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January Jones: Acclaimed Actress and Television Star

Full Name January Kristen Jones
Age 45
Birthday [January 5, 1978](
Birth Place United States
Height 5′ 6′′
Net Worth $10M
Social Media [Twitter](

Actress and model J.K. Jones, nominated for honors for Mad Men role of Betty Draper.

January Jones is an award-winning American actress best known for her starring role as Betty Draper on the hit television series Mad Men. As a longtime fan, I‘ve been impressed by her versatility across mediums and ability to bring nuance to complex characters.

Her Small Town Beginnings

Born January Kristen Jones on January 5, 1978 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, January was involved in local theater from a young age. According to interviews, she relished small town life as a kid, spending time outdoors and participating in school plays. Her dream, even then, was to perform.

After high school, January moved to New York City to begin modeling. Though she found success, modeling wasn‘t her true passion. So at age 20, January made the bold move to Los Angeles to fully dedicate herself to acting.

Earning Small Roles

Like many aspiring actors, January started with minor parts in films like Bandits, Anger Management, and Full Frontal. Her first major role came in 2003‘s American Wedding, where she played Cadence, one of the lead roles.

Over the next few years, January built up her resume with supporting turns in films such as We Are Marshall and Love Actually. I distinctly remember her charming scene as one of Colin Firth‘s love interests in Love Actually. She also held her own against Philip Seymour Hoffman in Pirate Radio.

Breakout as Betty Draper

January‘s career changed forever when she landed the role of Betty Draper on Mad Men. As the complex, dissatisfied wife of lead character Don Draper, January brought grace, strength, and vulnerability to Betty. Completely inhabiting the 1960s era, January made Betty an iconic character.

As a fan, I eagerly anticipated every new season of Mad Men, knowing January would continue to deliver a nuanced, riveting performance. She earned two Emmy nominations and one Golden Globe nomination for the role—and the admiration of audiences everywhere.

Displaying Range in Film

While starring on Mad Men, January stayed busy in film as well. She showed off her action chops in 2011‘s blockbuster X-Men: First Class. Portraying mutant Emma Frost, January embodied the comic book character with wit and confidence.

She also appeared in smaller films like Seeking Justice and Good Kill, demonstrating her versatility. January has proven equally adept at comedy, drama, and action—a true mark of a gifted actress.

Post-Mad Men Projects

After Mad Men ended in 2015, January went on to star in Fox‘s comedy series The Last Man on Earth from 2015-2018. Displaying deft comedic timing, she played the no-nonsense Erica Dundee. Most recently, she appeared in the 2019 comedy Good Boys.

Why I Adore January Jones

As a longtime fan, here are just some of the reasons I adore January Jones:

  • Her incredible range – She portrays every character distinctly and memorably
  • Her flair for drama – She conveys volumes with just a look
  • Her comedic chops – Her deadpan delivery is priceless
  • Her iconic fashion – She exudes retro chic style
  • Her acting commitment – She fully immerses herself in every role

January is that rare actress who can truly do it all. She has proven herself to be a versatile, gifted, and captivating performer throughout her career. At 45, January Jones still has so much ahead of her. I can‘t wait to see what exciting characters and stories she‘ll bring to life next. January Jones is undoubtedly an actress I‘ll be following for years to come.