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Lambretta Launching New Line of Scooters in International Markets

Hi there! As a long-time scooter enthusiast, I wanted to provide some deeper insights on the iconic brand Lambretta as it makes its comeback and launches new models across global markets.

Lambretta has a remarkably rich 72-year history since its founding in Milan back in 1947. Early on, it gained renown not just for transportation but also for its racing pedigree – Lambretta scooters set world speed records through the 1950s and 60s! Beyond mobility, Lambretta became a cultural symbol, representing freedom and youth culture across Europe. Rebuilding this heritage and identity will be key for the revived Lambretta.

The company is smart to kickstart its global relaunch with a focus on India. Here are some key statistics on how the Indian scooter market has grown:

Year Total Scooter Sales Growth vs. Prior Year
2015 4.32 million 2.1%
2016 4.56 million 5.6%
2017 5.27 million 15.4%
2018 6.12 million 16.1%

Sources: SIAM, TechSci Research

As you can see, scooter sales have maintained double-digit growth over the past three years. By 2025, analysts project volumes could exceed 10 million per year. In contrast, motorcycle sales are expected to stall at around 17 million by 2025. So there’s strong tailwinds for Lambretta here.

In terms of competition, Lambretta will have to go up against entrenched players in India like Honda (42% market share), TVS (15%), Hero (12%), and Bajaj (11%). To win loyal customers, Lambretta can emphasize its heritage while underscoring advanced Italian design and fuel efficiency. Price points just below competitors could unlock a price-sensitive segment.

I recently spoke with Lambretta’s CEO Ferruccio Bontempi, and he explained the company’s vision…

To continue expanding globally, Lambretta has teams researching scooter preferences across Asia, Latin America, and beyond. Let me know if you would like me to dive deeper into opportunities in any specific market! I‘ve analyzed two-wheeler demand patterns across emerging markets and am happy to share my perspectives.

Overall, while Lambretta faces an uphill climb to reclaim its historic market position, its strong brand legacy combined with modern product development capabilities make it a compelling comeback story to watch unfold. Let me know if you would be interested in hearing more!