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Chris Stokes: The Musical Mastermind Behind B2K and Other 2000s Boy Bands

Full Name Christopher B. Stokes
Born July 21, 1969 in Los Angeles, CA
Birth Sign Cancer
Occupation Record Producer, Songwriter, Director
Years Active 1992-present
Spouse Aziza Stokes (?-present)
Children 1 daughter
Associated Acts B2K, IMx, Marques Houston, Omarion
Net Worth $10 million (estimated)
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Chris Stokes is a multi-talented producer, director and entrepreneur who became a power player in the music industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He had an invaluable impact on shaping mainstream R&B and pop, and is best known for masterminding several of the biggest boy bands of the era. Let‘s take a closer look at Stokes‘ life, career and legacy.

Early Life and Family

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Stokes was immersed in entertainment from a young age. His mother Irene was an actress who appeared in shows like Sanford and Son, while his sister Juanita found success as an R&B singer signed to Virgin Records.

"I grew up watching my mom on TV shows and watching my sister record music. It made me want to follow in their footsteps," Stokes told LA Weekly. After graduating high school, he started interning at record companies before working his way into artist management and production. Stokes married his wife Aziza in the 1990s and they have one daughter together.

Road to Mainstream Success

Stokes got his big break managing the R&B group Immature in the early 1990s. After establishing his own production company, The Ultimate Group, in 1995, Stokes discovered the talents who would form the platinum-selling group B2K in 1998.

"I have an ear for potential stars, especially with younger artists," Stokes explained. "I saw that spark in the members of B2K." He helped groom the boys into stars by having them audition for various labels. In 2002, Stokes co-produced B2K‘s 5x platinum debut album alongside Lil‘ Fizz.

With his production skills and eye for talent, Stokes became the secret weapon behind iconic boy bands like B2K and IMx. He shifted Immature‘s sound into the edgier IMx, and also boosted the solo career of Omarion after B2K disbanded.

Passions Beyond Music

In the 2000s, Stokes expanded into filmmaking, directed urban dance movies like You Got Served and Somebody Help Me. Though not critically acclaimed, they displayed Stokes‘ creative versatility.

"I‘m always looking for new challenges and ways to express my artistry," Stokes said of directing films. Beyond entertainment, he is passionate about giving back to the community through mentoring and empowering underprivileged youth.

Now in his 50s, Stokes continues to hustle in music and film production. He has faced controversies over the years, including abuse allegations from former artists. But his legacy as the R&B hitmaker behind B2K and other 2000s boy bands remains carved into pop history.

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