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America Ferrera

Full Name America Georgine Ferrera
Born April 18, 1984 in Los Angeles, CA (age 39)
Parents América Griselda Ayes and Carlos Gregorio Ferrera
Siblings 1 older brother
Ethnicity Honduran American
Height 5‘1"
Spouse Ryan Piers Williams (m. 2011)
Children 2 sons
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

About America Ferrera

America Ferrera is an American actress and producer who first caught the acting bug at a young age growing up in Los Angeles. Born in 1984 to immigrant parents from Honduras, Ferrera has said she knew she wanted to be a performer after landing the lead role in a 7th grade production of Hamlet.

She honed her craft through high school and local theater, then got her big break in 2002 when she was cast in the indie film Real Women Have Curves right after graduation. Her acclaimed performance launched her acting career and paved the way for her career-making role as the lead on ABC‘s hit show Ugly Betty just a few years later.

As one of the most prominent Latina actresses in Hollywood, Ferrera has inspired young girls everywhere to pursue their talents and defy odds. But beyond her undeniable acting chops, she‘s also become an influential activist who leverages her celebrity to give back. It‘s no wonder she‘s amassed devoted fans worldwide who adore her for her spirit, humor, and giving nature.

America Ferrera‘s Career Timeline

  • 1999: Makes film debut in the drama Real Women Have Curves
  • 2002: Graduates high school and stars in the films Gotta Kick It Up and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • 2006: Cast as lead Betty Suarez on hit show Ugly Betty; wins Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress
  • 2007: Makes history as the first Latina to win Best Actress Golden Globe
  • 2010: Founds nonprofit Harness to empower underserved communities
  • 2011: Reprises role in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
  • 2015: Begins starring on NBC workplace comedy Superstore
  • 2019: Receives star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoring her TV career
  • 2022: Stars as Susan Rodriguez in Netflix fantasy series The Witcher: Blood Origin

In over 20 years in the business, Ferrera has shown incredible versatility across film, television, and theater. In addition to her most famous TV roles, some other highlights include starring in indie films like The Dry Land, voicing Astrid in the How to Train Your Dragon animated franchise, and appearing in the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed.

She‘s also moved successfully behind the camera, forming her own production company Take Fountain Productions focused on creating inclusive stories. It‘s clear the talented Ferrera is just getting started leaving her creative mark on Hollywood and beyond.

Why We Love America Ferrera

Ask any fan why they adore America Ferrera, and they‘ll likely gush about one of the many reasons she‘s so lovable:

  • Her talent is limitless. Ferrera first captured hearts as a fresh-faced 19-year-old in Real Women Have Curves, and she‘s only gotten better with age. Whether it‘s a witty sitcom or gripping drama, she gives a moving performance.
  • She exudes an infectious warmth and joy. With her ever-present smile and bubbly energy, Ferrera lights up any screen. She comes across as someone you‘d love to be best friends with!
  • She powers through obstacles with grit. Early on she had to fight stereotyping and bias as a Latina actress. But she persevered with determination and has achieved immense success.
  • She raises up the voices of others. Ferrera co-founded Harness to open doors for marginalized storytellers in entertainment and spotlights causes like immigrant rights.
  • She makes us all proud to be Latinx. As one of the most visible Latina stars, Ferrera is an inspiration. She embraces her Honduran heritage and identity as an example to young Latinas.

Whether cracking us up in a comedy or breaking down barriers for representation, America Ferrera is undoubtedly one of the most lovable, badass talents in Hollywood.

5 Fun Facts All America Ferrera Fans Should Know

  1. Her first acting role ever was Hamlet in a 7th grade school play. Talk about starting at the top!
  2. She can speak Spanish fluently and habla español in interviews, advocating for Latinx representation.
  3. She‘s close friends with Ugly Betty co-star Vanessa Williams and was a bridesmaid in Williams‘ wedding.
  4. Ferrera made a cameo in the 2002 Disney Channel original movie Gotta Kick It Up about a Hispanic dance troop.
  5. She has an obsession with reality TV and her favorite shows are The Bachelor and The Real Housewives franchises.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Talented Actress

When is America Ferrera‘s birthday?
Ferrera was born on April 18, 1984, making her 39 years old currently.

What nationality is America Ferrera?
Ferrera is of Honduran descent. Her parents immigrated from Honduras before she was born.

What was Ferrera‘s first major acting role?
Ferrera‘s breakthrough came starring in the 2002 indie film Real Women Have Curves which launched her career.

Is America Ferrera married?
Yes, Ferrera married director Ryan Piers Williams in 2011. They have two sons together, Sebastian and Luca.

What awards has she won for her acting?
Ferrera has won an Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG Award, Imagen Award and many others recognizing her acclaimed performances.

What TV series is Ferrera currently starring in?
Ferrera currently stars on the hit NBC comedy Superstore which will air its final season in 2021.

With talent, determination, and an inspirational spirit, the incredible America Ferrera has rightfully earned a special place in all our hearts. She‘s a role model both on and off-screen who continues to wow us in every performance.