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Layne Staley, Grunge Icon and Lead Singer of Alice in Chains

Full Name Layne Thomas Staley
Birthday August 22, 1967
Death Date April 5, 2002
Birth Sign Leo
Born Kirkland, WA, United States
Height 6′ 1′′
Net Worth $5M
Social Profiles Facebook,

Layne Staley was the gifted but troubled lead singer of Alice in Chains, one of the most successful and influential rock bands to emerge from Seattle‘s grunge scene in the 1990s. With his unique vocal abilities and intensely personal lyrics, Staley played a major role in propelling the band to stardom. However, he also struggled with crippling drug addictions that eventually cut his brilliant career short.

Early Life and Musical Influences

Born on August 22, 1967 in Kirkland, Washington, Layne Staley discovered his passion for music at a young age. As a child, he looked up to idols like Elvis Presley, Black Sabbath, and glam metal groups, mimicking their vocals and fashion.

In high school, Staley played drums in a cover band called Sleze. It was around this time that he met future Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell at a party. The two fast friends dreamed of starting a band together.

Soaring Success with Alice in Chains

After briefly performing as a glam metal outfit, Staley and Cantrell re-formed their band as Alice in Chains in 1987. They rocketed to fame after signing with Columbia Records in 1989 and releasing their debut album Facelift in 1990.

Powered by hits like "Man in the Box" and "Sea of Sorrow", Facelift announced the arrival of Alice in Chains‘ gritty, metal-tinged grunge style led by Staley‘s commanding vocals. It eventually went double-platinum.

The band‘s 1992 follow-up Dirt showcased Staley‘s vocal range and soul-baring lyrics, especially on tracks like "Down in a Hole" and "Angry Chair". Dirt remains Alice in Chains‘ most successful release, having sold over 4 million copies in the US alone.

The Dark Side of Stardom

Behind the scenes, Staley had been battling a heroin addiction that began in 1990. As his substance abuse intensified in the late 90s, so did the band‘s hardships.

Alice was forced to cancel tour dates as Staley‘s health declined. Their self-titled 1995 album was their last with Staley as an active member, after which he became increasingly reclusive.

On April 5, 2002, Layne Staley‘s body was discovered in his Seattle condo after he overdosed on a speedball at age 34. But his immense vocal talent and honest, soul-searching lyrics remain alive through Alice in Chains‘ records, solidifying him as one of rock‘s most distinctive voices.