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Saweetie – The Icy Girl Taking Over Hip Hop

Full Name Diamonté Harper
Stage Name Saweetie
Birthday July 2, 1993
Birth Place Santa Clara, California
Origin African-American, Filipino, Native American
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Years Active 2016–present
Label Warner Records
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

As one of her biggest fans since the beginning, I‘m so excited to see Saweetie‘s meteoric rise in hip hop over the last few years. When "Icy Grl" first hit the scene, I knew she was someone special. Now Diamonté "Saweetie" Harper has cemented herself as one of the brightest new stars that hip hop has seen in a long time.

Humble Beginnings in Northern California

Born on July 2, 1993 in Santa Clara, California, Saweetie is of mixed Filipino, African American and Native American heritage. She had a passion for hip hop from a young age but grew up in a house full of athletes and was expected to play sports. Saweetie attended San Diego State on a volleyball scholarship before realizing music was her true calling.

After dropping out of college in 2013, Saweetie independently released her first EP High Maintenance in 2014. The project showcased her potential, but it failed to make an impact commercially. For the next few years, Saweetie focused on building her brand and honing her unique style. All her hard work culminated in the 2016 release of her breakout single "Icy Grl." And the rest is hip hop history!

The Smash Hit "Icy Grl" Put Saweetie on the Map

When "Icy Grl" dropped, it immediately caught fire online. Saweetie‘s swaggering rhymes and icy persona over the icy beat made the track instantly addictive. After racking up millions of views, the song landed Saweetie a record deal with Warner Bros. in 2017. When she released the official "Icy Grl" video in 2018, it became a huge viral moment, cementing Saweetie as the ‘Icy Girl‘ in hip hop.

As a day one fan who watched that video the minute it came out, I was so hyped to see Saweetie‘s unique style and energy on full display. The icy blue box braids, the glittery jacket – she dripped swag in every scene. I must have replayed it 100 times! "Icy Grl" was the perfect introduction to Saweetie.

From "My Type" to Debut Album "Pretty B*tch Music"

On the heels of "Icy Grl," Saweetie kept the hits coming. She followed up in 2018 with the High Maintenance EP featuring bangers like "B.A.N." and the anthemic "Focus." But it was her 2019 single "My Type" that changed everything. That insanely catchy song went viral on TikTok and became Saweetie‘s first Top 40 hit. By the end of the year, she was nominated for Best New Hip Hop Artist at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

For us longtime fans, "My Type" was special because it showed her versatility as an artist. Over the smooth R&B-tinged beat, Saweetie got vulnerable about relationships in a way she rarely had before. Clearly she had won over America‘s heart too – "My Type" has been streamed over 216 million times!

After much anticipation, Saweetie finally unveiled her debut album Pretty B*tch Music in 2021. Led by bops like "Tap In," "Back to the Streets" and the Doja Cat collab "Best Friend," the project showed off the many sides of Saweetie. It may have gotten mixed reviews, but for me it captured the bold, unapologetic spirit I‘ve always admired in her.

Influential Fashionista and Cultural Force

Beyond the music, Saweetie has become one of the most influential fashionistas in the game. The girl is constantly dripping in high fashion – Christian Louboutin heels, Versace or Chanel suits. Even her wild fingernails have become a signature accessory. But she also keeps it real for her fans with more affordable fashion lines with PrettyLittleThing and SinfulColors.

Not only does Saweetie have style, she‘s got substance too. She‘s been outspoken about racism in the industry and society at large. On social media and in interviews, she promotes positive messages about self-love, confidence and embracing your uniqueness. After going from college athlete to chart-topping rapper, Saweetie shows that perseverance pays off. She‘s paved the way for so many women trying to thrive in hip hop today.

Saweetie Is Just Getting Started

With undisputed bops like "Icy Grl," "My Type" and "Tap In" under her belt, Saweetie has proven she‘s not going anywhere. After making history with her Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, I can only imagine what she‘ll accomplish in 2022 and beyond. As a lifelong fan, I‘m excited to continue watching the fearless Saweetie evolve from icy girl to icy empress!


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