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How to Retrieve Deleted Texts from Samsung Devices: An Expert‘s Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Text messages often contain some of our most precious conversations – whether it‘s funny banter with friends, romantic notes to a partner, or critical logistical details for work and family. So when these cherished texts vanish without a trace, it can feel like losing a part of your history and identity.

According to recent surveys, the average American sends over 31 SMS text messages daily. So chances are high you‘ll eventually encounter disaster in the form of:

  • Accidentally deleted messages 😟
  • A crashed device erasing your data 💀
  • Failed operating system updates deleting contents ⚠️

But before you panic, take a deep breath. As a certified computer forensics and data recovery expert, I have great news: there is almost always hope for resuscitating your precious deleted texts on Samsung Galaxy and Android devices.

In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, you‘ll discover failsafe techniques used by mobile recovery pros to efficiently locate and restore vanished text messages, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Grab your misbehaving mobile, strap in, and let‘s get started resurrecting your lost data!

Confirm Deleted Texts Aren‘t Lurking in the Trash Bin

Newer model Samsung devices include a temporary trash folder where recently deleted items sit before being permanently erased. So that‘s the very first place to check if texts seemingly disappeared.

What Samsung Models Have a Trash Folder?

Device Android Version
Samsung Galaxy S21 11+
Samsung Galaxy S20 11+
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 11+
Samsung Galaxy S10 9 – 10
Samsung Galaxy S9 and above 9 – 11+

If your Samsung runs Android 9 or above, follow these quick steps to check the trash bin for any recently deleted messages:

  1. Launch the Messages app
  2. Tap the 3-dot Menu button
  3. Select Trash to view deleted items
  4. Browse for your vanished texts
  5. Tap Restore to retrieve messages

Watch this 40-second video guide for a quick visual demo:

[deleted text video tutorial]

Hooray if your messages reappeared! 👍 But if not, stay calm and keep reading – we‘ve got 4 more proven techniques to resurrect your precious conversations.

Method 1: Restore Deleted SMS Texts from Samsung Cloud

All modern Samsung Galaxy devices come pre-installed with Samsung Cloud: a free backup system that saves copies of your texts, media files, contacts and more to Samsung‘s secure online servers.

So if you had Samsung Cloud backups properly enabled before losing messages, you can easily recover them from the cloud with just a few taps.

Here‘s how it works:

When you delete texts on your device, the backup copy remains safely stored in the cloud. Recovery then involves restoring that cloud copy back onto your device, overwriting the deleted data and magically resurrecting your messages! 🪄✨

Let‘s check your backup status and get started:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap your Samsung account
  3. Select Samsung Cloud
  4. Review backup Settings
  5. Confirm Messages backup is ON

If backup is enabled, fantastic! Proceed to restore:

  1. Tap Restore data in Samsung Cloud
  2. Select desired backup source
  3. Check box to enable Messages
  4. Tap Restore to start recovery

Leave your device untouched as restoration completes. This process can take under 5 minutes for minor data, or several hours for large backups.

Once finished, open your Messaging app – your deleted texts should reappear as if by magic! 🎉

If you don‘t see Messages backup enabled, try toggling it ON now to prevent future disasters. Learn more about using Samsung Cloud.

Third-Party Backup Tools to the Rescue

If Samsung Cloud isn‘t enabled, don‘t panic yet! Third-party backup tools may come to your rescue.

Apps like SMS Backup and Restore offer an extra safeguard by backing up your text messages to external storage sources like Google Drive or Dropbox.

App Backup Destinations Recovery Options
SMS Backup & Restore Google Drive, Email, Dropbox Texts, calls, contacts
Syncios Computer, iCloud Texts, calls, media
EaseUS MobiSaver Computer, Google Drive Texts, contacts, documents

If you had messages backed up with a third-party service, carefully follow their restore instructions to upload that backup and overwrite deleted data.

Voila! Your precious conversations live to text another day. 😊👍

Rooting For More Recovery Power

"Rooting" refers to unlocking administrator-level access on Android devices to enable deeper system modifications. Tech-savvy users sometimes utilize rooting tools to enhance data recovery capabilities.

Potential benefits include:

  • Accessing typically restricted system files
  • Bypassing password locks
  • Extracting specially encrypted data

However, root access also carries increased risk of system instability. So carefully weigh risks vs. rewards before attempting.

If you were already rooted before data loss, specialized root-only recovery apps like EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Root can rescue data other tools may miss.

Recovering Deleted Text Media Attachments

Alongside written messages, you may also wish to retrieve any attached media files shared through texts – like images, videos, voice messages, documents and more.

Utilize the same cloud restore and third party backup procedures focused on Media files for best recovery success.

For direct access through a rooted device, file explorers like FX File Explorer can manually dig up and restore deleted media elements from your messaging folders.

When Were Messages Deleted? Time Counts…

How long ago texts vanished has significant impact on your chances of resurrection.

Why? Because the longer deleted data sits there unseen, the greater the risk another app may overwrite that space and burialize messages forever.

Follow this general timeline for best results:

  • Under 5 Hours: Excellent chance of recovery! Use cloud restore or backup tools first.
  • Under 24 Hours: Very good odds with pro software. Avoid phone usage to prevent overwriting.
  • Under 5 Days: Still decent hope if drive space hasn‘t been reused yet.
  • Over 1 Week: Chances dropping rapidly. May need advanced forensic tools.
  • Over 2 Weeks: Data likely overwritten. But miracles can happen…

The less time passed, the better – so start recovery efforts ASAP before deleted texts get replaced!

Last Resort: Professional Data Recovery Services

If all personal efforts fail, don‘t panic yet! For very high value text messages, enlisting professional recovery may save the day when all else fails.

Services like Secure Data Recovery, DriveSavers and Kroll Ontrack employ state-of-the-art tools, custom firmware, and clean room facilities to coax seemingly dead data back to life.

They can meticulously disassemble devices, bypass locks, rebuilding shattered hardware all to read low-level unallocated storage sectors where your messages likely still physically reside.

Is it expensive? Oh yeah. But 100% worth it when irreplaceable data is on the line. Be sure to remove SIM card before shipping your device.

Success rates obviously vary case-by-case based on damage extent. But reputable firms boast excellent retrieval rates even from catastrophically damaged mobiles. So don‘t hesitate to ask for help if you‘re truly stumped!

Prevent This Pain – Regular Backups Are Key!

I sincerely hope these detailed recovery guides empower you to finally resurrect lost text messages and breathe new life into precious conversations. 👍✨

But don‘t stop there! Embrace the mantra "The best recovery is no recovery" by implementing redundant backup systems to prevent this never-ending pain.

Please check our phone backup guides to configure rock-solid processes keeping your data continuously protected:

📱 4 Simple Ways to Back Up Your Android Phone

📱 How to Back Up Your Samsung Phone

Stay safe out there folks! Let me know if you have any other data recovery questions.

Kindest regards,

Certified Data Recovery Specialist

Frequently Asked Recovery Questions

Q: Can you recover permanently deleted text messages if there‘s no backup?
A: Yes – recovery software can rescue deleted texts even if no backup exists by scanning unallocated drive space before it gets overwritten. But act fast!

Q: Is it possible to restore deleted texts after a factory reset?
A: Only if the physical data hasn‘t already been overwritten. Professional tools may help. But avoid using device ASAP after reset to improve chances.

Q: What text recovery options work if my phone won‘t turn on?
A: With physical device damage, professional disassembly and data extraction may enable recovery. Avoid DIY fixes – get expert help.

Q: What‘s the best app for undeleting Android text messages?
A: Top choices include EaseUS MobiSaver, Wondershare Dr. Fone, and DroidKit.

Q: Can SMS text messages be recovered after deleting?
A: Absolutely! Follow the cloud, backup, and data recovery steps outlined above for safely restoring deleted texts.