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The 5 Best Large HP Laptops for Every Need (17-Inch+ Screens)

As one of the top PC manufacturers, HP offers an exceptional lineup of laptops to fit a wide range of needs and budgets. And for those wanting some extra real estate for gaming, creative work, or productivity, HP has several excellent 17-inch+ models to choose from.

In this buyer‘s guide, we‘ll compare HP‘s laptop offerings and make recommendations for the best large HP laptops across a few key categories:

  • Best for Gaming: HP Omen 17
  • Best for Creative Work: HP Envy 17
  • Best Mobile Workstation: HP ZBook Studio
  • Best All-Purpose: HP Pavilion 17
  • Best Budget: HP 17z

We‘ll compare the specs, features, and overall value of these 17-inch beasts to help you decide which is the right fit. Whether you want maximum power for gaming and video editing or just need a big screen for everyday tasks, HP has a large laptop that can handle it.

An Overview of HP‘s Laptop Lineup

As one of the top three PC makers along with Dell and Lenovo, HP offers a deep lineup of laptops under several brand umbrellas:

HP Spectre – The high-end premium brand aimed at executives, frequent travelers, and creative pros. Exceptionally thin and light designs.

HP Envy – Also premium models but more affordable than Spectre. Excellent all-around laptops for home, school, and creative projects.

HP Pavilion – HP‘s mainstream home and student laptop offering. Great value with decent build quality and performance.

HP Omen – HP‘s gaming-focused laptops with high-end components and aggressive gamer aesthetics.

HP ZBook Studio – Mobile workstations with ISV-certified components for engineering, design, sciences, etc.

HP ProBook – Affordable, durable business laptops with essential features and connectivity.

HP Chromebook – Simple Chrome OS-based laptops focused on cloud apps and web browsing

HP 17z – HP‘s budget line lacks a defined brand. Basic computing for light tasks.

Now let‘s see which models offer the biggest screens and best value within these lineups.

Why Choose a Large 17-Inch+ HP Laptop?

The most common laptop screens fall in the 13 to 15-inch range, with 17-inch models considered quite large by today‘s standards. A few key reasons why you may want to go big with a 17-inch+ HP laptop include:

  • Superior Immersion for Gaming & Video – With a large, high resolution display you can truly get lost in your favorite games and movies.

  • More On-Screen Workspace – The extra real estate allows more application windows which is great for heavy multitasking.

  • Enhanced Creative Workflows – Larger canvases for photo, video, 3D editing. More timeline space for audio production.

Of course with bigger screens comes reduced portability. While 17-inch laptops have gotten surprisingly thin and light over the years, an ultraportable 13-inch model will always be easier to transport. You‘ll need to decide if the extra screen real estate is worth the tradeoff.

Next let‘s take a look at some of HP‘s best current and upcoming 17-inch+ laptops ideal for gaming, creative work, business, and more.

Best for Gaming: HP Omen 17

HP Omen 17 gaming laptop

If you want a mammoth screen for totally immersing yourself in games, the HP Omen 17 delivers. Available with up to a QHD 165Hz display, the latest Nvidia RTX graphics, and high-powered Intel processors, the Omen 17 brings desktop-like muscle in a (somewhat) portable package.

Some key gaming-oriented features of the HP Omen 17 line include:

  • 17.3-inch 1080p or 1440p display with fast refresh rates up to 165Hz
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, 3080 Ti dedicated GPU options
  • High wattage Intel Core i7/i9 HX processors
  • Per key RGB lighting and gamer aesthetic design
  • Beefy cooling system to sustain high FPS during long sessions
  • Lots of storage space for games with dual SSD + HDD options

Pricing starts around $1350 for a lower config and climbs over $2000 for a fully loaded model. So there‘s an Omen 17 build for varying budgets and needs. Compared to rivals like the Razer Blade 17 though, the Omen delivers better value at each spec level.

If you desire the ultimate big screen HP gaming experience, the Omen 17 has the performance, display quality, and features to deliver.

Best for Creative Work: HP Envy 17

HP Envy 17 creative laptop

For creative professionals who want a large canvas for photo/video editing or other graphic design work, the HP Envy 17 brings an excellent mix of performance and screen real estate. Models like the Envy 17-ch1000 feature 17.3-inch 4K displays with 100% Adobe RGB coverage foraccurate color reproduction.

Ideal creative features of the HP Envy 17 line include:

  • 17.3-inch 1080p or 4K display options with 100% sRGB or Adobe RGB gamuts
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 dedicated GPU on higher configs
    -Latest 12th Gen Intel Core i7 H-Series processors
    -16GB to 32GB RAM capacity for complex creative applications
    -SD card reader and variety of ports for accessory connectivity

Pricing for a decent Envy 17 creative laptop starts around $1300. But you can customize configurations with 4K displays and beefier components that approach $2000+. Still, that‘s more affordable than competitors like the Dell XPS and MacBook Pro 17-inch models.

If you want a color-accurate, desktop-sized canvas within your laptop, the Envy 17 delivers outstanding creative bang for buck.

Best Mobile Workstation: HP ZBook Studio

HP ZBook Studio mobile workstation

For engineers, architects, data scientists, and other professionals needing serious number crunching capabilities on-the-go, HP‘s ZBook Studio line offers excellent large-screen mobile workstations. Though maxing out at 16-inches, ZBook Studio models feature certified components and ISV app support for reliable profession usage.

Some ideal mobile workstation features include:

  • 16-inch 1080p or 4K DreamColor display with 100% DCI-P3 coverage
  • Professional Nvidia Quadro GPUs certified for key software
  • Intel Xeon and Core i9 processors for multi-threaded workloads
  • Error correcting ECC RAM to prevent data loss
  • Durable metal chassis that passes MIL-STD 801H testing
  • Variety of security features like HP Sure Start and self-healing BIOS

Pricing gets quite high for fully loaded ZBook Studios, often over $3000+. But you get excellent reliability and performance for engineering programs like SolidWorks, MATLAB, AutoCAD and more. Support for ECC RAM also makes ZBooks ideal for financial, scientific, and healthcare applications.

If you need maximum quality assurance alongside screen size in a mobile workstation, HP ZBooks are hard to beat.

Best All-Purpose: HP Pavilion 17

^Image demonstrating the HP Pavilion‘s all-purpose capabilities

For shoppers wanting a big screen for general home usage, web browsing, office work, and light gaming, the HP Pavilion 17 delivers excellent value. Despite the budget-friendly price, build quality is pretty solid with a variety of configurations to fit different needs.

Useful features of the HP Pavilion 17 line include:

  • 17.3-inch HD or Full HD screen with touch options on some models
  • Latest 12th Gen Intel Core i3 to i7 processors
  • Integrated Intel Xe graphics suitable for video streaming & light gaming
  • 8GB to 16GB RAM capacity depending on config
  • Quality speakers with Audio by B&O on higher-end configs
  • Wide range of prices from $500 to $900+ based on specs

With a big screen for easy viewing, decent general performance, and excellent pricing, the Pavilion 17 manages light computing needs on a budget. It may not handle intensive creative workloads or the latest games on high graphics. But for students working on papers, adults browsing recipes, even boomers looking at family photos, the HP Pavilion 17 nicely fills that big screen niche at home without breaking the bank.

Best Budget: HP 17z

Affordable HP 17z laptop

If you want the largest screen possible at the lowest price, HP offers the 17z line. With basic specs and plastic construction, the 17z doesn‘t deliver blazing speed or gorgeous visuals. But it provides essential web browsing, video watching, and light productivity on the cheap.

Cost-cutting attributes of the HP 17z line include:

  • 17.3-inch HD display with low color accuracy/brightness
  • Entry level AMD Athlon, Ryzen, and Intel Celeron processors
  • Integrated graphics shares RAM rather than dedicated VRAM
  • Just 4 to 8GB system RAM depending on config
  • All-plastic construction but decent port selection

Pricing starts at shockingly low $380 and peaks around $550 for the highest spec option. At those prices, it‘s an ultra-affordable way to gain a desktop-sized display for basic computing. Performance and visuals will be quite limited though.

If your computing needs are simple and you want the most screen possible for the least money, the HP 17z gets the job done on a tight budget.

Comparison Table

Here‘s a quick overview of the specs, pricing, and ideal usage for these top large screen HP laptops:

Model Screen Size Price Range Good For
HP Omen 17 17.3-inch $1350-$2000+ AAA gaming, video streaming, heavy multitasking
HP Envy 17 17.3-inch $1300-$2000 Photo/video editing, graphic design, content creation
HP ZBook Studio 16-inch $2000-$3000+ Engineering, data science, architecture – ISV certified for reliability
HP Pavilion 17.3-inch $500-$900 General home use, office work, web browsing, light gaming
HP 17z 17.3-inch $380-$550 Tightest budgets needing largest display possible for web browsing & streaming

Buying Advice for Large HP Laptops

Beyond just choosing one of the models above, here are some key factors to consider when buying any 17-inch HP laptop:

Display – Prioritize resolution and color quality for your needs – 1080p for gaming/video, 4K & wide color for creative work

Processor – Target latest Intel 11th or 12th Gen Core i5/i7 for best performance in this size segment

Graphics Card – Entry level and creator laptops do fine with integrated Intel Xe graphics while gaming rigs and mobile workstations need dedicated Nvidia cards

RAM – 16GB is the sweet spot currently for smooth multitasking though 8GB performs decently for light usage

Storage – Always get an SSD (ideally NVMe M.2) over old school HDDs – aim for 512GB+ capacity

Ports – Look for modern USB-C/Thunderbolt plus legacy USB-A and HDMI/DisplayPorts to use existing accessories

Battery Life – Don‘t expect more than 5-6 hours real world usage for 17-inch models – the big screens are power hungry

Also consider warranty length, operating system preference, weight/size tradeoffs, and any other special needs like media keys for your individual workflow.

What It‘s Like Using a Large HP Laptop

While not quite the portable experience of smaller Ultrabooks, I‘ve found 17-inch HP laptops strike a nice balance for stationary usage. Models like the Omen 17 and Envy 17 manage to keep thickness under an inch while feeling reassuringly premium thanks to aluminum chassis on higher-end configs.

The viewing experience is where these laptops shine the most. Seeing applications and menus spread out on a 17.3-inch display feels far less cramped and strained than 15 or 14-inch screens when multitasking. And for gaming or movies, the extra immersion you get from the giant display paired with robust speakers is outstanding.

However, expect battery life no greater than 4-6 hours for mixed usage. The big power hungry screens and performance components drain mobile batteries faster than lesser specced ultraportables. And while under 5 pound weights seem featherlite for briefcases, your shoulder may start to ache after an hour walk with one of these gaming beasts.

But if you want the biggest laptop screen possible for gaming and entertainment at home plus some travel ability, HP‘s 17-inch options hit a great sweet spot.

The Last Word

While once a niche category, 17-inch notebooks have gotten impressively thin, powerful, and affordable over the years thanks to advances like efficient Max-Q graphics. And HP gives shoppers excellent choices among their Envy, Omen, ZBook, and Pavilion lineups based on preferences and budget.

Overall the Envy 17 stands out as the best total package with options offering gorgeous 4K displays, potent performance, and thinner bezels than rivals. But hobbyist gamers can‘t go wrong with the aggressive Omen 17 builds packing RTX graphics and silky 144Hz+ displays. And professionals needing ISV certifications will appreciate mobile workstations like the ZBook Studio. Plus the Pavilion and 17z fill budget big screen niches well.

Hopefully this guide gives you a great starting point for picking the right jumbo HP laptop. Let us know if you have any other questions!