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How to Make Big in Little Alchemy 2: The Ultimate Guide

Hey there! If you‘ve been playing the insanely addictive game Little Alchemy 2, you‘ve probably tried to make the ‘big‘ element and got stuck. Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered. Making ‘big‘ requires some weird and wonderful combinations that aren‘t so intuitive. But follow this guide and you‘ll be making big in no time!

What is Little Alchemy 2?

For anyone not familiar with it, Little Alchemy 2 is a free mobile and desktop game with a simple but compelling idea: start with the basic elements and combine them to create more complex things.

The original Little Alchemy launched back in 2012. It was an instant hit, with players hooked on mixing elements and unlocking new combinations. Little Alchemy 2 arrived in 2015, bringing over 600 items to craft. As of 2022, the sequel has over 700 elements to discover across various expansions.

Part of the appeal lies in the surprises. Sometimes combinations make total logical sense, like fire and earth making lava. Other times, you craft more abstract ideas. For example, human and light bulb generates the ‘idea‘ element. Experimentation is key!

But after the initial thrill of discovery, you‘ll likely hit roadblocks. Making more advanced elements can be frustrating when you don‘t know the steps. Especially the mysterious ‘big‘ element! But don‘t tear your hair out, I‘ll explain multiple methods below.

The Quickest Way to Make the ‘Big‘ Element

The ‘big‘ element is one of the more abstract, difficult ones to create in Little Alchemy 2. But unlocking it is worth it, as ‘big‘ lets you make tons of other cool elements.

Below I explain how to make ‘big‘ in 9 quick steps:

Step 1: Make ‘Land‘

First, combine ‘earth‘ with itself to make ‘land‘.

Combine 2 earth elements to make land

Step 2: Make ‘Continent‘

Next, combine 2 ‘land‘ elements to create a larger landmass called ‘continent‘.

Combine 2 land elements to create continent

Step 3: Craft ‘Planet‘

To make ‘planet‘, simply combine 2 continents.

Making planet by combining 2 continents

Step 4: Make ‘Philosophy‘

This one‘s a bit tricky! You‘ll need to make ‘human‘ first by combining ‘life‘ and ‘clay‘.

Then combine ‘human‘ and ‘light bulb‘ to get ‘idea‘. Finally, mix ‘human‘ and ‘idea‘ to make ‘philosophy‘.

Steps to make the philosophy element

Step 5: Create ‘Big‘!

Now, take your ‘planet‘ and ‘philosophy‘ elements and combine them to finally make ‘big‘!

Combine planet and philosophy to make big

And there you have it – the quickest way to make ‘big‘ using only 9 steps. The key is having the ‘philosophy‘ element, as you‘ll see below.

How to Make ‘Big‘ Without Using ‘Time‘

When starting Little Alchemy 2, you won‘t have access to the ‘time‘ element until you‘ve discovered around 100 items. So what if you don‘t have ‘time‘ but want to make ‘big‘? No worries, there‘s another method!

Instead of using ‘time‘, substitute ‘energy‘ to create ‘life‘. Everything else remains the same.

So you‘d combine ‘primordial soup‘ and ‘energy‘ instead to make ‘life‘. Then use ‘life‘ to make ‘human‘, and continue on with the steps above.

Alternative Ways to Make the ‘Big‘ Element

While combining ‘planet‘ and ‘philosophy‘ is the fastest route, there are other item pairs you can use:

  • Universe + Philosophy
  • Galaxy + Philosophy
  • Galaxy cluster + Philosophy
  • Solar system + Philosophy
  • Sun + Philosophy

The key is having the ‘philosophy‘ element as one part of the pairing. This seems to be integral to creating ‘big‘ in Little Alchemy 2.

Some other combinations I‘ve found that work include:

  • Planet + Human
  • Moon + Philosophy
  • Moon + Human

So in summary, ‘philosophy‘ is vital, and you need to pair it with another "big" element like planet, galaxy, sun etc.

Uses for the ‘Big‘ Element

Once you‘ve created ‘big‘, you‘ll be able to make many more awesome elements by combining ‘big‘ with other items.

Here are some of the most handy combinations to try:

  • Big + Explosion = Atomic bomb
  • Big + Snow = Blizzard
  • Big + Birdcage = Aviary
  • Big + Rock or Stone = Boulder
  • Big + Tent = Circus
  • Big + Car = Bus
  • Big + Watch = Clock
  • Big + Village = City

And many more, including:

  • Continent (combine with land)
  • Dinosaur (combine with lizard)
  • Duck (combine with duckling)
  • Elf (combine with faerie)
  • Flood (combine with rain)
  • Excavator (combine with shovel)
  • Giant (combine with monster or deity)
  • Hill (combine with boulder)

Here are some statistics on useful combinations:

  • There are over 50 elements that can be created by combining ‘big‘ with another item
  • The combinations allow you to create larger, expanded or more powerful versions of existing elements
  • Over 70% of the combinations involve physical objects and creatures
  • The other 30% involve abstract concepts like philosophy, legend, idea etc

As you can see, the ‘big‘ element is very handy for creating all kinds of cool stuff!

Advanced Combinations with the ‘Big‘ Element

Once you master the basics, try out these more advanced combinations using the ‘big‘ element:

  • Jupiter – Combine ‘big‘ with either ‘planet‘ or ‘Saturn‘
  • Mountain – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘hill‘ or ‘earth‘
  • Lion – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘cat‘
  • Ocean – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘sea‘
  • Orc – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘goblin‘
  • Paraglider – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘kite‘
  • Ostrich – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘bird‘
  • Plant – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘grass‘
  • Rat – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘mouse‘
  • Pond – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘puddle‘
  • River – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘stream‘

These show how you can take existing elements and scale them up to create upgraded or more powerful versions.

For even more robust items, try combining ‘big‘ with the outputs from above:

  • Skyscraper – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘house‘
  • Swimming pool – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘aquarium‘
  • Tornado – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘wind‘
  • Tree – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘plant‘
  • Vault – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘safe‘
  • Ziz – Combine ‘big‘ with ‘phoenix‘ or ‘griffin‘

So in summary, the ‘big‘ element allows you to grow, expand, enlarge, or juice up elements in your collection. Mix and match to build epic and amusing new items!

Expert Tips and Tricks for Little Alchemy 2

To take your Little Alchemy 2 skills to the next level, keep these expert tips in mind:

  • Pay attention to element categories – life, nature, human creations etc. Combining across categories often yields interesting discoveries.

  • Make sure to try combinations both ways around. Order matters for some elements.

  • Elemental opposites like fire and water often make valuable new elements.

  • Sometimes combinations that seem totally illogical will unlock new items. Experiment wildly!

  • Elements made from complicated steps generally lead to better combinations down the line.

  • The ‘human‘, ‘life‘ and ‘civilization‘ elements produce the most abstract and complex results.

  • Retrace your steps forward and backward to find alternate paths to complex elements.

  • When stuck, look for elements that provide missing states of matter – gas, liquid, solid, energy etc.

  • Reading the in-game hints can jog you in the right direction without full spoilers.

Follow the tips above and you‘ll have an edge when tackling Little Alchemy 2‘s trickier creations.

Recap: How to Make ‘Big‘ in Little Alchemy 2

Let‘s do a quick recap of what we‘ve learned:

  • The ‘big‘ element lets you make tons of cool expanded or enhanced items

  • Easiest method is combining ‘planet‘ and ‘philosophy‘

  • Can substitute ‘energy‘ for ‘time‘ if you don‘t have it

  • ‘Philosophy‘ is key – pair it with ‘planet‘, ‘sun‘, ‘galaxy‘ etc

  • Use ‘big‘ with other elements to create larger or more epic versions

  • Advanced players can combine ‘big‘ with those outputs to take things up a notch

  • Apply expert tips and tricks to level up your Little Alchemy skills

So in summary, making ‘big‘ in Little Alchemy 2 is tricky but very satisfying. Follow this guide carefully and you‘ll be a master alchemist before you know it!

I hope this breakdown gives you everything you need to know to make ‘big‘ quickly. Let me know if you have any other questions! Now get out there and start mixing some crazy combinations.