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Slash – The Iconic Guitar Legend

Slash Profile Overview

Full Name Saul Hudson
Stage Name Slash
Birthday July 23, 1965
Birthplace Hampstead, London, England
Age 58
Occupation Musician, Songwriter
Years Active 1981–present
Net Worth $90 million (estimated)
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As a longtime fan, I‘m thrilled to provide an in-depth look at the life and career of the legendary guitarist Slash. He‘s an iconic rock star and global celebrity, but also boasts an intriguing personal history.

Early Life in England & America

Born in 1965 in London to an African-American father and English mother, Slash spent his early childhood in the gritty Stoke-on-Trent area. But at age 5, his parents relocated the family to Los Angeles – a move that would profoundly shape Slash‘s future musical career.

As a teen, the young Saul Hudson embraced the glam metal scene exploding on LA‘s Sunset Strip. While attending Beverly Hills High School, he befriended future bandmate Steven Adler. After being kicked out of school for smoking pot, Slash pursued music full-time.

Guns N‘ Roses Takeover

As an avid fan, I consider Slash‘s career peak to be his work with legendary rock act Guns N‘ Roses. The band dominated the late 80s music scene with their volatility and hedonism. Their 1987 debut album Appetite for Destruction, driven by Slash‘s fiery guitar riffs, is one of the best-selling albums ever.

Songs like "Welcome to the Jungle," "Sweet Child O‘ Mine," and "Paradise City" featured Slash‘s signature guitar solos. During raucous live shows, Slash enthralled crowds with blur-speed solos and dangerous rock star antics.

Going Solo

Creative differences led Slash to leave Guns N‘ Roses in 1996. But he wasted no time launching his prolific solo career. His star-studded self-titled solo debut featured guests like Lenny Kravitz and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Over the years, Slash has collaborated with everyone from Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan. Not one to stay idle, he also founded Slash‘s Snakepit and joined the supergroup Velvet Revolver. Recently, he‘s been recording and touring with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

Slash‘s Signature Style

From his iconic top hat to his fiery fretwork, Slash has cultivated a unique style. His guitar prowess blends raw power with emotion and precision. Blues greats like B.B. King and Eric Clapton profoundly influenced his playing.

Slash‘s guitar of choice is the Les Paul. His favorite is a 1959 Gibson Les Paul replica he affectionately calls "Clone." His fast yet controlled playing and immaculate sense of timing give his solos an instantly recognizable sound.

Offstage, the guitarist has a surprisingly low-key style. But he‘s never seen without his trademark sunglasses and hats. To fans, Slash‘s curly black hair is as iconic as his music.

Still Going Strong

At 58, Slash shows no signs of slowing down. He continues touring worldwide and putting out new music regularly. His latest album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, called 4, landed in February 2022.

I‘m delighted Slash is still churning out killer rock songs and sharing his gift with the world. He‘s undeniably one of the greatest guitarists in history. After over 40 years in the business, Slash‘s genius continues to inspire new generations of musicians worldwide.