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George W. Bush: America‘s 43rd President

Full Name George Walker Bush
Age 77
Birthday July 6, 1946
Birthplace New Haven, Connecticut
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer
Born United States
Relationship Married to Laura Bush
Height 6′ 0′′
Net Worth $75 million
Social Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

As the 43rd president of the United States, George W. Bush led the country through historic challenges like 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With his folksy Texas charm and accent, Bush embraced a confident conservative agenda as president. Though controversial, he remains a beloved patriarch of the Bush political dynasty.

Early Life and Pre-Presidency

Born in 1946 while his father attended Yale University, George W. Bush spent most of his childhood in Midland and Houston, Texas. After following his father to Phillips Academy Andover, he earned an undergraduate degree at Yale where he was known more for his party antics than academic performance.

After college, Bush returned to Texas and worked in the oil industry while serving in the Air National Guard. In 1989, Bush led an investment group that purchased the Texas Rangers baseball team. As managing partner, he profited when the team was sold in 1998.

First entering politics in 1994, Bush served two terms as Governor of Texas. Known for his bipartisan approach as governor, Bush also spearheaded education reform in the state. In 2000, Bush won a contentious presidential race against Vice President Al Gore after narrowly clinching Florida‘s electoral votes.

Presidency (2001-2009)

Upon taking office, Bush advocated for tax cuts and educational accountability laws like No Child Left Behind. But his presidency was dramatically transformed by the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. Bush responded with military action in Afghanistan to dismantle al-Qaeda.

In 2003, Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq based on controversial intelligence that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Though Hussein was deposed, the justification for war was questioned as no WMDs were found. Still, Bush won reelection in 2004 against John Kerry.

Bush‘s second term was plagued by challenges including the government‘s disastrous response to 2005‘s Hurricane Katrina. As the 2008 financial crisis struck late in his presidency, Bush backed controversial financial bailouts. With the wars, Katrina, and economic collapse damaging his popularity, Bush left office in 2009 with low approval ratings.


Retiring to Texas, Bush kept a relatively low profile after leaving office. He resides in Dallas where his presidential library opened on the SMU campus in 2013. Bush released a memoir about his presidency and has given paid speeches on leadership and policy since exiting the White House.

Bush spends free time mountain biking, golfing, and relaxing at his secluded ranch in Crawford, Texas. He has taken up painting, producing dozens of brightly-colored portraits of world leaders and US military veterans. With Bill Clinton, Bush led fundraising in response to disasters like Haiti‘s 2010 earthquake. He continues supporting wounded veterans and global health initiatives through his foundation.

Personal Life

Bush married librarian Laura Welch in 1977 and they have twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, born in 1981. As a young man, Bush struggled with alcohol abuse before becoming sober at age 40. During his presidency, he famously gave up golf as a sacrifice to support the troops.

A longtime Methodist, Bush‘s faith and belief in prayer were pivotal during his presidency. He respected the office, refusing to criticize successors or weigh in on issues out of the public spotlight. Bush maintains his trademark Texas charm, now as a cheerful retiree beloved by many despite the controversies of his administration.

Net Worth and Business Interests

George W. Bush has an estimated net worth around $75 million. Much of his wealth stems from his successful investment in the Texas Rangers baseball franchise, as well as lucrative real estate holdings, book deals, and speaking fees after leaving office.

The Bush family owns an expansive compound in Kennebunkport, Maine where they vacationed during his presidency. Bush also earns as much as $175,000 for speeches as part of the Washington Speakers Bureau. He resides in a lavish mansion in an affluent Dallas neighborhood.

Through investments, business partnerships, and inheritance, the extended Bush family has built a multi-generational fortune. But George W. Bush‘s wealth comes predominantly from his own business activities and political career before and after becoming president.

Interesting Facts

  • He is the first child of a president to serve as president himself.
  • Bush is a distant cousin of Franklin Pierce, the 14th U.S. president.
  • He gave up golf during his second term to show support for the troops.
  • Bush is the only president with an MBA degree.
  • His nicknames include "Dubya," referencing his Texas roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is George W. Bush‘s birthday?

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He is currently 77 years old.

What political party does Bush belong to?

George W. Bush is a member of the Republican Party. He served as a Republican governor in Texas before becoming president.

How much is George W. Bush worth?

Estimates place George W. Bush‘s net worth around $75 million as of 2022. His wealth comes from oil investments, the Texas Rangers sale, book deals, speaking fees, and other income sources.

Where does George W. Bush live now?

Since leaving the White House in 2009, Bush has resided in Dallas, Texas. He also owns a vacation compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.

What is George W. Bush doing now?

In retirement, Bush spends time with family, gives paid speeches, and works on behalf of his presidential foundation supporting veterans, global health, and other causes. He has written memoirs about his presidency and taken up painting.