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Alyssa Milano: Beloved Actress, Activist and Lifelong Inspiration

As a fan who has followed Alyssa Milano‘s career for over 30 years, I‘m excited to provide this in-depth profile of her fascinating life and work!

Full Name: Alyssa Jayne Milano
Born: December 19, 1972 in New York City, NY
Age: 50 years old
Height: 5‘ 2"
Spouse: David Bugliari (m. 2009)
Children: 2
Occupation: Actress, Producer, Activist
Years active: 1981–present
Net worth: $10 million
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Early Life and Child Stardom

Alyssa Jayne Milano was born on December 19, 1972 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to Italian-American parents Lin Milano and Thomas M. Milano. From the tender age of 7, Milano embarked on her acting career, appearing in off-Broadway productions.

In 1984, a 12-year-old Milano beat out over 1,500 other girls for the role of Samantha Micelli on Who‘s the Boss? This sitcom, which co-starred Tony Danza, catapulted Milano into 80s pop stardom. She filmed eight seasons until the show ended in 1992, growing up on screen.

“Who’s the Boss was such a huge part of my childhood. I really grew up with a whole generation of kids.” – Alyssa Milano

Milano also starred in television films like Crash Course (1988) and Dance ‘til Dawn (1988). She even pursued a brief music career, releasing several bubblegum pop albums. But this triple threat was always dedicated first and foremost to acting.

Transition to Leading Lady

Milano seamlessly navigated the transition from child star to leading lady, taking on increasingly mature roles. She starred in thriller films like Embrace of the Vampire (1995) and Fear (1996). On TV, she had appearances on Melrose Place (1997) and Spin City (2001).

Charmed fans will of course remember Milano best as free-spirited Phoebe Halliwell, the youngest of the three powerful witch sisters. She was part of the main cast for the show’s entire eight-season run from 1998 to 2006. Phoebe provided some much-needed comic relief with her carefree attitude and feathered hair.

“Phoebe was just such a fun, vivacious character to inhabit for eight years. She encouraged girls to be confident in themselves.” – Alyssa Milano

During her Charmed era, Milano still acted in movies like Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) and Pathology (2008). She also produced several made-for-TV films. After the show ended, Milano returned to the small screen on Melrose Place (2009-2010).

An Activist Is Born

Alyssa Milano has never been one to stay silent about her principles. She has worked extensively with organizations like UNICEF, the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, and Los Angeles-based Cameo House.

Milano’s advocacy took on a whole new urgency in October 2017 when she helped ignite the #MeToo movement. After the Harvey Weinstein allegations broke, Milano urged women to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault. Her viral tweet opened the floodgates.

“If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted, write “me too” as a reply to this tweet.” – @Alyssa_Milano, Oct 15, 2017

Over the years, Milano has emerged as an outspoken champion for women’s rights and gender equality. She testified about the Equal Rights Amendment before the House Judiciary Committee in 2020. Most recently, she has been vocal in protecting women’s reproductive rights.

Beyond women’s rights, Milano advocates on issues like trans rights, gun safety, healthcare reform, and voting access. She uses social media effectively to amplify social justice initiatives as well as environmental protection. Her activism demonstrates a lifelong dedication to enacting positive change.

Family and Personal Life

Milano met David Bugliari, a talent agent, through a blind date set up by her Charmed co-star in 2007. The couple became engaged the following year and married in August 2009 in Bugliari’s hometown in New Jersey. They now have two children together – son Milo Thomas (b. 2011) and daughter Elizabella Dylan (b. 2014).

In 2019, Milano revealed she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She manages these conditions through therapy and medication. The following year, Milano got COVID-19 and continues to experience lingering symptoms.

When she isn’t acting or advocating for causes, Milano enjoys sports. She is a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan and even has her own Touch by Alyssa Milano MLB clothing line for women. Milano also loves NASCAR and tuning into races.

Recent Endeavors

This consummate professional shows no signs of slowing down. Milano currently stars in the Netflix comedy Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry (2021), a satirical look at her life. She also appears on the sitcom Perfect Harmony (2019-2020).

Some of Milano’s latest acting credits include:

  • Little Italy (2018) – rom-com movie
  • Tempting Fate (2019) – made-for-TV drama film
  • Very Nutty Christmas (2018) – Christmas rom-com TV movie
  • Lady Driver (2014) – sports comedy movie
  • Little Brother (2020) – family drama film

She stays active behind the scenes too as a producer, working on projects like the documentary Brainstorm (2021). Milano also hosts her own podcast Sorry Not Sorry, a platform for her sharp social and political commentary.

I‘m excited to continue following Milano‘s career and activism in the years ahead. She has been an inspiration from that plucky child star in the 80s to the principled woman fighting for equality today.