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Trevor Wallace – The Hilarious Young Comedian Taking Social Media By Storm

Full Name Trevor Wallace
Age 30 years old
Birthday December 30, 1992
Birthplace Camarillo, California, United States
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $500 thousand
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Trevor Wallace is a famous American comedian, writer and actor from Camarillo, California acclaimed for work on channels such as Buzzfeed, Unilad and MTV2. He first jumped on the scene back in 2013 by posting hilarious short videos on Vine. His comedic talents quickly exploded in popularity online, earning him over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Getting His Start on Vine

Wallace got started by posting 6-second skits on Vine in 2013. His goofy sense of humor and improvisation skills made him an instant hit. Some of his top Vines included "When Bae Says They‘re Home Alone," "When You Hit Your Funny Bone," and "When You Wake Up Late for Work" – each gaining over 1 million loops. Vine gave Wallace a platform to showcase his talents to a wide audience.

Blowing Up on YouTube

After dominating Vine, Wallace created a YouTube channel in 2014 to share longer videos. His channel took off exponentially, amassing over 1 million subscribers. Some of his most viral sketches like "When You Think He‘s Toxic," "Every 14-Year Old Girl in LA," and "Fraternity Hazing" each have 5+ million views.

Beyond his own channel, Wallace has worked with Buzzfeed, MTV, Comedy Central, Funny or Die and more. In 2019, he became a regular on BuzzFeed‘s "BuzzFeed Unsolved Network" – consistently the most viewed episodes.

Stand-Up Comedy and Acting Pursuits

Wallace has toured extensively as a stand-up comedian at various clubs and venues across the country. His improvised fan interactions and high energy make his stand-up shows a riotously good time.

He has started breaking into TV acting as well, guest starring on The Detour (TBS) and Greatest Party Story Ever (MTV). Critics have praised his natural comedic timing and screen presence.

Why Fans Adore Trevor Wallace

There are many reasons Trevor Wallace has become so beloved by fans:

  • Relatable – His chill, conversational tone makes it feel like he‘s your hilarious best friend.
  • Improv Master – Wallace thrives when riffing off the cuff in videos, revealing his razor-sharp wit.
  • High Energy – He brings an infectious enthusiastic and goofy vibe to his comedy.
  • Observations – While being silly, Wallace incisively satirizes elements of modern culture.
  • Multi-Talented – He shines at stand-up, improv, acting, writing, and more. A true comedic renaissance man!

The Future is Bright

At just 30 years old, Trevor Wallace‘s career is clearly on the up and up. As he books bigger stand-up gigs and lands more acting roles, his fanbase and stardom continues to skyrocket. He undoubtedly has the potential to become one of the biggest comedic talents of his generation. We can expect great things from Trevor Wallace for years to come!