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Brandon Flynn

Brandon Paul Flynn: accomplished actor known for "13 Reasons Why" and "Ratched".

**Full Name** Brandon Paul Flynn
**Age** 29
**Birthday** October 11, 1993
**Birth Place** United States
**Relationship Status** Single
**Height** 5‘10"
**Net Worth** $3 million

Early Life and Background

Brandon Flynn was born on October 11th, 1993 in Miami, Florida to American parents. From an early age, Flynn was drawn to performing and the arts. As a child, he enjoyed putting on shows for his family and friends, foreshadowing his future career as an actor.

Flynn‘s passion for acting accelerated in high school, where he enthusiastically participated in school plays and musicals. His raw talent and dedication were evident, though few could have predicted how rapidly he would rise to stardom shortly after graduation.

After finishing high school in 2011, Flynn attended the prestigious University of Michigan as a musical theater major. However, after two years, his longing for Hollywood proved too great, and he made the life-changing decision to leave college early to pursue acting full-time.

The Emerging Star Lands Breakout Netflix Role

In 2013, Flynn made the solo move to New York City to kickstart his professional acting career. Through relentless auditioning and hard work, he landed roles in off-Broadway shows, short films, and small guest spots on TV. These formative early years honed his craft and led to bigger opportunities.

But Flynn‘s big break came in 2017 when he was cast as Justin Foley on the new Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why. I still remember the anticipation leading up to the show‘s release, not knowing that it would launch Brandon into stardom and resonate so deeply with millions of viewers. His poignant portrayal of Justin, a teenager struggling with addiction and trauma, earned immense praise from critics and fans alike.

Virtually overnight, Flynn became a household name. His emotional performance humanized topics like mental health, sexual assault, and teen bullying. Flynn handled the emotionally intense role with grace and honesty. Watching him embody Justin so fully, you could just tell this young man had a radiant future ahead.

Displaying Impressive Range Across Mediums

While 13 Reasons catapulted Flynn‘s fame, he had already been hard at work building an impressive and eclectic resume as an actor. In just a few short years, he has shown exceptional range across mediums:

  • Television – Guest starred on BrainDead (2016), Will & Grace (2016), and Home Movie: The Princess Bride (1987)
  • Film – The Long Haul (2017), Home by Spring (2016), Brain on Fire (2016)
  • Theater – Kid Victory (Off-Broadway, 2016), Henry V (New York Shakespeare Festival)

Flynn‘s versatility as a performer is incredibly rare for someone so early in their career. But he tackles every part with total commitment and professionalism.

Upcoming, Flynn is set to star opposite Dylan O‘Brien in The Education of Fredrick Fitzell and take on a lead role in Ryan Murphy‘s prequel series Ratched. I cannot wait to see him continue to showcase his talents!

An Activist First, Celebrity Second

Beyond his acclaimed acting, Flynn uses his platform to champion social causes close to his heart. He is an ardent LGBTQ+ advocate and speak outs boldly for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Brandon has partnered with amazing organizations like The Trevor Project, GLAAD, and the Matthew Shepard Foundation to support LGBTQ youth. He also actively fundraises and volunteers for LA-based groups assisting underprivileged teens.

Unlike many young stars, fame will never change Brandon‘s values or muted his activist voice. He remains committed to bettering the lives of marginalized groups through advocacy and outreach.

Why Flynn‘s True Fans Adore Him

As someone who has followed Brandon‘s career from the very start, I can say with certainty his fans love him for far more than just his acting ability. Here are a few of the main reasons we adore him:

  • His courage to speak out on social issues and lend his platform to activism
  • His warm, funny personality that shines through in interviews and on social media
  • The care he takes with fans, always being gracious and engaging
  • His resilience and work ethic he displays as he continues reaching new heights
  • The inspiring example he sets as an openly gay actor and role model

Brandon Flynn has accomplished more in his 29 years than many do in a lifetime. His natural talent and drive are only matched by his compassionate spirit. There is no doubt this is just the beginning of an illustrious career for this outstanding actor and activist.