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Oliver Tree

Full Name Oliver Tree Nickell
Age 30
Birthday June 29, 1993
Birth Sign Cancer
Born United States
Relationship Single
Height 6‘ 3"
Net Worth $3 Million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Oliver Tree Nickell is an American singer, producer and comedian from Santa Cruz signed to Atlantic Records in 2017. Known for his signature bowl cut hairstyle, quirky fashion sense and energetic live shows, Oliver Tree has crafted a unique style of pop music fused with hip hop, electronic and indie rock influences. Dubbed an "alien popstar", he first broke through with the viral hit "When I‘m Down" in 2017.

Early Life and Background

Born on June 29, 1993 in Santa Cruz, California, Oliver Tree‘s early life was filled with music. He was exposed to a wide variety of genres ranging from jazz and hip hop to pop punk and indie rock. This diverse musical education allowed Oliver to start developing his own eclectic sound. Outside of music, Oliver pursued hobbies like skateboarding and taught himself how to produce beats on Apple‘s GarageBand software.

Before breaking out as a musician, Oliver worked regular jobs at places like Target to pay the bills. But he was determined to make his dreams of stardom come true.

Musical Career

Oliver Tree started releasing music independently back in 2013 at just 20 years old. His debut EP "No Sleep Till Santa Cruz" gave fans a taste of his potential, but it wasn‘t until 2016 when he signed with Atlantic Records that his career took off.

Oliver‘s breakout single "When I‘m Down" went viral in 2017, racking up over 50 million Youtube views. The music video introduced the world to Oliver‘s signature bowl cut hair and quirky fashion sense. Since then, he‘s released several hit singles like "Alien Boy", "Hurt", and "Life Goes On" along with two EPs and his full length debut album "Ugly is Beautiful" in 2019.

Known for his high-energy live shows, Oliver Tree embarked on his first headlining North American tour in 2019 after building up his fanbase through extensive touring since 2016. Not just a performer, Oliver also founded his own record label called Alien Outfit in 2018.

Sound and Style

Oliver Tree has developed a sound that seamlessly fuses pop, hip hop, electronic, indie and even 90s alt rock influences into catchy songs. His lyrics discuss personal topics like anxiety, heartbreak and depression with striking honesty. While hard to categorize, his music is invariably upbeat and energetic with massive pop hooks.

His nasally vocals add a quirky edge, while his ironic rap-singing has become a signature. Oliver‘s style is also completely unique – the bowl cut hair paired with oversized clothing and colorful accessories has become his trademark look.

Why Fans Love Oliver Tree

He‘s innovative – Oliver Tree gleefully smashes genres together in new ways not heard before. His music refuses to sit still.

He‘s entertaining – From outlandish music videos to his insane live shows, Oliver Tree delivers exciting entertainment every time.

He‘s relatable – His lyrics are raw and discuss personal struggles many fans connect deeply with.

Fun Facts About Oliver Tree

  • Had an eclectic musical education ranging from jazz to pop punk
  • Wrote an unpublished novel called "The Adventures of an Unknown Skater"
  • Founded his own record label Alien Outfit in 2018
  • Used to work at Target before becoming a musician
  • Started making music at just 15 years old on GarageBand

The Legacy of Oliver Tree

In just a few short years, Oliver Tree has carved out a unique lane in the music industry. His bold genre-mixing inspires other artists to be more creative. The vulnerable themes in his lyrics forge deep connections with fans. Most importantly, Oliver Tree has proven that you can find immense success by bravely being yourself.

He‘s not afraid to look different or sound different. Oliver Tree has paved his own path by doing things his own way with his inimitable swagger and style. His impact will be felt for generations to come.