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Rain Brown – The Resilient Alaskan Bush Person

Rain Brown: At a Glance

Full Name Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown
Birthday November 23, 2002
Age 20 years old
Born Alaska, United States
Parents Billy Brown, Ami Brown
Siblings 6 siblings: Matthew, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Snowbird
Relationship status Single
Net worth Estimated $200K
Social media Instagram, Twitter

Rain Brown is an environmental activist and television personality known for her appearances on the reality TV show "Alaskan Bush People." Despite her young age, Rain has already made quite a name for herself through her unique upbringing and adventures on the popular show. As a longtime fan, I wanted to share a deeper look at her background, interests, impact and all the reasons we love Rain Brown!

Her Remarkable Upbringing in Rural Alaska

Born on November 23, 2002 to parents Billy and Ami Brown, Rain spent her early childhood in rural Alaska completely isolated from modern society. At a young age, Rain moved with her family to Chichagof Island off the Alaskan coast. There, the Browns lived an off-the-grid, subsistence lifestyle with no electricity or running water.

Rain was raised in rugged wilderness conditions alongside her six siblings. Despite the harsh environment, she thrived learning vital survival skills like hunting, fishing, and foraging. Rain also cultivated a deep love of nature and the Alaskan bush. Her unique upbringing shaped Rain into the strong, resilient young woman she is today.

Gaining Fame on Alaskan Bush People

In 2014, the Browns began documenting their extraordinary lifestyle on the Discovery Channel show Alaskan Bush People. As one of the younger members of the "Wolfpack," Rain quickly became a fan favorite.

Over the years, audiences have seen Rain grow up before their eyes. We‘ve watched her embark on her first hunting excursion, play in the forest with her siblings, and even cope with the loss of the family home in a devastating fire.

Through it all, Rain handles every challenge with maturity, tenacity and good humor – qualities that have made her such an endearing part of the show. Her natural charisma and charm shine through.

Passions, Interests and Personality

There‘s so much more to love about Rain beyond her rugged outdoor skills. She‘s proven to be a fun-loving, creative soul with diverse passions. When she‘s not busy helping her family survive in the Alaskan bush, Rain enjoys singing, painting, photography and spending time with animals.

Fashion and style are also important creative outlets for Rain. She loves staying up-to-date on trends and expresses her originality through bold, unique looks.

At her core, Rain is a deeply caring, family-oriented individual. She remains incredibly close with her parents and siblings who are the center of her world. Rain also uses her platform to raise awareness for Parkinson‘s disease which her mother suffers from. She has strong Christian faith that guides how she interacts with the world. Despite growing up in isolation, Rain has a wisdom far beyond her years.

Her Rising Fame on Social Media

In recent years, Rain has grown her fanbase far beyond just viewers of Alaskan Bush People by building an impressive social media presence. She did not get her first smartphone until age 15, but has quickly amassed over 300,000 followers sharing glimpses of her life online.

On platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Rain engages with supporters across the globe. She often shares stunning Alaskan wilderness photography along with motivational Christian messages and words of positivity. Rain interacts with fans in comment sections spreading lighthearted humor and good vibes.

As one of her earliest supporters, it has been amazing watching Rain find her unique voice and connect with people worldwide. The future is bright for this charismatic, multitalented Alaskan Bush Person!

Why Rain Brown is a True Inspiration

Here are just a few of the many reasons Rain Brown is such an inspirational person and role model:


Her resilience

Rain is wise beyond her years and incredibly resilient thanks to her unique upbringing. She is capable of overcoming any challenge the Alaskan wilderness throws her way.


Her adventurous spirit

Rain lives every day to the fullest. She is always up for anything whether it be hunting, fishing, or roaming the Alaskan bush.


Her creativity

Rain has an artistic soul. She loves expressing herself through music, photography, style, and more.


Her caring nature

Rain has a heart of gold. She loves helping her family and raising awareness for causes close to her.


Her faith

Rain has strong Christian values that guide how she lives. She shares uplifting messages with her fans.

5 Fascinating Facts About Rain Brown

Here are some interesting, little-known tidbits about Rain Brown that showcase her multifaceted personality:


She loves rollercoasters.

You may not expect this bush girl to be a thrill seeker, but Rain absolutely loves adrenaline rushes from rollercoasters.


She once lived on a sailboat.

When Rain was younger, her family briefly lived on a sailboat when they were between homes.


She loves mystery novels.

For a quiet escape, Rain enjoys curling up with an intriguing mystery or crime novel.


She‘s an aspiring actress.

In addition to TV fame, Rain dreams of becoming a professional actress and model someday.


She has 300k+ Instagram fans.

Rain has built an impressive 336k fanbase on Instagram where she shares her life.

The Impact of Rain Brown

At just 20 years old, Rain Brown is already a rising star and role model. As an Alaskan Bush People fan from the beginning, I‘ve loved watching Rain grow into a mature, independent and inspiring woman.

Despite her age, she displays wisdom far beyond her years. Rain proves you don‘t have to fit a mold to make your dreams come true. With her joyful spirit, unique talents and determination – the sky is truly the limit for this remarkable Alaskan Bush Person. Rain Brown is sure to continue touching lives and lighting up the world around her for years to come!