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Rising Football Phenom Bunchie Young

Bunchie Young Profile

Full Name Maxwell Young
Age 16
Birthday December 9, 2006
Hometown South Florida
Height 5‘ 0"
Position RB / S
Scholarships Illinois (committed)
Social Media InstagramYouTube

Bunchie Young is no ordinary teenage football player. At just 16 years old, the athletic prodigy from South Florida has already accomplished more in the sport than most athletes do in a lifetime. His jaw-dropping highlights and seemingly unlimited potential have captured the imagination of football fans across America. Let‘s take a closer look at this once-in-a-generation talent.

Background and Upbringing

Bunchie Young was born Maxwell Young on December 9, 2006 in South Florida. Even as a young child, his natural athleticism and passion for sports were evident.

By age 9, Bunchie displayed a prodigious talent in both football and track & field. His blazing speed and advanced coordination stood out from the crowd immediately. While Bunchie excelled at baseball too, it quickly became clear football was his true love and calling.

With the full support of his family, Bunchie immersed himself in skill training and studying the game. He cites NFL legends like Barry Sanders, Jim Brown and Walter Payton as inspirations. Rather than simply rely on his natural gifts, Bunchie worked tirelessly at perfecting his craft as both a running back and defensive back.

Meteoric Rise to Stardom

At just 10 years old, Bunchie received his first Division I college scholarship offer from the University of Illinois. This accomplishment officially marked him as one of the top youth football prospects in the nation.

Bunchie‘s profile skyrocketed in 2017 when Sports Illustrated named the 11-year-old as their SportsKid of the Year, making him the first football player to earn the honor. He graced the cover of SI, which published a feature story about his intense training regimen.

In 2018, a video of Bunchie running the 100-yard dash in 12.4 seconds went viral. This time smashed the longstanding unofficial youth world record of 12.8 seconds by a staggering 0.4 seconds!

His stardom grew in 2019 when Bunchie starred in his own reality show "Bunchie!" The show provided fans an inside look at his life, training, and relentless drive to be the best.

By early 2020, Bunchie had become a mainstream sports celebrity. He was featured in a Super Bowl commercial entitled "The Next 100", which portrayed him encountering NFL stars across the country.

Dominance at the High School Level

Bunchie entered high school in Fall 2022 as one of the most hyped prospects in history. He joined national prep powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas, which has produced NFL stars like Geno Atkins and Joey Bosa.

As expected, Bunchie immediately dominated the competition. In his first game as a 14-year-old freshman, he racked up 212 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns along with a key interception on defense.

Bunchie has been putting up mind-blowing stats against varsity defenses all season long. Through 8 games, he has tallied 1,328 rushing yards, 19 touchdowns plus 3 interceptions as a cornerback.

He recently received an invite to play in the 2023 Under Armour All-America Game, which features the top high school seniors in the country. This marks the first time an underclassman has been extended an invite, a testament to Bunchie‘s generational ability.

What Makes Bunchie So Special?

While many young athletes have earned recognition, none compare to the prodigious talents of Bunchie Young. What makes him such a phenomenal prospect?

Unmatched Athleticism

Simply put, Bunchie‘s natural athleticism is off the charts. His speed, cutting ability, fluidity of motion and coordination are at an elite level. Bunchie has clocked sub-4.5 40-yard dashes and 100-meter times that rival Olympic sprinters. When you watch his highlights, it‘s hard to believe a human his size can move like that.

Advanced Football IQ

Bunchie‘s physical tools alone make him great, but what really sets him apart is his high football IQ and ability to read the game at an expert level. He displays excellent vision, instincts and technical skills well beyond his years. Bunchie excels at dissecting defenses and making crisp cuts in space.

Mentality and Maturity

Despite achieving so much so soon, Bunchie has maintained a mature, hard-working mentality. He is a great teammate and leader on and off the field. Bunchie credits his parents for keeping him humble and focused on constant improvement. For a teen thrust into stardom, he shows incredible poise.

The Road Ahead

At just 16 years old, Bunchie Young‘s football journey is only just beginning. As he continues to mature and dominate older competition, the phenom will have his choice of pursuits:

  • College football stardom – Bunchie is currently committed to Illinois, but Alabama, Clemson and other powerhouses continue to pursue him. He will have his pick of elite programs if he decides to go the college route.
  • Straight to the NFL – If Bunchie maintains his trajectory, he could opt to go straight from high school to the NFL Draft, like fellow teen phenoms Amobi Okoye and Tajh Boyd have.
  • Accolades and awards – Young is already projected as a future Heisman Trophy candidate and potential #1 overall NFL draft pick down the line. The sky is the limit for this once-in-a-generation talent.

No matter the path, one thing seems certain: Bunchie Young is on track for special things in the sport of football. His incredible natural ability, work ethic and maturity point to an athlete destined for greatness. As fans, we can‘t wait to see it unfold!