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Celebrity Hairstylist Extraordinaire: Alonzo Arnold

Full Name Alonzo Arnold
Birthday November 19, 1990
Age 32
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Height 5‘ 5"
Net Worth $16 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

"Celebrity wigmaker Alonzo Arnold creates looks for Solange, Keke, Remy and Cardi."

As a long-time admirer of Alonzo Arnold‘s work, I‘m thrilled to provide an in-depth look at this master celebrity hairstylist‘s remarkable career. Born on November 19, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia, Arnold has been honing his craft since childhood by practicing on his sister‘s hair. His passion was clear early on. Though he started off working regular jobs like waiting tables, Arnold‘s calling was always hair.

The defining moment came when Arnold accompanied his sister to a salon appointment. Witnessing firsthand the stylists‘ artistry up close, he became determined to follow in their footsteps. Immediately after, Arnold devoted all his energy to becoming a licensed stylist. He tirelessly perfected his skills before breaking out on his own.

Mastering Volume through Layering

What sets Arnold‘s work apart is his technical mastery of volume, texture, color, and shape. For volume specifically, Arnold employs impeccable layering and teasing techniques. By carefully thinning and texturizing sections, then backcombing and smoothing locks into place, he sculpts gravity-defying, red carpet-worthy looks. The finished products boast incredible height and movement.

"I‘m all about big hair. The bigger the better!" – Alonzo Arnold

Arnold‘s layering allows for fully customizable volume. As he explains, "I can shape it to match anyone‘s personal style, from mild volume to over-the-top drama." This adaptability makes his voluminous creations perfect for amplifying his clients‘ brands.

Painting with Color

In addition to volume, Arnold has become renowned for his vivid and nuanced hair coloring. Using a mix of permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dyes, he creates everything from solid neon shades to hand-painted melts. His color work pushes boundaries while remaining strikingly polished.

Some signature techniques include:

  • Ombre gradients from root to tip
  • Vibrant fashion shades like electric blue, fuchsia, and canary yellow
  • Glossy jet-blacks and platinums
  • Peachy nudes and beige balayages
  • Multi-colored braids and accents

Arnold custom tailors every color to the client‘s individual aesthetic. As he puts it, "Hair is my canvas. I paint each head like a work of art." The results are wearable yet eye-catching works of hair art.

Pushing Boundaries with Texture

Texture completes Arnold‘s toolkit for hair sculpture. Whether installing locs, braids, curls, or precision-cut shapes, he manipulates texture to add intrigue. Some of Arnold‘s go-to texture techniques involve:

  • Molding wigs into sculptural shapes like cones, spikes, and waves
  • Integrating chunky twists, knots, and coils
  • Incorporating hair accessories like metal wires, beads, and jewels
  • Alternating silky and coarser strands for contrast

Arnold‘s imagination shines through the textures he creates. “I get to experiment without limits. My clients put complete trust in me to invent something exciting,” he says. This willingness to color outside the lines makes textures anything but expected.

Alonzo Arnold‘s vision and skill have made him a celebrity hair icon. His work has graced the heads of A-listers like Cardi B, Solange, Keke Palmer, and Mary J. Blige. Red carpets everywhere feature Arnold‘s creations, from the Met Gala to the Grammys.

Beyond the glitterati, Arnold also runs a successful line of styling tools, wigs, and extensions called Hype Hair. He owns salons in Atlanta where proteges carry on his techniques. Arnold even offers classes to mentor aspiring stylists through his time-honed methods.

With such dedication to his craft, it‘s no wonder Alonzo Arnold has become a legend. As a lifelong fan, I can‘t wait to see what boundary-breaking looks he dreams up next. One thing‘s for sure – they will be nothing short of showstopping!