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Finding the Right Ethernet Cable for Your PS5

Connecting your shiny new PlayStation 5 to the internet is one of the first steps to unlocking its powerful potential for online multiplayer gaming, lightning-fast downloads, and streaming your favorite entertainment in 4K.

While WiFi works fine, for the best performance an Ethernet cable is highly recommended. But where do you start when searching for the perfect Ethernet cable for your PS5? With so many options when it comes to speed, shielding, length, and design, it can get overwhelming quickly.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll recommend the top Ethernet cables available for PS5 and walk you through everything you need to know to pick the right one for your specific setup and requirements. Let‘s get started!

A Brief History of Ethernet

Ethernet has come a long way since it was first developed commercially in the early 1980s for connecting computers in local area networks (LANs).

The original standard, dubbed Ethernet 802.3 by IEEE, could transmit data at 10 megabits per second (Mbps). By the 1990s, Fast Ethernet bumped speeds up to 100Mbps, followed by Gigabit Ethernet bringing 1,000Mbps transmission.

Today‘s fastest Ethernet cables now operate at mind-boggling rates up to 400Gbps! Ethernet has also evolved from bulky coaxial copper cables to slimmer twisted-pair copper and fiber optic cabling.

Let‘s look at the different categories of Ethernet cables available and how they relate to your PS5.

Ethernet Cable Speed and Category Standards

Ethernet cables are grouped into categories or "Cats" to signify their rated performance. These standards are established by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

Here are the common cable categories you’ll see when shopping for your PS5:

  • Cat 5e: Up to 1Gbps
  • Cat 6: Up to 10Gbps
  • Cat 6a: Up to 10Gbps
  • Cat 7: Up to 10Gbps
  • Cat 8: Up to 40Gbps

The PlayStation 5 console contains a 10Gbps Ethernet port, so Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8 cables are recommended to fully utilize its capability.

Cat5e can technically work, but will limit your speed to 1Gbps so I don‘t recommend it. Cat6a is slightly more advanced than Cat6 with extra shielding, but not necessary.

Let‘s compare the cable categories:

Cable Standard Speed Frequency Ideal Use Case
Cat5e 1Gbps 100MHz Internet plans under 500Mbps
Cat6 10Gbps 250MHz Gigabit internet plans up to 1Gbps
Cat6a 10Gbps 500MHz Data centers and backbone networks
Cat7 10Gbps 600MHz Audio/video streaming above 1Gbps
Cat8 40Gbps 2,000MHz Enterprise networks and future-proofing

As you can see, Cat6 hits the sweet spot of speed versus affordability for most PS5 gaming setups.

Now let‘s look at some of my top picks for Ethernet cables to use with your PlayStation 5.

Best Overall: Monoprice Slimrun Cat6A Ethernet Cable

Monoprice Slimrun Cat6A Ethernet Cable

  • Speed: 10Gbps
  • Lengths: 1ft to 300ft
  • Shielded, SSTP wire
  • Lifetime warranty

For an overall balanced Ethernet cable that hits all the right notes for PS5 connections, I highly recommend Monoprice‘s Slimrun Cat6A cable.

This cable utilizes shielded SSTP (Screened Shielded Twisted Pair) copper wires to protect against EMI interference. The super-slim cabling makes for easy installation through tight spaces and cable raceways.

Despite its small size, the Slimrun cable is extremely durable. Monoprice provides a lifetime warranty, which shows how confident they are. The gold-plated RJ45 connectors deliver maximum conductivity.

With the ability to handle 10Gbps speeds, this future-proof cable ensures you can take advantage of speed boosts from future PS5 firmware updates or ISP upgrades. It comes in almost any custom length you need from 1 foot to 300 feet.


  • 10Gbps speed rating
  • Shielded for minimal interference
  • Very flexible and low profile
  • Snagless connectors
  • Wide range of sizes available


  • Prices are slightly higher than unshielded cables

For a top-notch Ethernet cable that ticks all the boxes, Monoprice‘s Cat6A Slimrun is a superb choice. Theshielding, speed, and reliability make it the best option for PS5 overall.

Shop Monoprice Slimrun Cat6A Ethernet Cables on Amazon

Runner Up: Amazon Basics Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Amazon Basics Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

  • Speed: 10Gbps
  • Lengths: 3 feet to 50 feet
  • Unshielded
  • Snagless connectors
  • Flat or rounded designs

AmazonBasics makes excellent, affordable Ethernet cables that work flawlessly for PS5. This Cat6 cable is high-quality while being easier on your wallet.

It provides 10Gbps network speeds to match Sony‘s PS5 Ethernet port at a very economical price point. You have a choice of standard rounded cable or slim flat cable for easy wire concealment.

The RJ45 connectors feature a snagless design to prevent damage when disconnecting. The contacts are gold plated for optimal signal transfer.

For most gamers‘ needs, this rugged cable has everything you need for enhanced online performance on PS5 without breaking the bank. It‘s available in a wide range of useful sizes from 3 feet up to 50 feet.

While it lacks the shielding and ultra-slim design of pricier cables, if you just want excellent performance for PS5 at a great value, AmazonBasics Cat6 cables are a top choice. The lifetime warranty provides peace of mind.


  • Excellent value pricing
  • Snagless gold connectors
  • 10Gbps speed for PS5
  • Various size and design options
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Unshielded design
  • Max length of 50 feet

Get the AmazonBasics Cat 6 Ethernet cable on Amazon

Best for Outdoors: Jadaol Outdoor Ethernet Cable

Jadaol Outdoor Ethernet Cable

  • Speed: 10Gbps
  • Lengths: 50 feet to 150 feet
  • Shielded, IP68 rated jacket
  • UV, water, corrosion resistant

For running Ethernet cables outside your house or in other harsh environments, I recommend using Jadaol‘s outdoor-rated Cat6 cable.

The cable has an IP68-rated waterproof PVC jacket that stands up to rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. It‘s also UV-resistant so extended sun exposure won‘t degrade performance.

The shielded design keeps signal loss minimal even when buried underground. Oxygen-free bare copper wires along with aluminum mylar foil shielding maintain peak conductivity.

Jadaol‘s outdoor cable is perfect for connecting external security cameras, smart landscape lighting, or extending your home network to a detached garage or barn. Sizes range from 50 feet up to an ample 150 feet length.


  • Rugged waterproof jacket
  • Tested for direct burial
  • Full 10Gbps speeds outdoors
  • High quality shielding
  • Cat6 supports long lengths


  • Thicker than indoor cables

If you need to run Ethernet cable outdoors, through conduits, or directly buried, Jadaol‘s outdoor-rated Cat6 cable is specifically engineered to thrive.

Get the Jadaol outdoor Ethernet cable on Amazon

Best Flat Cable: Dacrown Flat Ethernet Cable

Dacrown Flat Ethernet Cable

  • Speed: 10Gbps
  • Lengths: 1 foot to 100 feet
  • Ultra thin 0.15in x 0.4in size
  • Easy cable management

Hiding wiring and cables in your entertainment center can be a chore. For the most discreet PS5 setup, a flat Ethernet cable is your best bet.

Dacrown makes an ultra-slim Cat6 flat cable that‘s perfect for tucking discretely against baseboards, under carpet edges, behind furniture, or through small openings.

The tiny 0.15 inch x 0.4 inch cable won‘t bulge under carpet or get caught in doors and drawers like rounded cables. The standard RJ45 connectors work with all equipment.

This flexible flat cable comes in a range of useful sizes from 1 foot to 100 feet. The shorter lengths are ideal for connecting PS5 directly to your router or modem nearby.


  • Extremely thin flat design
  • Snagless RJ45 connectors
  • Bends and flexes easily
  • Wide size selection
  • Easy discreet installation


  • Not outdoor rated

For keeping your PS5 Ethernet connections hidden while maintaining 10Gbps network speeds, Dacrown‘s flat cable does the job admirably.

Get the Dacrown flat Ethernet cable on Amazon

Key Features to Look For

Beyond just cable category and speed, there are a few other specifications to keep in mind when shopping for Ethernet cable.

Conductor Quality

Look for oxygen-free bare copper conductors, which resist corrosion and allow for clearer signal carrying. Copper-clad aluminum wire is cheaper but more prone to oxidation.


Shielded cables have metallic foil and/or braided shielding to block electromagnetic interference (EMI). This results in stronger signal transfer and enables longer cable runs.

Jacket Rating

For outdoor or direct burial use, choose cables with jackets rated for UV, water and corrosion resistance. Indoor cables can utilize standard PVC.

Snagless Connectors

Snagless connector design prevents the locking tabs from being damaged by repetitive unplugging of cables.

High Flexibility

Search for cables with very flexible jackets, especially for flat cables, to prevent crackling when manipulated.

Cable Management

Rubber cable grips, adhesive pads and fastening ties help keep your PS5 setup looking orderly and professional.

By keeping these criteria in mind as you shop, you‘ll be equipped to select the optimal Ethernet cable for your PlayStation 5 gaming needs.

Tips for Installing Ethernet Cables

Running Ethernet cable for your PS5 isn‘t difficult, but doing it neatly requires some strategy. Here are my top tips:

Use cable raceways – Affix cable channels or conduits along floorboards, edges of rooms or corners to run your cable through discreetly.

Bundle excess cable – Use Velcro ties or twist ties to bundle any extra run length so it‘s not loose and messy.

Follow room edges – Run cabling around perimeters rather than across open spaces where they can pose tripping hazards.

Use flat cables – For under carpet runs, a flat cable won‘t create lumps like rounded cables.

Don‘t over bend – Avoid bending cables sharply at acute angles as this can break internal wire strands.

Use cable clips – Adhere cable mounting clips along walls or furniture edges for anchoring your cables in place.

Drill wisely – For cables going through walls, drill the access hole slightly lower than the final mounting point so gravity doesn‘t strain connections.

Taking the time to neatly run and fasten your PS5‘s Ethernet cable results in an orderly, professional looking setup that will hold up for years to come.

Enjoy Smoother Online Gaming with Ethernet

One of the core benefits of using Ethernet for your PlayStation 5 instead of WiFi is dramatically improved network performance, especially for competitive online multiplayer gaming.

Some key advantages:

  • Faster speeds – Eliminates bandwidth sharing with other home devices. Consistently low latency.

  • Lower latency – Typical 2-5ms versus 20-30ms for WiFi. Critical for fast-paced gaming.

  • No interference – Not affected by other wireless signals and obstructions. Rock solid stability.

  • Higher security – Isolated from wireless vulnerabilities. No chance of disconnection.

So if you‘re looking to get super serious about your online gaming, switching to a wired Ethernet connection can provide that ultra-responsive, lag-free experience you need to dominate.

While the extra hardware of running cables may seem intimidating at first, with the right Ethernet cable recommendation and installation approach, it‘s absolutely worth it.

I hope this guide has provided you all the essential information you need to find and set up the perfect Ethernet cable to unlock the full gaming and entertainment capabilities of your awesome new PS5.

Time to get your next-gen console off WiFi and unleash blazing fast, uninterrupted access that will take your experience to the next level! Game on!

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