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Bo Derek

Full Name Mary Cathleen Collins
Age 66
Birthday November 20, 1956
Relationship Married to John Corbett
Net Worth $40 million

Bo Derek is an iconic actress and model who rose to fame in the late 1970s; she had her breakthrough role in the 1979 film 10 alongside Dudley Moore and recently married long-time boyfriend John Corbett in 2020.

Early Life and Modeling Career

Born Mary Cathleen Collins in 1956 in Long Beach, California, Bo Derek‘s allure and beauty were evident from a young age. In her teens, she began pursuing professional modeling, quickly landing shoots in fashion magazines and commercial ads. This exposure led to an encounter with an up-and-coming director named John Derek, 30 years Bo‘s senior. Despite their age gap, romance sparked between the two.

John became Bo‘s manager and helped orchestrate her first on-screen appearances, including an uncredited role in 1977‘s Orca. Her first R-rated part came in 1979‘s Fantasies, though her big break was just around the corner.

Rise to Fame in 10

In 1979, John Derek cast Bo as the female lead in the romantic comedy 10 alongside Dudley Moore. As a beautiful, carefree soul exploring romance, Bo showcased her natural charm and talent. 10 became a huge hit, and at just age 23, Bo Derek was propelled to stardom as a Hollywood sex symbol.

Some key projects in the years following included:

  • Posing for Playboy magazine in 1980, becoming the first mainstream actress to appear nude
  • Starring in films like A Change of Seasons (1980) and Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981)
  • Appearing as a Bond girl in 1985‘s A View to a Kill
  • Guest starring on TV shows like Family Guy and That ‘70s Show

Continued Acting Success in the 80s

The 1980s saw Bo Derek continue her rise as an A-list star. She showcased her talent for comedy alongside Dudley Moore again in 1984‘s Bolero. And her stunning looks made her a natural choice for a Bond girl in 1985‘s A View to a Kill. In this James Bond film opposite Roger Moore, Bo left a memorable impression on audiences.

Beyond these breakout roles, Bo proved her versatility through eclectic parts in films like Tommy Boy (1991) and Horse Sense (1999). She moved gracefully into independent films and TV guest appearances as she matured in Hollywood.

Animal Activism and Recent Years

Now in her 60s, Bo devotes much of her time and resources to animal rights activism. She advocates for the ethical treatment of horses through her role on the California Horse Racing Board. And she works with organizations like Wildlife Waystation that provide care for rescued, endangered animals.

After John Derek‘s passing in 1998, Bo found love again with actor John Corbett, known for Sex and the City and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The two had a commitment ceremony in 2020, making their 20+ year relationship officially permanent.

Legacy as an Unforgettable Icon

With her breezy blonde mane, California cool vibe and stunning beauty, Bo Derek remains one of Hollywood‘s most unforgettable icons. She helped redefine sexy in the late 1970s and her career-defining roles in films like 10 stand the test of time.

While Bo took on fewer roles from the 1990s onward, her presence in movies, TV and magazines was so impactful that she maintains legend status. Even today, she remains beloved for her natural confidence, charm and passion for bettering the world.