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Anthony Anderson: Talented Actor, Comedian, and Activist

Full Name Anthony Anderson
Age 53
Birthday August 15, 1970
Born Los Angeles, CA
Spouse Alvina Anderson
Children 2
Height 5‘ 10"
Net Worth $25 million

Anthony Anderson is a leading comedic actor known for his starring roles in hit series like Black-ish, Law & Order, and All About the Andersons. For over 25 years, Anderson has been making audiences crack up with his quick wit, physical comedy, and hilarious facial expressions.

Early Life and Career

Anthony was born in Compton, California in 1970. He discovered his passion for performing at an early age. After high school, Anderson honed his skills on the stand-up circuit before landing bit roles on 90s sitcoms. His breakout part came in 1996 as lovable rogue Antwon Mitchell on the short-lived series All About the Andersons. This opened the door for more prominent film work.

Big Break with Bernie Mac

In 2001, Anderson hit primetime gold when he was cast as Bernie Mac‘s brother Bryan on The Bernie Mac Show. His fantastic comedic partnership with Bernie earned rave reviews. Anderson snagged his first NAACP Image Award nomination for this star-making part. At its peak, The Bernie Mac Show was Fox‘s highest rated sitcom thanks to Anderson‘s talents.

Current Sitcom King

Anderson struck sitcom gold again with his role as Andre "Dre" Johnson on ABC‘s acclaimed Black-ish. As the patriarch of an upper middle class African American family, Anderson deftly balanced hilarious parenting mishaps with nuanced discussions about race. In 2016, he won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor for his work on the show‘s second season.

Dramatic Chops

While known for comedy, Anderson has proven his dramatic acting abilities in grittier fare like FX‘s The Shield and films such as Liberty Heights. He disappears into these intense roles, showcasing his versatility. Anderson also flexed his directing muscles on several Black-ish episodes, demonstrating his range.

Inspiring Activism

Off screen, Anderson dedicates time to inspiring causes. He advocates for diabetes education and research after his own diagnosis in 2001. Mental health awareness is another passion, teaming up with organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The Anderson Family Foundation, founded with wife Alvina, also promotes arts and youth development.

Anderson Always Makes Me Laugh

As a longtime fan, I‘m endlessly impressed by Anderson‘s comedy chops. He commits fully to every wacky character and slapstick gag. No one delivers a perfectly timed punchline or quirky facial expression quite like Anderson. His laugh out loud roles have provided me years of entertainment. I can‘t wait to see what hilarious characters he creates next.

Anderson‘s Legacy

With over two decades in the business, Anthony Anderson has cemented his place in Hollywood history. His comedy constantly evolves with the times yet maintains universal appeal. Though a world-class clown, Anderson also excels at dramatic work. His activism provides inspiration. Without a doubt, Anderson‘s career will continue thriving for years to come.