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Meet Da‘Vinchi: Talented Young Actor Taking Hollywood by Storm

Full Name Abraham D. Juste
Stage Name Da‘Vinchi
Birthday October 10, 1995
Birthplace Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Age 27
Profession Actor, Spoken Word Artist
Years Active 2015-present
Key Roles Cash Mooney in Grown-ish, Scot Cavendish in Locke & Key
Awards People‘s Choice Award for Favorite Comedic TV Actor
Social Media Facebook,

As a long-time fan of Da‘Vinchi, it has been incredible watching him rise to fame over the past few years. This talented young actor seems destined for big things in Hollywood thanks to his captivating on-screen presence, sharp acting abilities, charismatic personality, and dedication to his craft. Let‘s take a closer look at Da‘Vinchi‘s background, achievements so far, and what likely lies ahead for this star on the rise.

Early Life in Haiti Before Acting

Da‘Vinchi, birth name Abraham D. Juste, was born on October 10, 1995 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He remained in Haiti with his family for the first few years of his life before immigrating to the United States. Da‘Vinchi has reflected fondly on his early childhood in Haiti and maintains a close connection to his Haitian heritage.

Even from a very young age, Da‘Vinchi showcased his creative talents. He developed an interest in music and performance. But it wasn‘t until his teenage years that Da‘Vinchi would fully embrace his passions and direct his efforts towards building an acting career.

Discovering His Passion for Acting and Spoken Word Poetry

After moving to America as a child, Da‘Vinchi was raised in Florida. By high school, he knew he wanted to seriously pursue acting. Da‘Vinchi began participating in school theatre productions and also joined a spoken word poetry group.

Spoken word poetry helped Da‘Vinchi build confidence for being on stage and delivering captivating performances. This served as great experience for honing his acting abilities. Da‘Vinchi seemed a natural at fully inhabiting any character and reciting dialogue with power and emotion.

In 2013, Da‘Vinchi competed in the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam and delivered a stunning poem about his Haitian heritage. That moment affirmed Da‘Vinchi‘s talents both as a poet and performer. He was on the path to success.

Breakout Role on Grown-ish

After high school, Da‘Vinchi moved to Los Angeles to actively start auditioning and landing acting jobs. He picked up minor roles in shows like Black-ish and Lethal Weapon before getting his big break in 2018. Da‘Vinchi was cast as Cash Mooney on the Freeform series Grown-ish, a spinoff to Black-ish centered around college students.

As Cash, Da‘Vinchi immediately stood out for his natural charisma, humor, and relaxed on-screen presence. The role rapidly expanded, earning Da‘Vinchi widespread praise. Grown-ish became his breakout that catapulted him into stardom.

Other Notable Roles

Since his rise to fame on Grown-ish, Da‘Vinchi has been building up his acting resume with roles in buzzworthy films and series:

  • In the Netflix movie Dolemite Is My Name, Da‘Vinchi played a young Rudy Ray Moore alongside Eddie Murphy
  • He co-starred in the Netflix thriller series Locke & Key as high schooler Scot Cavendish
  • Da‘Vinchi appeared in King Richard starring Will Smith as a young tennis player training under Smith‘s character
  • He currently stars in the BET+ series Games People Play about the world of professional sports in Las Vegas

No matter the genre or format, Da‘Vinchi has proven he can take on any role and be completely convincing. As he continues scoring more significant parts, his skills will only keep improving.

Other Talents: Spoken Word Poetry

Though acting may be Da‘Vinchi‘s primary focus, he remains passionate about spoken word poetry. He still performs original poems and finds the artform to be a therapeutic creative outlet separate from his acting work. Fans can find many of his poems on YouTube and Spotify.

When watching Da‘Vinchi perform his poetry, his natural magnetism and ability to connect with audiences is readily apparent. He delivers each verse with intention, emotion, and captivating delivery. It‘s no wonder his poems about culture, identity, and humanity elicit powerful reactions from listeners.

Giving Back Through Teaching

Despite his busy acting schedule, Da‘Vinchi makes time to give back by teaching acting classes to youth. He aims to guide aspiring young talents just as mentors helped shape him early on. Da‘Vinchi‘s workshops cover everything from audition techniques to dealing with rejection.

His dedication to helping the next generation of actors demonstrates Da‘Vinchi‘s selflessness and passion for paying forward the help he received. Even as his own fame grows, Da‘Vinchi remains committed to making a positive impact through teaching.

Why Da‘Vinchi Resonates with Fans

What makes Da‘Vinchi such a special talent is his ability to form genuine connections with fans. He radiates a grounded, down-to-earth charisma that makes him instantly likable. Fans feel like they know him as a friend.

Da‘Vinchi also infuses parts of his true self into every role. His Haitian heritage and upbringing certainly influence the characters he portrays. This sincerity on screen translates seamlessly and allows audiences to deeply relate to him.

By being socially-conscious, outspoken, and unapologetically himself, Da‘Vinchi has become an inspiration for many. His willingness to be vulnerable and bridge divides through storytelling resonates profoundly with people.

What the Future Holds

At just 27 years old, Da‘Vinchi‘s career remains in its early stages. As he continues proving his acting chops, the opportunities coming Da‘Vinchi‘s way will only get bigger and better. Within the next few years, I expect to see Da‘Vinchi landing major leading roles in highly-anticipated movies.

He has also expressed interest in writing, directing, and producing. Given Da‘Vinchi‘s creativity and work ethic, his influence in Hollywood will surely extend behind the camera. It‘s even possible Da‘Vinchi may try his hand at a music career by combining his talents for poetry and performing.

No matter what comes next, one thing is for certain—Da‘Vinchi has the it factor. His natural screen presence and ability to connect with audiences will make him a star with staying power. I cannot wait to follow the rest of his journey!