ e-bikes sold
  • Strong branding amongst urban millennials/Gen Z
  • Visionary founder with successful track record
  • Pole position in mass adoption wave of electric mobility

As such, they could become the Tesla of e-bikes/light EVs delivering tremendous upside for early investors.

Bear Case

However, sceptics point to:

  • History of production/delivery delays
  • Low barriers to entry attracting more e-bike competition
  • Commoditization risk as EVs gain mainstream traction
  • Pending IPO feels late compared to peak 2021 EV investor hype

With rising interest rates/recession fears, the current market may not welcome another story stock with open arms.

Ultimately whether Sondors thrives or struggles as a public company will come down to management‘s ability to execute operationally on their ambitious vision. Their track record shows plenty of reasons for optimism, but the scalability challenges facing any manufacturing startup should not be ignored either.

Public Response and Accolades: Sondors‘ Glowing Reputation

Since bursting onto the scene in 2015, Sondors e-bikes have built a glowing reputation with both customers and the cycling/EV press:

  • Over $12 million raised via crowdfunding shows strong public support
  • 2016 Best Product Award from Computer Bild magazine
  • Positive press features in Men‘s Journal, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider

Beyond the media coverage, Sondors maintains excellent real-world ratings across top consumer sites:

  • 4.7 out 5 stars across over 700 Google Business ratings
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars averaged across TrustPilot
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars averaged on product review site 99Bikes

Given its disruptive combination of affordability, quality and leading battery technology, it‘s no surprise Sondors is winning over riders and experts alike. The Metacycle‘s rave reception shows this momentum carrying over to motorcycles as well.

As the world continues turning toward electric mobility, Sondors has emerged as one of the most exciting and consumer-friendly options leading the charge whether you‘re looking for two wheels or four!

Conclusion: The Future Looks Bright for Sondors EVs

Thanks for taking this comprehensive 2500+ word deep dive exploring the Sondors electric vehicle lineup! Hopefully you‘ve enjoyed learning about this relative upstart that‘s taking the EV industry by storm.

In just a few years they‘ve:

  • Sold a quarter million electric bicycles
  • Captured the affordable e-bike market
  • Launched the category-defining Metacycle electric motorcycle
  • Laid the groundwork for an historic public offering

Whether you‘re an investor looking for promising growth plays, an EV enthusiast, or just an everyday consumer seeking reliable and economical electric transport, Sondors checks all the boxes.

Despite the naysayers, Storm Sondors has already defied expectations countless times before. Given his ambition and drive, I wouldn‘t bet against him and his two-wheeled EV empire anytime soon!

[CAGR]: Compound Annual Growth Rate
[EV]: Electric Vehicle
[IPO]: Initial Public Offering
[LED]: Light Emitting Diode
[LBS]: Pound Feet
[MSRP]: Manufacturer‘s Suggested Retail Price
[OEM]: Original Equipment Manufacturer
[SEC]: Securities & Exchange Commission
*[WH]: Watt Hours