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Dixie D‘Amelio: TikTok Sweetheart and Multitalented Star

**Full Name:** Dixie Jane D‘Amelio
**Born:** August 12, 2001 (age 22) in Norwalk, CT
**Occupation:** Social Media Influencer, Singer, Actress
**Years Active:** 2019-present
**Net Worth:** $3 million
**Associated Acts:** Charli D‘Amelio, The Hype House
**Social Media: TikTok

As a long-time fan who‘s been following Dixie D‘Amelio‘s journey to stardom since her early TikTok days, I‘m excited to provide an in-depth look at this talented 22-year-old star! Dixie first captured the hearts of millions with her fun dance videos on TikTok. But over the years, she has proven to be so much more than just another social media influencer. Let‘s take a closer look at Dixie‘s background, rise to fame, expanding career, personal life, and all the reasons she‘s earned her "TikTok Sweetheart" nickname!

Her Connecticut Roots and Dance Training

While Dixie was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, she spent most of her childhood growing up in Stamford. She lived with her parents Marc and Heidi, along with her sister Charli who‘s just 1.5 years younger. Dixie developed a passion for dance at a young age, training extensively in styles like contemporary, jazz, ballet, acro, and hip hop. She spent over a decade competing across the country with her studio dance team, winning national titles at competitions like Radix and NUVO.

Outside of the studio, Dixie was a cheerleader at King School and played volleyball. But dance was always her number one passion. Little did she know those years of dance training would pave the way for her TikTok success!

Going Viral on TikTok Alongside Sister Charli

Dixie first joined TikTok in late 2019, after seeing her younger sister Charli gain a huge following on the platform. At the time, Charli was quickly becoming one of TikTok‘s biggest stars for her dance videos. Dixie decided to make her own account just for fun, posting silly lipsyncs and videos featuring Charli. She immediately went viral, gaining over 1 million followers in her first month on the app!

Dixie‘s infectious personality combined with her dance skills made her a perfect fit for TikTok. She collaborated with Charli as well as other rising stars like Addison Rae, Chase Hudson, and more. Dixie joined the infamous Hype House in Los Angeles in early 2020, further expanding her audience. By the end of that year, Dixie had become one of TikTok‘s top creators with over 50 million followers and 2 billion likes!

Pursuing Her Passion for Music and Performing

Unlike many social media stars, Dixie didn‘t want to just stay internet-famous. In 2020, she decided to pursue her passion for music by collaborating with artist blackbear on the track "Do Re Mi." Dixie fell in love with the creative process and released her debut solo single "Be Happy" in April 2021. The upbeat track focuses on themes of self-love and has over 100 million global streams!

Dixie has an energetic pop punk/rock sound as an artist. She‘s performed her original songs at legendary venues like The Roxy and Troubadour in LA. Dixie is also hitting the festival circuit, with performances at Jingle Ball and the Venice Film Festival. 2022 is set to be her biggest year yet, with an EP on the way and rumors of a joint tour with sister Charli!

Expanding Her Brand and Connecting with Fans

Aside from music, Dixie has been hard at work expanding her brand over the past couple years. She‘s landed endorsements with brands like Morphe Cosmetics, Hollister, and more based on her Gen Z influence. In 2021, Dixie launched her own merchandise line including "Be Happy" apparel tied to her single. She also co-hosts a successful podcast with Charli called "2 Chix" where they talk sisterhood, trends, and growing up in the digital age.

On top of all that, Dixie starred in the YouTube Original series "Attaway General" in 2020. She even published a book with Charli in December 2020 titled "Essentially Charli", giving fans an inside look into their lives. No matter how big of a star she becomes, Dixie always takes time to engage with supporters daily on TikTok and Instagram. After following her journey for so long, it‘s clear Dixie‘s grounded personality is part of her charm!

Overcoming Hate and Using Her Voice for Good

As any major influencer can attest, fame comes with its share of negativity and hate comments. Dixie has been open about her mental health struggles with anxiety, depression, and body image issues while in the spotlight. She came out as pansexual to her followers in 2021 after taking time to reflect on her sexuality. Dixie has grown passionate about breaking stigmas around mental health and advocating for LGBTQ+ youth.

Dixie is the epitome of resilience, bouncing back stronger than ever after a difficult public breakup in 2020. She reminds fans daily to practice self-love and prioritize their mental wellbeing above all else. I‘m proud to see how much Dixie has matured into such an inspirational role model for young girls!

Why Dixie D‘Amelio Has Earned Her Title as "TikTok‘s Sweetheart"

After following Dixie‘s journey so closely over the past few years, it‘s easy to see why she‘s earned the nickname "TikTok Sweetheart!" Here are a few of the reasons we love Dixie D‘Amelio:

  • She‘s an incredible entertainer and performer – whether she‘s dancing, singing, or just chatting with fans, Dixie is so engaging and fun to watch!
  • She‘s unapologetically herself – what you see is what you get with Dixie. She doesn‘t pretend to be perfect or try to fit a certain mold.
  • She uplifts others – Dixie is always quick to promote other creators and preaches self-love to her followers.
  • She‘s business savvy – launching brands, merch lines, and partnerships takes real hustle – Dixie is a girl boss!
  • She stays true to her roots – fame hasn‘t changed Dixie. She‘s still the same down-to-earth Connecticut girl at heart.

Dixie D‘Amelio represents the best of TikTok – she‘s uniquely creative, relatable, humble, and just spreads joy. At only 22, I can‘t wait to see what Dixie accomplishes next!

5 Fun Facts About the Multitalented Star:

  1. Dixie competed on Dancing With The Stars in 2020, making it 6 weeks before elimination!
  2. She has several dogs named King, Chaplin, Stitches, and Asher.
  3. Dixie was nominated for Breakthrough Social Star at the 2021 MTV Awards.
  4. She‘s a natural brunette but has dyed her hair blonde, pink, and more over the years!
  5. Dixie‘s dream collaboration is with singer-songwriter Conan Gray.

The Dixie D‘Amelio Timeline:

2001 – Dixie Jane D‘Amelio born on August 12, 2001 in Norwalk, CT

2010 – Begins competing with her studio dance team, winning several national titles

2017 – Attends King School in Stamford, CT where she cheers and plays volleyball

2019 – Joins TikTok after seeing sister Charli gain followers on the app

2020 – Joins Hype House LA, grows to 50 million TikTok followers

2020 – Collabs with blackbear on her first single "Do Re Mi"

2021 – Releases debut solo single "Be Happy" which reaches #1 on iTunes

2021 – Stars in YouTube original series Attaway General, begins podcast with Charli

2022 – Set to release debut EP and embark on first tour (TBA)

It‘s been incredible watching Dixie‘s evolution from competitive dancer, to viral TikTok star, to multi-talented Gen Z idol. At just 22, her career is only just getting started! I can‘t wait to continue to support Dixie‘s music, acting endeavors, business ventures, and whatever else she puts her mind to. The sky‘s the limit for this Connecticut girl next door turned America‘s TikTok Sweetheart!