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How to Get Roblox on Nintendo Switch in 8 Steps (with Photos)

Roblox is one of the most popular online gaming platforms, with over 200 million monthly active users. Its immense popularity and variety of games make Roblox a must-have for any serious gamer.

Unfortunately, Roblox is not natively supported on the Nintendo Switch. But don‘t worry – with a few workarounds, you can get Roblox running on your Switch in no time. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through three different methods to get Roblox on your Nintendo Switch.

Method 1: Install Android on your Switch

The easiest way to get Roblox on your Switch is to install Android. Since Roblox has an Android app, you can then download and play it normally.

Here are the steps to install Android:

Step 1: Check if your Switch is hackable

Not all Switch consoles can be hacked to install Android. You first need to check if your Switch is a hackable model.

Go to and enter your Switch‘s serial number to verify this. If it says your Switch is hackable, great! Proceed to the next step.

Check Switch serial number

Step 2: Remove your SD card

Turn off your Switch, remove any game cartridge, and take out the microSD card. Make sure to back up your saved games first!

The SD card needs to be FAT32 formatted. If not, connect it to your computer and format it before continuing.

Step 3: Download LineageOS and Hekate

On your computer, download the following files:

Step 4: Extract the files using 7-Zip

Install 7-Zip on your computer if you don‘t have it already. Extract the LineageOS and Hekate zip files using 7-Zip, not the built-in extractor.

Copy the extracted folders to the root of your SD card.

Extract with 7-Zip

Step 5: Boot your Switch into RCM mode

To install Android, you need to first boot your Switch into Recovery/Maintenance (RCM) mode.

Buy an RCM jig online and insert it while turning on your Switch. Keep holding Volume Up + Power until you see the Hekate menu.


Step 6: Partition your SD card

In Hekate, go to Tools > Partition SD Card. Set the slider to allocate space for Android and Nintendo Switch OS.

Select Next > Start to partition the SD card. Finally, tap Flash Android.

Partition SD Card

Step 7: Install LineageOS

You‘ll now be in TWRP recovery mode. Tap Install and select the LineageOS zip file from your SD card.

Swipe to confirm the installation. Once done, select Reboot System.

Install LineageOS

Step 8: Boot into Android

From the Hekate menu, select More Configs > Switchroot Android. Be patient – the first boot will take 5-10 minutes.

Follow the setup prompts to configure Android. You can now install Roblox from the Play Store and enjoy!

Booted into Android

Method 2: Use a custom DNS

This method doesn‘t require modding your Switch – you simply change some network settings.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to System Settings

From your Switch‘s home screen, open System Settings (the gear icon).

System Settings

Step 2: Configure network settings

Go to Internet > Internet Settings. Select your WiFi network. Tap on the network and select Change Settings.

Go to DNS Settings and change from Auto to Manual.

Change DNS

Step 3: Set custom DNS

For the primary DNS, enter:

Select Save. Return to Internet Settings and connect to your network.

Step 4: Find Roblox

You‘ll now see the SwitchBru DNS screen. Go to Useful Links on the left.

Scroll and find Select it to open the Roblox website on your Switch!

Roblox DNS

Method 3: Screen mirroring

If the above two methods don‘t work, you can mirror your Android phone‘s screen to your Switch.

Step 1: Install a screen mirroring app

On your Android phone, install an app like Mirror for Samsung TV. Launch it and enable screen mirroring.

Screen mirror app

Step 2: Enter URL on Switch

Go back to your Switch on the SwitchBru DNS page. Select Enter URL from the sidebar.

Type in and select Load Page.

Enter URL

Step 3: Scan QR code

You‘ll see a QR code on your Switch screen. In your phone‘s mirroring app, tap on Scan. Scan the QR code to link it.

Your phone screen will now be mirrored to the Switch. Open Roblox on your phone and enjoy!

QR code

Can you jailbreak your Switch to get Roblox?

Jailbreaking removes restrictions on the Switch, allowing you to install unapproved apps and games. In theory, you could jailbreak your Switch and install Roblox.

However, jailbreaking is complex, risks bricking your console, and permanently voids your warranty. I don‘t recommend attempting it unless you know exactly what you‘re doing.

The methods above are safer and easier ways to get Roblox working on the Switch without tampering too much.


While Roblox isn‘t natively available on the Nintendo Switch, you have a few good options to get it up and running. With Android emulation, custom DNS settings, or screen mirroring, you can start enjoying Roblox on your Switch.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions for any method outlined here. I recommend trying the Android install first, since it gives the best experience. Take your time and don‘t skip any steps.

With some effort, you‘ll have the massive Roblox gaming universe opened up to your Switch. Have fun exploring millions of user-created games!