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Get to Know the Talented Teagan Croft

Full Name Teagan Croft
Birthday April 23, 2004
Birth Place Sydney, Australia
Age 19 years old
Height 5‘ 5"
Profession Actress
Years Active 2013-present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

As a long-time fan who‘s followed her career from the beginning, I‘m thrilled to see Australian actress Teagan Croft receive the recognition she deserves as Rachel Roth/Raven on Titans. Let‘s take a deeper look at this talented young star!

Early Life and Background

  • Born in Sydney, Australia on April 23, 2004. She is currently 19 years old.
  • Developed a passion for acting at a very young age.
  • Got her start in TV commercials and indie films as a child actress in Australia.
  • Comes from an artistic family – older brother Taj is also an actor.

Teagan‘s natural talent was evident even as a young girl. She landed her first acting role at age 6 and made her film debut at 9 in the 2013 indie movie The Tree House.

Seeing her emotional depth on screen at such a young age, I knew she was destined for big things!

Breakthrough Role on Titans

  • Cast as Rachel Roth/Raven on Titans when she was just 14.
  • Youngest actress to ever play this iconic comic book character.
  • Received widespread critical praise for her performance in the first season.

When it was announced Teagan landed the coveted role of Raven in 2018, I was thrilled but also curious to see if she could handle the complexity of this mature, brooding character.

Suffice to say, she blew me away with her nuanced performance that perfectly captured Raven‘s fierceness, vulnerability, and struggle with her inner demons. Despite her young age, she displayed wisdom and gravitas beyond her years.

Watching Teagan fully inhabit this iconic character over 3 seasons has been such a delight as a fan. She was born to play Raven!


  • The Tree House (2013)
  • The Osiris Child (2016)
  • Nowhere Boys (2016-2018)
  • Raven‘s Home (2018-2019)
  • Titans (2018-Present)
  • The Stranger (2020)

Though Titans has propelled her to stardom, Teagan has been steadily building up an impressive resume of film and TV credits since starting out as a child actress.

Some of my other favorites are her lead role on the Australian fantasy series Nowhere Boys and voicing Raven on the Disney Channel‘s Raven‘s Home. This girl‘s range is truly unmatched!

Accolades and Awards

For her brilliant work on Titans, Teagan has received numerous award nominations:

  • Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series (2020)
  • 3 Teen Choice Award nominations (2019, 2020)
  • Canadian Screen Award nomination (2021)

And she‘s just getting started! I can‘t wait to see Teagan get the recognition she deserves through many more nominations and wins in the future. She is a star in the making.

Where is She Now?

  • Continuing her role as Raven on Titans, currently filming Season 4
  • Uses her platform to advocate for social causes like mental health awareness
  • Remains down-to-earth and focused on her acting skills
  • Has expressed interest in pursuing more film roles

Even with her rapid rise to fame, Teagan has stayed remarkably grounded and humble. She is completely dedicated to perfecting her craft.

Off-screen, she uses her growing platform to speak out on issues close to her heart. It‘s so inspiring to see someone so young be so socially aware!

With Titans Season 4 filming now, I‘m overjoyed to see Teagan reprise her career-defining role as Raven. This is only the beginning for her. At just 19, her future in Hollywood burns bright!