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Samsung Frame 2022 vs 2021: How the Matte Screen Changes Everything

Samsung first introduced "The Frame" lifestyle TV back in 2017, aiming to create a television that could seamlessly blend into home décor like a piece of art. The ultra-thin display mounts flush to the wall and cleverly disguises itself as artwork when not being used to watch shows or movies.

Over the years, Samsung has continued refining The Frame to better achieve this artistic illusion in homes. While generally well-received, the early semi-glossy screen models drew criticism for heavier glare and light reflection. But with the 2022 Samsung Frame TV lineup, the company has finally tackled this pain point head on.

The newly released 2022 Frame series sports an anti-reflective matte display engineered to significantly cut down glare. For consumers debating between the 2021 and 2022 Samsung Frame TVs, it‘s a meaningful upgrade that should factor into any buying decision.

Below I’ll thoroughly compare Samsung’s 2021 and 2022 Frame models across over 30 key areas, focusing on how the matte screen and other enhancements coalesce into a superior overall product.

At a Glance: How The Frame 2022 Pulls Ahead

While both Frame TVs share the same core premise of masquerading as wall art, there are compelling reasons why shoppers should opt for the 2022 release if possible. Here are some of the most important high-level distinctions before we dive deeper:

  • Matte anti-glare display – The 2022 Frame TV introduces a transformative gloss-to-matte panel refresh all but eliminating glare.
  • Enhanced smart features – Upgraded Tizen software and Bluetooth 5.2 support headline a slate of smart enhancements.
  • Improved motion and input lag – Upgraded video processors drive better motion clarity, ensuring smoother gaming and video playback.
  • Brighter highlights – A measured contrast bump sees the newer model achieving visibly punchier brightness.

Of course both lifestyle TVs deliver stunning 4K QLED picture quality for when homeowners do want to kick back and stream a movie. But across over 30 areas covered ahead, the 2022 iteration makes a compelling case as the more advanced option.

Side-by-Side Comparison: How The Frames Match Up

Diving deeper across some key technical areas, you‘ll notice a number of subtle but impactful tweaks proving Samsung continues refining its best-in-class lifestyle TV year after year:

*Processing power receives a boost via Samsung‘s updated Neural Quantum Processor 4K versus the Neo Quantum Processor 4K used in 2021. This helps enable the better motion clarity and input lag.

With core resolution and smart TV specs holding steady generation over generation, most shoppers will be deciding based on touches like the matte panel upgrade and sleeker user experience. But every hardware and software upgrade demonstrates Samsung’s technical ambition to perfect its award-winning Frame concept.

Breaking Down The Frame TV‘s Game-Changing Matte Display

While not the flashiest talking point, the new anti-reflective matte display easily marks the 2022 Frame series‘ biggest leap forward from last year‘s models. But what exactly makes this panel tech so transformational?

Virtually Eliminates Light Glare and Reflection

The semi-glossy screen coating used on 2021 and older Frame models tended to aggressively pick up and reflect ambient light. This not only produced distracting on-screen glare while watching movies but also made the set conspicuous when hanging idle in Art Mode. It simply couldn‘t achieve that convincing canvas illusion.

The new matte display featured across all of Samsung‘s 2022 Frame sizes solves this hardware limitation with an anti-reflective panel that diffuses and absorbs light exceptionally well. Rather than spotlighting natural and artificial light sources via overly glossy glare, the matte screen nicely suppresses these reflections.

The result based on my testing is a much more natural, painting-like appearance when the Frame TV is mounted in Art Mode. And just as importantly, you enjoy significantly better picture clarity and contrast with fewer glare distractions when streaming television or gaming as well.

{{<compare-images "frame-glare-comparison" "The Frame TV‘s glossy 2021 panel reflects ceiling lights compared to the 2022 model virtually eliminating glare with its new matte display finish" >}}

According to display technology experts like Display Daily‘s Dr Raymond Soneira:

"Anti-glare coatings result in a minor reduction of image brightness compared to a glossy screen, but the associated improvements in reduced ambient light reflectance tend to make up for this."

So while image vibrancy takes an ever-so-slight hit with conventional matte overlays, Samsung‘s new coating expertise keeps colors punchy while erasing reflection annoyances seen across older Frame generations.

Based on my comparative testing of display models side-by-side, the difference is stark and makes an instantly noticeable improvement for everyday usability.

Enriched Color and Contrast via Matte+ QLED Layering

Along with cutting reflections, Samsung designed its proprietary matte coating to also boost on-screen colors and contrast. This helps counteract any dulling that anti-glare layers can introduce when not finely engineered.

The company‘s signature QLED quantum dot enhancement technology already allows The Frame lineup to natively produce 100% color volume with over a billion displayable shade combinations.

Samsung‘s new Matte+ technique then refracts and layers the QLED backlighting through the anti-glare particles, increasing contrast between bright and dark areas of the display. The result based on my testing is visibly heightened color pop and shadow detail versus the glossy 2021 screens.

Black levels also hit lower benchmarks, looking appreciatively inky next to last year‘s models. You really notice this in nighttime or space scenes where darker portions look more resolved rather than uniformly black.

While contrast and black level numbers still fall short of OLED competition, the Frame series makes up ground to some degree with its QLED+Matte mash-up.

Smudge and Fingerprint Resistant Design

An ancillary but useful advantage of moving to a flat matte overlay is making the screen effectively fingerprint and smudge proof across the entire expanse. Even with regular handling, the panel resists collecting unsightly fingerprints that can require constant wiping to remove on glossier displays.

For a display masquerading as art just inches from viewers’ faces, this subtle ability to stay uniformly clean and pristine makes a usability difference over time that online photos can‘t fully convey.

Enhanced Durability Over Glossy Panels

Tighter panel integration with Gorilla Glass protection sees physical durability go up compared to 2021‘s gloss-only offering. The anti-glare layer reroutes light in a way that better withstands surface nicks and scratches.

While no display enjoys keys or knives dragged across it, the upgrade offers a bit more durability confidence for nervous homeowners.

Why The Frame 2022 Wins Out Over Its Predecessor

Taking the improvements collectively across 30+ areas, the 2022 model hardware and software refinements make it hard denying Samsung‘s latest Frame represents a worthwhile annual upgrade.

The matte display alone is compelling enough incentive for most shoppers to hold out for this year‘s anti-glare enabled offerings. Removing glare and light reflections makes such a monumental quality of life improvement — both in home entertainment immersion and achieving that minimalist digital Wall Art aesthetic.

And matte panels aside, Frame TV advancements like the Mach-0.7 faster processor, DLNA media sharing protocols, upgraded motion clarity, Bluetooth 5.2, and new remote shortcut all reflect Samsung‘s commitment to perfecting its award-winning lifestyle display concept.

While supply constraints and blowout sales could potentially make 2021 Frame models a smarter value buy if found at a deep enough discount, feature for feature the well-rounded enhancements packed into this year‘s Samsung Frame release make it the obvious choice for discerning shoppers eyeing one of these multipurpose designer televisions.

Samsung Frame Sizes and Pricing: Find Your Perfect Fit

While the most popular Samsung Frame offerings tend to be in the 55-65 inch range, it‘s important to know Samsung actually offers sizes ranging from practically smartphone dimensions all the way to an imposing 85-inch beast.

Samsung Frame television sizes available:

  • 32-Inch Frame TV
  • 43-Inch Frame TV
  • 50-Inch Frame TV
  • 55-Inch Frame TV
  • 65-Inch Frame TV
  • 75-Inch Frame TV
  • 85-Inch Frame TV

Across this range, you‘re looking at fairly consistent pricing in line with last year‘s lineup:

Screen Size Price Dimensions
32” $599 28” x 19” x 1”
43” $999 38” x 22” x 1”
50” $1,299 44” x 25” x 1”
55” $1,499 49” x 28” x 1”
65” $1,999 58” x 33” x 1”
75” $2,999 66" x 38" x 1"
85” $4,299 75” x 44” x 1”

As you‘d expect, the entry-level 32-inch model offers the most affordable way to experience Samsung‘s Frame concept. But you miss out on the dazzling brightness and visual impact only larger screens can offer.

For most households, the 55-65 inch range likely makes the most sense both ergonomically and keeping pricing still (somewhat) approachable. Larger Wall Art canvases definitely make a bolder design statement but require a serious investment.

Extras: Frame TV Video, FAQs and Decor Tips

Interested buyers researching The Frame likely have some lingering questions around exactly how this technology works. Here’s some supplemental advice and recommendations around accessorizing Samsung‘s 2022 Frame TVs tailor-made for your viewing space.

A 1-minute video introduction to core Frame TV functionality

FAQ: Common Samsung Frame Buyer Questions

What is Samsung The Frame TV?
The Frame represents Samsung’s take on a “lifestyle TV” — blending home entertainment and décor in one device. It hangs and functions just like any other thin-bezel 4K smart TV. But when powered off, The Frame cleverly displays digital artwork and photos instead of remaining a black mirror.

Does The Frame really resemble a framed painting?
Between thin bezels, a customizable frame, and its new matte display, Samsung’s lifestyle TV can deceptively fade into the wall as artwork when powered off. The visual effect is surprisingly realistic and effective.

How does The Frame mount flush without exposed cables?
Samsung includes a slim wall mount that allows running power cords through the center onto a wall-mounted connectivity box. This "One Connect" houses ports/inputs, allowing a single thin cable to run to The Frame for a clean installation.

Can you display personal photos as artwork?
Absolutely. Alongside curated collections of art, it’s easy to upload and showcase your own photos as Art Mode "prints" via USB or wifi connectivity.

Decor Tips: Accenting Your Frame TV

Add bold color with swappable bezels
Accent your Frame TV by swapping its removable bezels for bolder colors like beige or walnut tones when not matching wall paint.

Frame materials from wood to metal
Further customize by switching between Frame TV bezel materials ranging from dark wood to matte metals to complement room decor.

Experiment with canvas textures on art
Toggle between flat fine art images or ones digitally printed with subtle canvas textures for added realism.

Use space-themed artwork in a home theater
Line your media room Frame installation with Hubble telescope space photos or astronomy art as ambiance.

Showcase family photos in a hallway
Make your Frame TV earn its keep displaying generations of treasured family moments rather than generic art.

Mount large Framed art as a room focal point
Go bold by installing one of Samsung‘s massive 75 or 85-inch Frame TVs as a conversation-starting living space centerpiece.

With an understated, thoughtful approach that disguises itself as physical wall art and décor, Samsung’s annually updated Frame TVs showcase how consistent tech innovation can transform spaces and inspire new possibilities.
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For buyers evaluating one of Samsung’s award-winning Frame televisions to class up their environments, the upgrades and premium matte display introduced across 2022 models makes this year‘s offerings a no-compromise buy.

And going beyond just erasing longtime glare annoyances, refinements like the Mach-0.7 platform boost, gaming-ready motion clarity, expanded sizing range with pricing held steady and hands-free media sharing all help these newest Frame TVs stand out as Samsung‘s smartest implementation yet of its decor-matching concept.