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What Channel is FOX on DISH Network? (2023 Update)

What Channel is Fox on Dish Network? (2023 Update)

Finding Fox on Dish Network is easy – but the channel number isn‘t the same everywhere. Fox‘s broadcast channel ranges from 2 to 58 depending on your location. Keep reading and I‘ll break down exactly how to find Fox in your city.

Fox Channel Guide on Dish Network

Fox‘s national feed airs the same shows across the U.S. But Dish assigns local channel numbers market-by-market. Below you‘ll find a handy reference of Fox‘s channel position by city and region1:

[Table showing Fox channel numbers for 100+ cities]

As you can see, Fox is never too far away on Dish‘s lineup! The lowest channel assignment is 2 (in cities like San Francisco) and the highest is 58 (in smaller markets like Bakersfield, CA).

Now let‘s explore why Fox winds up on different channels. Dish packages local broadcast stations together by region2. In a given area, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and other local channels will be grouped together sequentially.

That‘s why Fox‘s channel position differs so much – it depends entirely on the other stations Dish carries in your locality. The good news is you can easily bookmark the channel number for your area.

A Brief History of Fox Broadcasting Company3

Fox has a wild backstory compared to other major networks. It was founded in 1986 by media mogul Rupert Murdoch with the goal of appealing to younger viewers.

In fact, the "Big Three" networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) were seen as too traditional at the time. Fox wanted to shake things up – and it worked. One of its first hits was Married…With Children, a racy sitcom that pushed boundaries.

Fox launched in about 80% of U.S. households but expanded rapidly in just 7 years. It established a foothold with shows like The Simpsons, The X-Files, Beverly Hills 90210 and more.

Fox took risks that paid off with key demographics, especially adults 18-49. It also jumpstarted the reality TV phenomenon in 1989 with Cops. American Idol became a massive hit in 2002 and ran for 15 seasons.

Today, Fox is home to veteran animated comedies like The Simpsons alongside hits like 9-1-1, The Masked Singer and WWE Smackdown. It may not have the most shows, but it continues having an outsized cultural impact.

The Fox Ecosystem on Dish

Beyond the main Fox channel, Dish offers several other Fox-owned channels:

Fox News Channel (FNC)

Fox‘s 24-hour cable news channel launched in 1996. It quickly shot to the top of the cable news ratings4. Conservative personalities like Bill O‘Reilly and Sean Hannity became household names.

In today‘s fragmented media landscape, Fox News leads primetime cable news ratings with around 2 million nightly viewers. That outpaces rivals CNN and MSNBC5.

Fox Business Network (FBN)

Fox Business provides real-time coverage of financial markets and investing. It also shares some similarities to Fox News with its opinionated anchors like Stuart Varney.

While FBN trails CNBC in viewership, it has seen steady ratings growth since launching in 2007. Last year it notched a record 221 million total viewers6.

Fox News Digital

To complement its live cable offerings, Fox News has made big investments in digital media. Its websites and apps boast over 2 million downloads. sees strong traffic, averaging over 95 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S. That outpaces other news sites like CNN.com7.

Fox Nation

As streaming wars heat up, Fox Nation offers an on-demand video option for Fox devotees. For $5.99/month, subscribers get shows hosted by familiar Fox personalities8.

Programs range from political commentary to history, lifestyle and true crime. Viewers can also live stream Fox News and Fox Business using their Fox Nation login.

Fox Sports 1 (FS1) and Fox Sports 2 (FS2)

Beyond news, Fox Sports 1 and 2 provide sports fans with thousands of live events annually like college football, NASCAR, MLB, soccer and more9. FS1 also has daily studio programs covering the latest sports headlines.

Between FS1 and FS2, Fox Sports reaches over 80 million pay TV households. Interactive shows like Skip and Shannon: Undisputed drive fan engagement10.

Fox Soccer Plus

As you can guess by the name, this channel is a soccer haven broadcasting matches from leagues around the world. It also airs rugby, Australian rules football and more to round out its offerings.

Fox Deportes

Fox Deportes is the Spanish-language home of NFL, MLB, NASCAR, soccer and boxing. It draws approximately 5 million subscribers as of 201811. Its programming gives Spanish speakers a familiar place to enjoy their favorite sports.

As you can see, Fox channels on Dish go far beyond the main broadcast network. Now that you know where to find Fox in your area and what else it offers, you can start enjoying its unique blend of news, sports and entertainment. Let me know if you have any other questions!