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Evanna Lynch: The Enchanting Star Behind Luna Lovegood

Full Name Evanna Patricia Lynch
Birthday August 16, 1991
Birth Place Termonfeckin, Ireland
Age 31 years old
Height 5‘2"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

As a longtime fan, I‘ve always found Evanna Lynch utterly captivating. She first enchanted the world as the magnificently quirky Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films. But beyond her claim to fame role, Lynch has proven herself to be a multifaceted talent – and an inspiring role model.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born in Ireland in 1991, Lynch developed anorexia as a preteen. She found solace in the Harry Potter books and wrote a fan letter to author J.K. Rowling about how the series helped her. The two struck up a pen pal relationship, with Lynch crediting Rowling for aiding her recovery.

At 14, Lynch auditioned for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and won the role of Luna Lovegood out of 15,000 hopefuls. As a devout Potterhead, I was thrilled to see Lynch bring such heart and eccentricity to Luna on screen. With her trademark dirty blonde tresses and radish earrings, Lynch was Luna.

Over the next four films, Luna became a fan favorite thanks to Lynch‘s poignant portrayal of the character‘s unwavering kindness and courage. As the first Irish actress in a leading Harry Potter role, Lynch helped introduce the world to her home country‘s immense talent.

Versatile acting roles beyond Harry Potter

Post-Potter, Lynch has taken on a variety of compelling roles that highlight her versatility:

  • G.B.F. (2013) – Lynch showed her comedic chops as Soledad in this satirical teen film.
  • Adventure Time (2013-2015) – She voiced the squeaky forest nymph Betty in several episodes of the quirky animated series.
  • My Name is Emily (2015) – In this indie drama, she gave an understated yet moving performance as Emily Dickinson‘s sister Lavinia.
  • Hollywood (2020) – Lynch was virtually unrecognizable as the vivacious silent film star Clara Bow in this miniseries.

I‘m always impressed by Lynch‘s ability to disappear into vastly different characters. She chooses projects with depth and isn‘t afraid to take risks.

Other passions: activism, music, and more

Beyond acting, Lynch has many other creative outlets and causes she cares deeply about:

Veganism and Animal Rights

A passionate vegan, Lynch works closely with PETA to promote ethical treatment of animals. She even has a kitten rescue named after her character, Luna‘s Little Rescue!

Mental Health Advocacy

Having battled anorexia herself, Lynch is dedicated to reducing stigma around eating disorders and supporting mental health. She penned an essay about overcoming her struggles in The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting.


Lynch fronts the dream pop band The Moon Brothers alongside her brother. She also narrated the Tales of Beedle The Bard audiobook, handpicked by J.K. Rowling.

Lynch‘s creativity and activism inspire me daily. She proves you can use your platform to make a genuine difference.

Why I Adore Evanna Lynch

As someone who has followed her career for 15+ years, here‘s why I‘ll always adore Evanna Lynch:

  • She‘s unapologetically herself. Lynch has always embraced her uniqueness. Her bold sense of style and spiritual outlook make her a refreshing role model.
  • Her talent continues to grow. From nailing comedy to heart-wrenching drama, Lynch‘s emotional depth and magnetism shine in every role.
  • She uplifts others. Through mental health advocacy and creating art that spreads light, Lynch strives to support and empower.
  • She‘s eternally grateful. Despite her success, Lynch remains humble and always recognizes those who have helped her along the way.
  • She‘s a reminder to keep dreaming. Much like her whimsical character Luna, Lynch encourages us to see beauty and magic in the everyday.

5 Enchanting Facts About Lynch

  1. Name meaning: Her first name Evanna signifies "young warrior" in Irish Gaelic. Fitting for the fighting spirit she‘s shown in overcoming anorexia.
  2. Literary correspondent: Lynch wrote to J.K. Rowling as a child fan. The two became pen pals and still write to this day.
  3. Superfan: Lynch estimated she read the Harry Potter books over 24 times before being cast as Luna Lovegood.
  4. Beat out newcomers: As an unknown, Lynch won the coveted role over hundreds of professional actresses.
  5. Cat rescuer: An avid animal lover, Lynch works with cat rescue organizations to help stray and feral cats.


To me, Evanna Lynch stands out as one of the most inspirational actors out there. Both on and off screen, she radiates authenticity and uses her platform to spread joy. Though her Harry Potter days are behind her, I have no doubt Lynch will continue to mesmerize us with her acting and advocacy for years to come. She‘s a true gem – magical both inside and out!