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Ashton Irwin

Full Name Ashton Fletcher Irwin
Birthday July 7, 1994
Age 29 years old
Hometown Hornsby, Australia
Height 6‘1"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $10 million
Social Media Facebook

Ashton Fletcher Irwin is an Australian musician best known as the drummer for the massively popular pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. With his incredible talent, magnetic energy, and kind heart, Ashton has made a tremendous impact on fans across the world.

Early Life and Passion for Drumming

Ashton developed a love for percussion at the young age of 13 after receiving his first drum kit as a gift. He was drawn to the works of punk rock and pop punk bands like Blink-182, Good Charlotte, and My Chemical Romance. Ashton practiced tirelessly to hone his skills, inspired by legendary drummers like Travis Barker.

Growing up, Ashton was a regular at his local community theatre where he starred in musical productions. This helped nurture his performance skills and love being on stage. Outside of music, Ashton was an academic overachiever and avid basketball player through high school.

The Formation of 5 Seconds of Summer

In 2011, Ashton and his classmates Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood formed 5 Seconds of Summer. The Sydney teenagers started out posting cover songs on YouTube before signing with Capitol Records after garnering online attention.

5SOS toured extensively with One Direction in 2013 which propelled them into the international spotlight. Their pop-punk sound resonated with fans, with Ashton‘s lively drum beats underpinning their energetic live shows.

Global Success and Evolution with 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS‘s 2014 self-titled debut record soared to #1 on charts in 10 countries. Ashton‘s rhythmic skills shone through driving hits like "She Looks So Perfect" and "Don‘t Stop." He also began flexing his songwriting skills on tracks like "Social Casualty."

Over the next few years, 5 Seconds of Summer evolved their sound from pop-punk to pop and rock while touring the world. Ashton‘s versatile, creative drumming has been a constant as the band has grown. He often incorporates electronic beats into his organic drum style.

Some career highlights include:

  • Over 2 million album sales worldwide
  • 4 headlining tours with over 600 shows performed
  • Opening for One Direction‘s Where We Are Tour in stadiums
  • Winning 5 MTV Europe Music Awards

Beyond the numbers, Ashton‘s dedication to 5SOS‘s artistry and connection with fans has been invaluable to their success.

Solo Work and Collaborations

Ashton has also taken on projects outside 5 Seconds of Summer. In 2020, he released the genre-blending single "Skinny Skinny" under the moniker Pluto x Baby Pluto with American rapper Trippie Redd. The song allowed Ashton to showcase his versatility across styles.

He‘s collaborated with a range of artists including rock singer Alex Gaskarth, DJ duo Disco Fries, and rapper iann dior. Ashton always brings his energetic flair behind the drums to every musical endeavor.

Why Fans Adore Ashton

Beyond his obvious talent, fans are drawn to Ashton for many reasons:

  • His warm, funny, down-to-earth personality
  • His willingness to openly discuss mental health and other personal struggles
  • His close bond with bandmates Luke, Calum and Michael
  • His love of connecting with fans online through Q&As and social media
  • His quirky fashion sense mixing prints, colors and vintage flare
  • His advocacy for important causes like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights

Ashton‘s compassion and authenticity radiates through. He uses his platform spread light and empower others.

Fun Facts About Ashton

  • Ashton is passionate about photography and loves shooting on film cameras
  • He has a diverse taste in music spanning emo, hip hop, afropop and jazz
  • Skateboarding and surfing are some of his favorite hobbies outside of music
  • His first tattoo at 18 was the 5SOS logo – he now has over 10 tattoos
  • Ashton loves unusual pets – he has 2 hairless cats named Barbara and Felix

The Future for Ashton

At only 29, Ashton Irwin still has so much ahead of him. While he continues thriving with 5 Seconds of Summer, fans are eager to see what other creative directions Ashton pursues in the years to come whether its acting, collaborations, philanthropy or more solo music. One thing is certain – Ashton‘s one-of-a-kind talent, determination and heart will continue making the world a brighter place.