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Fashion Icon Tina Knowles

Full Name: Celestine Ann Beyincé Knowles-Lawson

Age: 69 years old

Birthday: January 4, 1954

Birthplace: Galveston, Texas

Height: 5‘6"

Relationship Status: Married to Richard Lawson

Net Worth: $20 million

Social Media:

As a longtime admirer of Tina Knowles, it‘s my pleasure to provide an in-depth introduction to this multi-talented woman who has made an indelible impact on the worlds of music, fashion, and pop culture.

Early Life and Childhood Passion for Fashion Design

Born in Galveston, Texas in 1954, Tina‘s parents were Lumis Albert Beyincé and Agnéz Deréon. She was one of seven children raised in a devout Catholic household. From an early age, Tina took a keen interest in sewing and fashion design. She relished in making her own clothes and altering hand-me-downs for her siblings. Tina‘s natural creative flair and vision was apparent even as a young girl.

After graduating high school, Tina chose to hone her passion by enrolling in cosmetology school to become a professional beautician. This training helped set the foundation for her future fashion career.

Launching Destiny‘s Child to Superstardom

In the 1990s, Tina began designing costumes for her husband Mathew Knowles‘ hottest new R&B group Destiny‘s Child, featuring none other than her daughter Beyoncé Knowles. Tina carefully crafted the group‘s signature look, combining her love of fashion, music and family. She broke new ground with her edgy hip hop-inspired designs.

As Destiny‘s Child rose to chart-topping success, Tina‘s influence expanded. She continued to create groundbreaking looks for the group‘s music videos and high-profile performances. Tina‘s bold aesthetic helped showcase Destiny‘s Child as fashion icons of their era. They became global superstars in large part due to her creative vision.

Building a Fashion Empire with House of Deréon

Once Destiny‘s Child firmly solidified their status as legends, Tina looked to launch her own fashion empire. In 2004, she created House of Deréon, a contemporary ready-to-wear line inspired by her mother Agnéz‘s timeless style.

Some key milestones for the brand:

  • Specialized in street couture blending hip hop and tailoring
  • Gained fame via Destiny‘s Child endorsements
  • Expanded into accessories, perfumes, kids clothing
  • Earned mainstream appeal across the U.S. and worldwide

Over the next decade, House of Deréon became a fashion force through Tina‘s business leadership and design skills. She later partnered with Beyoncé to launch the younger sub-brand Deréon in 2010.

Advocating for Cancer Research and Help for Women

Beyond her fashion success, Tina is devoted to philanthropy and giving back. As a breast cancer survivor, she advocates tirelessly for cancer research and awareness. Tina also works with non-profits in her hometown of Houston to provide resources for single mothers and women‘s empowerment.

Some of her charitable initiatives include:

  • Founding Miss A Meal, encouraging kids to donate lunch money to charity
  • Serving as spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Working with the Sunbeam Family Services group to aid underprivileged families

Tina has turned strife into strength by channeling her health struggles into helping others. She is a role model for using your platform to enact positive change.

Continuing Her Legacy in Fashion and Family

Now in her late 60s, Tina shows no signs of slowing down her multifaceted career. She continues to run House of Deréon while mentoring aspiring designers. Tina models for her brand as well, empowering women to embrace their beauty at any age. She also still works closely with Beyoncé to design showstopping looks for her live concert tours.

Tina‘s lasting influence spans both fashion and family. She exemplifies following your dreams with hard work, passion and generosity of spirit. As someone who deeply admires her drive and accomplishments, I cannot wait to see what Tina Knowles achieves next!