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Stephen Colbert – America‘s Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host

Full Name Stephen Tyrone Colbert
Birthday May 13, 1964
Birth Place Washington, D.C.
Age 59
Residence Montclair, New Jersey
Education Northwestern University (BA)
Occupation Comedian, Television Host, Actor, Writer, Producer
Years active 1990–present
Spouse Evelyn McGee-Colbert (m. 1993)
Children 3
Notable works The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Awards 9 Emmy Awards, 2 Peabody Awards
Net worth $75 million
Twitter @StephenAtHome
Instagram @stephenathome

Stephen Colbert is one of the most popular and beloved late night talk show hosts on American television. For over two decades, he has been entertaining audiences with his sharp wit, incisive political commentary, and hilarious comedic talents. As a long-time fan, I‘m excited to share more about his background, accomplishments, and enduring appeal.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Tyrone Colbert was born on May 13, 1964 in Washington, D.C. As the youngest of 11 children, he grew up in a bustling Catholic household. He has shared fond memories of his childhood in Charleston, South Carolina alongside his ten siblings. Tragedy struck the Colbert family when Stephen was just 10 years old and his father and two of his brothers were killed in a devastating plane crash.

After graduating from Porter-Gaud School, Colbert attended Hampden–Sydney College where he briefly studied to become a marine biologist before transferring to Northwestern University. There he joined the university‘s improv troupe and studied theatrical performance, graduating in 1986. During these formative college years, Stephen met his future wife Evelyn McGee who would become his rock through the ups and downs of his blossoming career.

Comedy Beginnings at Second City and on TV

After college, Stephen Colbert dove headfirst into the world of comedy and improvisation. He went on to study acting at Chicago‘s legendary Second City Theatre where he met Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello. The trio went on to create and star in the satirical sketch comedy series Exit 57 in the mid-1990s.

Around this same time, Stephen landed supporting comedic roles on The Dana Carvey Show and Saturday Night Live. He began appearing on popular late night shows, demonstrating his wit and charisma to growing audiences. Seeing Stephen‘s talent for improv and satire during these early career years, it was evident stardom was soon to come.

Rise to Fame on The Daily Show

Stephen Colbert‘s big break came in 1997 when he was hired by Madeleine Smithberg as a correspondent on Comedy Central‘s news parody program The Daily Show. He spent an impressive eight years on The Daily Show, helping to pioneer the comedic deadpan delivery style of reporting on political and social issues. The show became known for its satirical take on politics and media.

Working alongside Jon Stewart, Stephen shined as a correspondent. He developed popular recurring segments like "This Week in God" where he lampooned religious news stories. I vividly recall laughing along nightly at his hilarious coverage of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Stephen‘s work on The Daily Show laid the foundations for his rise to fame.

Starring in The Colbert Report

After leaving The Daily Show in 2005, Stephen Colbert moved to the spotlight when he began hosting his own spin-off show – The Colbert Report, also on Comedy Central. On the new show, he starred as a fictionalized, over-the-top caricature of a conservative political pundit. His ridiculous logic and feigned ego were uproarious.

The Colbert Report was a massive success, earning widespread critical acclaim and high ratings. It incorporated news parodies, entertaining guests, and hilarious sketches for a clever balance of smart satire and silliness. I made watching the show each evening a priority for its refreshing blend of laughs and social commentary.

The Report ran for nearly a decade, racking up Emmy awards before ending in 2014. Looking back, Stephen‘s work on the show cemented him as one of the premier political satirists of our time.

A New Challenge: The Late Show

When David Letterman announced he would be retiring from CBS‘ The Late Show in 2015, it was uncertain who could possibly fill his shoes. But the network made an inspired choice by selecting Stephen Colbert to take over hosting duties on the iconic late night franchise.

Though this was a big transition, Colbert brought his quick wit and personable style to the more traditional program. As a testament to his versatility, he adeptly took on the duties of a mainstream late night show like musical guests and interviews with celebrities outside the political sphere.

Under Colbert‘s leadership, The Late Show continues earning strong ratings through hilarious games, sketch comedy, musical acts, and incisive takes on current events. As a devoted fan, it has been highly rewarding seeing Stephen apply his talents to this new format. He has fully risen to the challenge.

Work and Accolades

Beyond his successful shows, Stephen Colbert has compiled an impressive resume of other projects showcasing his range:

  • Published multiple books including 2007‘s New York Times bestselling I Am America (And So Can You!)
  • Testified in character on immigration before Congress in 2010
  • Had voice roles in animated films like Mr. Peabody & Sherman and TV‘s Rick and Morty
  • Made cameos in movies such as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • Hosted major awards shows like the Emmys (2014) and the Kennedy Center Honors (2017)

Stephen‘s accomplishments have earned him wide recognition. He has won nine Emmy awards, two Peabody awards, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a fan, I feel immense pride seeing his success.

Charity and Personal Life

In addition to his prolific career, Stephen Colbert has also distinguished himself with considerable charity work. He has raised funds and awareness for causes like wounded veterans, education reform, and disaster relief. I deeply admire his commitment to giving back.

Stephen resides in Montclair, New Jersey with his wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert, who he married in 1993. They have three children together – Madeleine, Peter, and John. He remains a dedicated family man and practicing Catholic who openly discusses faith. Despite his fame, Stephen has retained admirable humility.

Why He‘s So Appealing

What makes Stephen Colbert so beloved by fans? There are many reasons for his enduring appeal:

  • His energetic presence and boundless enthusiasm on camera
  • Rapid-fire wit and ability to quip funny jokes spontaneously
  • Talent for educating audiences while entertaining them
  • Fearlessness in satirizing politics and media
  • Relatability and humility despite his fame
  • Mastery of deadpan, ironic comedy delivery
  • Rapport with guests that produces insightful interviews
  • Flair for physical comedy and silly sketches
  • Passion for socially conscious themes underlying the humor

For these reasons and more, Stephen Colbert has rightfully earned a place in comedy history. His unique comedic voice has influenced many.

Fun Facts About Stephen

Beyond his career accomplishments, fans like myself enjoy learning some fun facts about Stephen‘s life off camera:

  • He briefly studied to be a marine biologist in college before switching to theater
  • Auditioned for Saturday Night Live in the 1990s but was rejected
  • Made a cameo in the 2016 superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Provided voice acting for animated projects like Bewitched and Rick and Morty
  • His first name was chosen by his father after a character in the novel Treasure Island
  • Had an emotional visit to the Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand where he met Peter Jackson
  • Performed Sesame Street‘s "Here is Your Life" song about his career and legacy
  • His family rescued their dog Baxter from a kill shelter after the dog was abandoned

These fun facts provide a glimpse into Stephen‘s life beyond his late night comedy persona.

The Legacy

For over two decades, Stephen Colbert has established himself as one of the most iconic comedians and television personalities of his generation. As a devoted fan, I deeply appreciate the laughter and insightful social commentary he has provided throughout his prolific career. His quick wit, sharp satire, and effervescent charm have made him a cultural institution.

Stephen Colbert‘s legacy will be one of spearheading a new form of news satire that enlightens as much as it entertains. His rise to stardom has been a joy to witness. I know Stephen will continue providing much-needed laughs and bringing people together for many more years to come. He is truly one of America‘s most beloved entertainers.