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Introducing Sarah Jakes Roberts: An Inspiring Voice of Hope

Full Name Sarah Jakes Roberts
Age 35
Birthday July 17, 1988
Birth Sign Cancer
Born United States
Relationship Married
Height 5‘ 4"
Net Worth $15M
Social Media Facebook

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a powerful voice of hope, redemption, and inspiration for women around the world. As the daughter of renowned pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, Sarah grew up in the spotlight but has forged her own path as an author, speaker, and leader. Sarah‘s story is one of overcoming adversity, finding purpose, and living out God‘s calling. Let‘s take a closer look at her life, work, and why she resonates with so many.

Her Challenging Early Years

Sarah Jakes was born on July 17, 1988 in West Virginia. She was raised in Dallas, Texas along with her four siblings under the leadership of her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes, the influential pastor of The Potter‘s House megachurch.

Life under the microscope of celebrity proved difficult for the young Sarah. At age 13, she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Sarah Avent. The intense scrutiny and judgment was hard to bear for a young teen. She ended up marrying the father Robert Henson, but the marriage disintegrated after having a second child.

During these turbulent years, Sarah admits she struggled deeply with her identity, purpose, and relationship with God. In an interview she said, "I felt insecure, abandoned, rejected, worthless and unloved." Her parents stood by her, and Sarah credits her daughter Sarah for giving her a sense of meaning. In spite of the challenges, Sarah graduated high school and attended Texas Christian University.

Discovering Her Calling

It was in college that Sarah began to find her voice. She started leading women‘s Bible studies and discovered a passion for ministering to young women like herself who were struggling.

In 2009, Sarah officially joined her father‘s ministry as the leader of the women‘s ministry at The Potter‘s House. She launched a website and began sharing her story more vulnerably. Her transparency about overcoming teen pregnancy, a failed marriage, and other hardships resonated deeply.

Sarah began speaking at conferences and events, offering messages of hope and empowerment. Her popularity grew exponentially when she started sharing inspirational and uplifting content on social media.

"My mistakes do not define me. Rather, they refine me." – Sarah Jakes Roberts

In the 2010s, Sarah stepped further into her calling. She became a lead pastor at The Potter‘s House church campuses in Los Angeles and Denver alongside her new husband Touré Roberts. She also released her first two books, Lost and Found and Colliding With Destiny, which became bestsellers.

Inspiring Women Worldwide

Sarah Jakes Roberts continues to inspire women daily through her writing, speaking engagements, podcast, and social media presence. She has a relatable way of connecting that allows women to see themselves in her story.

Some highlights over the past few years include:

  • Going on her Refuse to Lose women‘s empowerment tour in 2020. She traveled to five cities delivering her message of unlocking one‘s potential.
  • Releasing her book Woman Evolve in 2021, challenging women to break barriers and live boldly. It became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.
  • Launching her own athleisure fashion line called Fearless. The line empowers women to look and feel beautiful while honoring their worth.
  • Starting her podcast Out of the Woods which has reached over 1 million downloads. She talks openly about overcoming life‘s challenges.
  • Building her social media following to over 2 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Her posts provide daily motivation.

Sarah openly shares stories of her doubts, anxieties, motherhood journey and more – allowing women to find comfort, wisdom, and community. She also conducts monthly Q&As where fans can ask her anything!

Why We Love Sarah Jakes Roberts

There are so many reasons why Sarah Jakes Roberts is inspiring to women worldwide:

Her Spiritual Influence is Uplifting

Sarah has a unique way of delivering spiritual truth – it‘s relatable, uplifting, and empowering. Her messages spread quickly and impact people across all backgrounds.

She Uses Her Platform to Help Others

In addition to her ministry work, Sarah uses her platform and resources to help people struggling with addiction, emotional issues, and abusive relationships. She and her husband founded The Restore Foundation to help women recover and heal.

Her Vulnerability Connects Us to Each Other

Sarah openly shares her own struggles – from insecurities to mental health – allowing women to feel less alone. Her vulnerability fosters a sisterhood.

She Lives Out Bold Faith

Sarah inspires women of faith to live boldly and walk in their calling. She models how to overcome fear and other barriers through connection with God.

She Balances it All as a Pastor, Mom and Entrepreneur

As a leader in multiple spaces, Sarah shows women how to balance and excel in every arena of life. She advocates self-care along the journey.

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a vibrant voice of wisdom who encourages women daily. She presents practical and spiritual tools for growth and empowers women to walk in hope.

5 Fun Facts About Sarah Jakes Roberts

Beyond her public persona, here are some fun personal facts about Sarah Jakes Roberts:

  1. Her favorite color is blue. She loves incorporating different shades of blue into her fashion, decor and even social media branding.
  2. She loves traveling to Hawaii. The beaches in Hawaii are her favorite destination for both work and family trips.
  3. She enjoys digital art. Sarah spends time playing with digital art apps on her iPad as a creative outlet.
  4. She‘s obsessed with Strategy games. Whether chess, Risk or other games, Sarah is very competitive and strategic in her approach.
  5. She speaks Swahili. Impressively, Sarah knows some Swahili which she learned for an African mission trip years ago.

Her Lasting Legacy

At just 35 years old, Sarah Jakes Roberts has already made a global impact through her ministry work, writing, speaking, and mentorship of young women. She has overcome tremendous adversity to now be a shining light guiding others in their spiritual and personal growth.

Sarah openly acknowledges her difficult past because she knows firsthand how God can turn our mess into a message. Her story is ongoing proof that with God‘s love, our best days can still be ahead. We‘re grateful Sarah continues to inspire women worldwide to evolve into their fullest potential.